Accounting Software For Property Management Companies

Accounting Software For Property Management Companies – Owning a rental property can feel like a juggling act. You need to advertise and lease a vacant property quickly to generate cash flow, collect rent and assess potential late fees, handle maintenance requests and invoices, and track the financial performance of each rental property.

In addition to all this, you need to find time to think long-term about how to scale and grow your rental business. If this all sounds overwhelming, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Property management software can simplify your life as a real estate investor by automating all these routine tasks and more.

Accounting Software For Property Management Companies

Accounting Software For Property Management Companies

The best property management software provides an integrated solution for rental investors and property managers to organize rental properties, manage tenants, generate financial reports, and synchronize and reconcile bank accounts.

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Many property management software solutions also provide features such as tenant screening, lease preparation, online rent collection, maintenance request management and secure document storage.

A property management tool that helps investors and managers maximize the performance of their rental properties. Real estate investors can maximize profits through smart money management, automated income and expense tracking, and personalized financial reporting.

Owners get personalized recommendations and customized alerts to increase revenue with real-time insights, intuitive features that help automatically categorize income and expenses for easy reporting and tax preparation, and online document storage using industry-leading security to protect your data. iOS and Android smartphone apps make it easy to track expenses on the go, so valuable deductions aren’t overlooked.

You can now make it easy to pay tenants on time using the online rent collection feature. This feature allows you to automate key tasks like payments, receipts and accounting. Automatic reminders and recurring payments make your life easier.

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As an added benefit, money management deposit accounts currently earn 2.00% APY (compared to the national average interest rate of 0.03% when checking accounts in July 2022, according to the FDIC). Money management users can earn interest on balances from automatic rent payments, CapEx account and operating account.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 2.00% effective 8/5/2022. No minimum initial deposit or account balance required. Fees may affect account earnings. A financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. The national rate is the average of the rates paid by all insured depository institutions and credit unions for which data are available to the FDIC, and the rates are weighted by each institution’s domestic deposit share. offers a suite of online tools for leasing and managing rental properties, including marketing vacancies, screening applicants, signing leases online and collecting rent payments. Landlords can manage tenants by keeping information in one place and tracking maintenance requests and organizing expenses.

Accounting Software For Property Management Companies

Listing a vacant property on is quick, easy and 100% free. Owners of single-family homes, apartments, townhouses or condominiums can easily find a qualified tenant. Listings are automatically placed on five of the most popular rental websites such as and to reach millions of qualified renters.

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Cozy provides the next generation of free online rental management tools for landlords to list properties, screen tenants and collect free rent.

Tenant applications can be viewed side-by-side, rent payments are received directly into the landlord’s bank account, and tenants are automatically invoiced for late fees. Staying organized is easy with expense tracking, online maintenance requests and online receipt storage.

Cozy’s custom listings help existing properties stand out with a photo gallery, rental terms, amenities and pet policies. Listings on and are combined to reach the most qualified tenants faster.

Credit reports and background checks are paid for by the applicant and include data on credit and monthly payment amounts, public inquiries, employment history, eviction history and sex offender searches.

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Hunt is an all-in-one solution that helps landlords manage tenants on autopilot. Listings are advertised on more than 50 rental listing marketplaces, including and Zumper.

Landlords receive a universal inbox to streamline communication from interested applicants in one place. Tenant screening includes standardized online applications, complete credit reports and background checks, and employment and rental history reports. Automatic rent collection is free for landlords and the money is deposited directly into the landlord’s account.

Hunt’s free landlord features include advertising, unlimited photos and property information, online rent applications, tenant eviction history check, online rent collection to multiple bank accounts if needed, and payment history export. Property document uploads, automatic late fee billing and tenant maintenance requests are three features coming soon to the hunt.

Accounting Software For Property Management Companies

Innago is designed for all investors and all property types, including single family homes, student housing and commercial buildings. Free property management features include tenant screening with credit and eviction reports, online lease preparation and signing, online rent collection, maintenance tracking and tenant management. There are no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no contracts to sign.

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Landlords benefit from Innago’s simple and effective features such as rent payment and lease expiration, easy invoice tracking, custom rent applications, mobile lease signing, late billing fees and integration with QuickBooks. Customer service is always available and owner data is protected with high-level security measures.

Getting started with Rentler is free and easy. Simply create your account, add rental properties including photos and amenities, start instant online applications and accepting tenants, make online payments and manage properties from your Rentler dashboard.

Features include listings, rental applications, online rental collection, 24/7 customer support and maintenance tracking. Tenant is free for landlords with optional payment features such as a rental record and online access to legal forms. The Rentler app is available on iOS and Android to streamline communication between tenants and landlords, collect rent and request maintenance.

Do-it-yourself landlords looking for a basic free property management software solution will find that TenantCloud is just what they’re looking for. Forever free trial is good for up to 75 devices. Additional services include tenant screening from TransUnion, a rent report with detailed rent assessments and market trend data, renter’s insurance and sync with QuickBooks.

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With TenantCloud’s free account, owners can manage properties and tenants through their online dashboard. Landlords can track rental information including lease and expiration dates, accept and send payments, manage maintenance requests to increase tenant satisfaction, and communicate easily at no cost.

Security is also a priority at TenantCloud. Servers are encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Data is backed up daily, accessible only to authorized users, and stored in highly secure AWS data centers. Landlords and tenants can access TenantCloud with apps available for both Apple and Android devices.

All free property management software has a unique set of features that fall into one of three groups:

Accounting Software For Property Management Companies

While a property management software solution can be free, it’s still important to shop around. Although software can be switched if your first choice doesn’t work as expected, the longer you use the system, the more likely you’ll have to switch to another application.

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Hidden fees: Some property management software vendors advertise a free trial, and once your property details are uploaded and accounts linked, monthly billing begins. Be sure to fully investigate any additional or hidden charges and contact customer support if you have any questions.

Maximum Number of Properties: Many rental property investors find that once they own and manage one property, they are ready to purchase another property quickly. Most property management software companies limit the number of units you can manage for free before paying a monthly fee.

Read reviews: Smart real estate investors learn from their peers so they don’t make the same mistakes. Many real estate platforms like Roofstock and BiggerPockets all have blog pages with lots of valuable information.

The best free property management software helps real estate investors keep track of rent collections and late fees, streamline communication between landlords and tenants, and digitize paperwork like invoices and rental agreements.

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Property management software helps investors manage from one to a hundred or more rental properties to help keep cash flow strong and rental property returns strong.

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Accounting Software For Property Management Companies

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