Best Cloud Based Phone System For Small Business

Best Cloud Based Phone System For Small Business – 15 reasons why moving to a cloud-based phone system is a no-brainer for Australian businesses Understand the benefits of unified communications platforms for the modern workplace in our infographic.

To run a business effectively, reliable and smooth communication is essential. As traditional PBX phone systems are slowly taking a back seat, virtual phone systems or cloud phone systems are now gaining in popularity. Also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Internet calling, a cloud-based phone system does not rely on legacy technology like on-premise hardware. All you need is an internet connection.

Best Cloud Based Phone System For Small Business

Best Cloud Based Phone System For Small Business

With all the features it offers, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your business phone system to a cloud phone system.

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The flexibility of a multi-device cloud-based phone system means you can run multiple devices at the same time. So, your teams are available anytime anywhere, whether in the office or on the road.

With on-premise systems, you’re usually committed to using specific vendors and their tools. But for cloud-based phones, you can choose to lease or buy your equipment without the expensive capital investment of PBX systems.

With a cloud-based phone system, all your users need a headset to make and receive calls. However, headsets are also available and meeting places can be connected easily.

In most small business phone setups, the current configuration consists of two separate lines, one for voice and one for data. By moving your phone system to the cloud, you don’t need two lines and can combine them into a single network for both purposes. Free lines can then be used to increase or eliminate bandwidth and backup.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Traditional office phone systems can sometimes present unexpected costs. They need to adapt to changes in your organization, usage and component age. You never know for sure when you will experience any of these unwanted changes. However, you don’t have to worry about such expenses in a cloud system where you know how much you will be charged every month. Costs are usually based on the number of users and include unlimited local and international calls.

With traditional on-premise phone systems, upgrades need to be planned for aging infrastructure and hardware. In contrast, in the case of cloud systems, the responsibility for updating infrastructure and software falls on the service provider rather than the business, saving you time and money.

As a business, you receive numerous calls every day from customers asking all kinds of questions. When this happens, your company’s credibility as a brand depends on how accessible you are via phone or other channels. On-premise systems are sometimes unreliable in terms of access, so if disaster strikes and you face a failure, your customers and employees have no other way to communicate. Until the lines are fixed, no calls will go in or out.

Best Cloud Based Phone System For Small Business

This is not a problem with a cloud phone system because it hosts services in different data centers spread locally and internationally. If one data center’s service goes down, your calls can easily be routed through other data centers. With a cloud-based phone system this goes unnoticed as you don’t face interruption during calls.

Benefits Of Using On Premise Phone Systems 2020

An on-premise traditional phone system limits your ability to take advantage of the benefits of a remote workforce. Unless you have advanced setups and expensive service upgrades, you can’t communicate directly with your remote employees. However, a virtual phone system like the cloud eliminates the need for such limitations. Since the systems are cloud-based, phone traffic can be routed to any connection with an Internet connection.

Cloud business phones are easier to deploy than traditional lines. On-premises installation can take months and has strict hardware and resource constraints. Cloud systems require fewer physical devices and can be installed in days. Cloud Phones can be deployed all at once or in incremental steps, depending on what works best for you. Once this system is implemented, it is easy to add new offices and users.

When service providers need to upgrade an onsite phone system, they need to test their upgrade at each location for multiple clients. This will make you wait your turn before you can execute the upgrade and access the latest features. Cloud solutions do not force you to wait and roll out new updates and features to all clients at the same time.

Although on-premises systems claim that you can control the security of your system, clouds are more secure than traditional IT systems. Cloud phone providers may add additional security best practices such as security protocols, encryption, and active service monitoring.

Pdf] Top 5 Benefits Of Virtual Pbx Systems Over Traditional Landline Phones By Rel Comm

A cloud-based phone system offers multiple services as a comprehensive service, including voice, SMS, video, mobility and sometimes fax. Not only is it easy to manage, it also lowers your overall costs with a single bill for all communication channels. This allows for more consistent and better communication with colleagues as it allows them to use their preferred channels.

Cloud solutions provide the functionality of call centers without the operational demands and costs of a call center. It helps improve customer communication and makes it easier to monitor tasks. Because cloud phone systems are software-based, they are easy to integrate with customer relationship management platforms like Salesforce.

When you get a call from a customer, you can get their account information on your screen. This helps in better customer service for callers. You can collect and enter information from the customer during the call to ensure you are best meeting the customer’s preferences.

Best Cloud Based Phone System For Small Business

With on-premise systems, you must have an independent phone system for each location. It is not only expensive but also difficult to integrate, making business functions like call transfer and extension calls more complex. In the case of a business phone system in the cloud, you can plug all locations into a single virtual service over the Internet. This makes it easy to call different extensions in different geographical locations. Furthermore, it gives callers the impression of “one big system” while maintaining location-specific routing. You can centrally manage all your communications, regardless of location, through a browser-based portal.

Cloud Phone System For Sales And Support Teams

With a cloud-based phone system, you can access all services even when you are not physically in the office. On-premise systems require you to be physically present to receive and make calls or make system changes. In case of cloud phones, you can make any changes to your phone system remotely through the administration portal. You can perform updates at any time without the help of third-party providers or technicians.

Better maintenance and lower installation costs aren’t the only reasons why cloud phones are a better choice than on-premise systems. Another important factor involves risk. On-premise systems require maintenance and updates, time, resources, dealing with security and making changes that place all the risk on the company itself. Therefore, many companies now outsource these risks to cloud providers, who are then responsible for managing them.

With rapid technological innovations, it is imperative that businesses adapt to changing times and customer demands. Cloud phones definitely have an edge over traditional systems and help ensure better workplace management, customer services and employee productivity.

Here at KMT we are passionate about helping businesses succeed with their technology and we have helped hundreds of businesses go remote or hybrid. In addition to providing award-winning IT support, projects and consulting, we specialize in cloud-based phone systems and cyber security.

Top 10 Features Of Cloud + Voip Small Business Phone Systems

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Having a reliable organized IT support team can help your real estate business in many ways. Click here to find out why you need a managed IT service. VoIP phones are one of the most reliable investments small businesses in the UK can make. As a unified communication method, VoIP phone packages facilitate and simplify work within a business. If you’re a small business owner looking to invest in your company’s success and growth in the coming year, here are the 10 best VoIP phones to research and possibly buy in the new year.

Best Cloud Based Phone System For Small Business

Cisco phones are affordable and powerful options for any business, and the SPA 303 is no different. It supports three phone lines and has all the call management features you need on a budget.

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The Cisco 7900 IP Series offers the same benefits as the SPA 303 with additional features, including full IP capabilities for aggregating computer and phone networks.

The last Cisco offering on this list, the UC520 provides complete voice and data communications in SMEs, tying your networks into one unified entity.

The Polycom VVX601 is a premium VoIP phone option, with 16

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