Best Accounting Software For Trucking Companies

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Trucking software provides a unified way to manage shipment records, track your drivers, pay invoices, and track Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) accounts. Trucking software can be used by a single owner/operator or by a company that manages a fleet of drivers or carriers.

Best Accounting Software For Trucking Companies

Best Accounting Software For Trucking Companies

The best trucking software can also help make your trucking business more profitable by tracking the maintenance your trucks need and finding ways to save on fuel costs through accurate mileage reports and expense records. Trucking software doesn’t always include back-end features like accounting, simply because some developers will focus their efforts on industry-specific features like fuel bill management and route management.

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Truck dispatch software (also known as logistics software for trucking companies) automates the routing and scheduling process for your drivers by tracking orders, trucks, trailers and drivers from one centralized location. The main purpose of the dispatch function of your trucking software will be to create a reliable way to dispatch your personnel and ensure that your customers’ orders are fulfilled on time.

Dispatchers at your main base of operations will be able to track truck locations and see which drivers are available. This information is useful for determining whether your business is running on schedule. If your trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, or if truck drivers use tablets or mobile devices, traffic can be tracked and notifications can be sent from the office to drivers on the road.

The best shipping capabilities in trucking software conveniently integrate scheduling and delivery to make sure your drivers deliver on time, as well as use their time wisely when it comes to additional orders that may come up.

Interactive maps show you where your current and pending orders are, allowing your office to determine the most optimal route to fulfill a particular order.

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As mentioned earlier, mobile apps allow truckers to receive important messages on the road and easily track their location. This location tracking is vital for tracking a driver’s movements and determining whether they are following the most ideal route. This data is usually automatically entered into the trucking software, reducing human error in data entry.

The trip list panel in EnVision shows all open dispatch orders and those waiting to be assigned to a truck/driver.

Owner-operator trucking software will be smaller scale solutions at a more affordable price. This is because owner-operators are anyone who runs their own trucking business.

Best Accounting Software For Trucking Companies

Owner-operators either own or lease their own trucking fleet and do the transportation themselves. Like any sole trader, they are ready to manage all aspects of their business, from closing deals, working with orders and managing finances.

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A business with a small fleet that only operates one truck will likely have less overhead and less data to record, and therefore will need a more comprehensive transportation program.

Independent owner-operators are in charge of their entire business and can pick and choose the workloads and schedules they want to run. However, these freelancers must ensure that they comply with all legal requirements within the software to ensure that they are working effectively, such as:

For-hire operators will usually not be self-employed and will work on contracts for specific transport companies. These trucking companies will deliver freight and shipments directly to the driver, which can eliminate some of the work required of the driver. Because of this, the main features they want to look for in any trucking software are:

Trucking companies or owner-operators looking for a free solution to run their business will be hard-pressed to find one designed with truckers in mind. Many truckers may simply try to get by using free programs like OpenOffice, or programs they may already have access to, like Excel or Google Sheets. However, these programs will require a lot of pre-existing spreadsheet knowledge if they are intended to function as accounting, invoicing, or workload management solutions.

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TruckBytes provides complete truck accounting and management for free to users. The solution was designed as an alternative to manual records for independent users and owner-operators. The solution mainly monitors loads, manages users and generates invoices among other functions. IFTA services are available for $15/load/month annually.

Outside of TruckBytes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a truly free option. However, many trucking solutions provide a free 30-day trial of their software that you can download and experiment with to see if it works for you. There are also many cheaper options on the market, such as Truckn Pro from Fog Line Software, which starts at $79/time.

If your trucking business is large enough, you should consider complete transportation management software (TMS). Also known as transportation ERP software, a TMS will improve the efficiency of your logistics company through inbound/outbound cargo tracking, optimized routes, freight building operations, freight audits, and more.

Best Accounting Software For Trucking Companies

Once trucking businesses exceed a certain size, they want to consider the additional benefits that come with a fully integrated transportation management solution. While there is no industry standard for when to consider a simpler trucking solution or a more powerful fully integrated shipping software, there are a few things you can consider:

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Larger fleets of trucks and the desire for a more complete unified system for complex operations mean that transportation ERP software is a better fit.

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online are general accounting solutions designed for any industry. There is no truck-specific version of QuickBooks. However, many trucking firms have found success using QuickBooks as their primary accounting software when they pair it with an industry-specific shipping and routing management option.

Many freight software solutions claim to offer accounting functionality, but in reality, they only provide basic invoicing functionality. If you’re looking for a general ledger or even accounts payable and accounts receivable to better handle your company’s finances, QuickBooks can be perfect. However, you will have to get used to industry-neutral language, and without proper training on the software, you may not know how to correctly enter information related to shipments, orders received, and more. “If you have it, bring it to you by truck.” Food, clothing, medicine, fuel for homes and industries. The day our trucks stop, America stops.”

Imagine if all the trucks in the US were piled up – they’d reach the moon, argues Target Transportation. As for the other numbers: According to the study, the trucking industry’s market size is more than $193 billion, with nearly 616,700 businesses providing trucking services in the US. Trucks move about 11.84 billion tons of freight each year, which is about 72.5 percent of all freight in the United States, where nearly 12 million people are involved in transportation-related activities.

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All these impressive statistics show that trucks, the most dominant way of freight transport (especially affecting the development of the e-commerce sector), are a huge and complex system that includes many operations. And just like any other industry, it cannot escape the impact of global digital transformation. Various technologies have been introduced to manage and streamline transport operations. In this article, we will talk about how software products used in truck management help to optimize the main processes of transport.

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Trucking software is a type of transportation management software that helps transportation companies manage their day-to-day operations and increase efficiency by integrating all business aspects into one system. Such software is designed specifically for carriers, but some functionality may be used by other parties involved in the cargo transportation process, ie. Brokers, shippers, manufacturers, etc.

Best Accounting Software For Trucking Companies

Like any other management technology, the main goal of truck software is to reduce manual intervention, optimize operations, synchronize data and minimize human error. Managing a trucking business includes such basic processes as:

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There are a number of comprehensive solutions on the market that cover all these aspects and help you manage your trucking business (see our fleet management software review in a separate article). Some popular ones are Axon Software, ProTransport and TruckingOffice. They allow you to integrate all your operations into one system and provide all the necessary industry-specific features.

The day-to-day challenges of the trucking business are similar for both large companies operating massive fleets and owner-operators operating a single truck (91.3 percent of trucking companies operate fewer than 6 vehicles). However, the unique needs of each individual trucking company may require different solutions and approaches. So let’s take a closer look at each part of the process, the associated issues, and the technologies that address industry-specific issues.

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