Best Cerave Cleanser For Acne And Oily Skin

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I would be confused by all seven Cerave cleansers available if I didn’t go into skincare. Although the brand tries to differentiate each cleanser according to skin type and concern, it can get confusing, especially acne cleansers.

Best Cerave Cleanser For Acne And Oily Skin

Best Cerave Cleanser For Acne And Oily Skin

So far, as someone with dry, dehydrated skin, I have used most of the Cerave cleansers and I can say that they can all be used on all skin types. But to maximize the effectiveness of these cleansers, it’s best to choose the one that suits your skin type. At the same time, don’t try to put yourself in a box. If you feel that one cleanser is not working for you, try another.

Cerave Foaming Cleanser (normal To Oily Skin)

I remember being hesitant to try the Cerave Foaming Cleanser because I thought it was just a mild cleanser. I tried a few times to review this, and fell in love with it immediately. It has now become my favorite cleanser.

Also, your skin changes depending on the weather. Some people get fat in the summer and dry out in the winter. This means you can change your cleanser based on your skin’s needs in different situations.

One thing that makes the Cerave formula so beloved and accepted is the base formula. Instead of experimenting with different strategies, Cerave stuck with its signature one and changed it for other products.

Most Cerave products have all five ingredients that hydrate the skin and maintain the skin barrier. None of the cleansers will leave your skin stripped of moisture. Instead, it will help restore moisture when washing the skin,

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This is a powerful and successful strategy if you ask me. The system works, and most people can get by without any response. Also, all products are alcohol, essential and fragrance. What’s not to like?!

As someone with dry skin, the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser was my first introduction to the brand. While it wasn’t love at first sight, he grew to love it as a morning cleaner, especially in the colder months. If your skin type is dry and you experience dryness from time to time, then you can use this cleanser. It’s a simple, light gel formula that anyone can use in the morning.

The only problem is that it won’t give you a deep cleanse, and it won’t remove makeup. So, your best bet is to use an oil cleanser or balm scrub to remove makeup and a foam cleanser as a second cleanse. If you only wear sunscreen, use this cleanser as a second wash after removing the sunscreen with the first cleanse.

Best Cerave Cleanser For Acne And Oily Skin

Don’t expect too much heavy lifting from this one. It’s great for a quick morning cleanse, and that’s about it.

The Power Of Tiktok Has Sold Out This Skincare Brand, So I Tried It To See If It’s Worth The Hype

As I said before, I avoided using this cleanser for a long time because I don’t have sensitive skin.

Although it is specifically designed for overweight people, I believe anyone can use it. I find it very hydrating and not streaky. Also, I prefer this slightly thicker gel to the Water Cleanser. The former feels like a nice gel, and the latter feels like a cream gel.

If you want to skip the first cleaning, it is better to remove the sun. But for makeup, most of it must be removed with a balm or cleansing oil. Otherwise, you will waste the cleaner as you have to go in more often. If you wear make-up, the first cleanse should not expose you.

I have heard people with oily skin say that this cleanser helps with oil control. So if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a great cleanser, you need to try this one.

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser Review: A Hydration Hero

Remember I said Cerave Hydrating Cleanser is great for removing sunscreen and makeup? Apparently, the Cerave team listened and came up with this Hydrating Cream to Foam Cleanser before. This should remove the makeup without breaking the skin barrier.

Now, this happens to be one of the least expensive Cerave cleaners. I also don’t see people using it to remove makeup, as most people use it as a re-cleanse. But it’s worth a try if you wear light to medium makeup and can’t be bothered to double cleanse with two products.

Of all the Cerave cleansers, this is the only one I haven’t used yet as it’s not available here in the UK I use Panoxyl Acne Foaming Wash with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide instead.

Best Cerave Cleanser For Acne And Oily Skin

Now, if your skin is acne prone and you struggle with pimples that are usually red and painful, you need this Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser in your life. But if you have blackheads and whiteheads, salicylic acid works better, so you can skip this cleanser. As for new acne breakouts, Benzoyl peroxide is needed to kill acne-causing bacteria at the root and prevent new acne breakouts.

Cerave Foaming Cleanser

4% is very mild, so you can use it once a day. But if you are careful, you can start with twice the first week. Don’t forget that Benzoyl Peroxide is known for bleaching clothes, so try not to dry your face and go into the skin care routine after cleansing.

I was about to get the Renewing SA Cleanser when I realized it’s the same as the SA Smoothing Cleanser here in the UK The name has been changed. Before Cerave recently released a 2% salicylic acid cleanser, this Renewing SA Cleanser with 0.5% is their first.

Many acne sufferers swear by how easy it is to treat blackheads and whiteheads without any irritation. It is also easy to use every day. Plus it works on all skin types. So, if your skin is prone to acne and you suffer from blackheads and whiteheads, get this cleanser.

This is the new Cerave cleaner that was launched a few months ago. The only difference between the Renewal SA and the Acne Treatment Cleanser is the amount of salicylic acid and Hectorite Clay in the latter. Although both products can be used by all skin types, Acne Control Cleanser has new oil absorption technology for people with sensitive skin. So you may find it a bit drying if you don’t have sensitive skin.

Cerave Acne Face Wash, Acne Cleanser With Salicylic Acid And Purifying Clay For Oily Skin, 8 Fl Oz

With that being said with 2% salicylic acid, you can get away with using a cleanser several times a week. Make sure you don’t use it to remove sunscreen or makeup. Also, make sure you do a short contact treatment by leaving the cleanser on the skin for a few minutes to work before rinsing it off.

I hope this post helps you find the best Cerave cleanser for your skin type and concerns. Consider your skin concerns and choose one or two cleansers to address them. If you have no worries and just want to take care of your skin, choose between Cleanser and Foam and you’re good. I know most of us learned about CeraVe because of Tiktok. And like you, I got really excited because of the hype and wasn’t happy with my previous skin care routine anymore. Yes, I gave in and almost changed my skin care routine.

After some research and watching more Tiktok derma products, I decided to get the CeraVe Renewing SA (Salicylic Acid) Cleanser as it is recommended for acne prone skin by dermatologists. I was able to buy one from an online seller on Instagram. CeraVe is an American brand and I don’t think they sell it officially here in the Philippines. The only way you can get it is from online sellers which are very expensive because of the extra charge just to ship it here.

Best Cerave Cleanser For Acne And Oily Skin

I also bought a few things but let’s start with this. I will do one review for the new products I have bought. More reviews will be posted soon!

Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Exfoliation is the key to healthy, smooth skin. We recommend a salicylic acid cleanser as a gentler way to exfoliate. In addition to properly cleansing the skin to remove oil, dirt and makeup, this multi-functional tool helps remove dead cells, improve dryness, and soften the skin. A salicylic acid cleanser enhanced with barrier-strengthening ingredients like ceramides like CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser can provide even better benefits by helping to retain moisture in the skin while keeping irritants at bay.

CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser provides gentle, non-irritating exfoliation without microbes or harsh grains that can scratch or damage the skin. Suitable for face, body and acne-prone skin, this salicylic acid cleanser does more than exfoliate the skin – it softens and helps restore the skin’s natural barrier with three ceramides, hydrates and essential hyaluronic acid, and calms. skin with niacinamide. This formula is also non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and enriched with vitamin D for added antioxidant protection. (from

Aqua/Water/Eau, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Glycerin, Sodium, Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Niacinamide, Gluconolactone, Peg-150 Pentaerythrityl

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