Best Construction Project Management Software For Mac

Best Construction Project Management Software For Mac – It would be an understatement to say that the market for mobile construction management applications has expanded significantly in recent times. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number and variety of building management applications developed for mobile devices. It all came down to one benefit that mobile devices can provide: mobility. Mobility is probably one of the biggest benefits a building management app can offer right now.

Construction project management is both theoretical and practical, which means there is a lot of work to be done. In most cases, you can’t take your computer to the construction site and work there all the time – that’s where construction applications come in.

Best Construction Project Management Software For Mac

Best Construction Project Management Software For Mac

That’s not to say that neither the flashlight app nor the regular calculator are obsolete – they still have their uses, but the construction project management industry is doing more than that – they’re at least trying to bring some standalone software. functionality in the form of an application that can be installed on a mobile device.

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This process is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. One of the main issues in this case is the difference in how mobile devices interact – so not all construction app vendors install a simple desktop interface as an app and then barely customize it. This is where the definition of a construction management application starts to change a bit for everyone.

In this article, we look at several examples of construction project management applications. It’s fair to say that they differ greatly depending on many factors, from the location of the person using the app to the problem the app in question aims to solve. Our list includes the following applications:

Autodesk BIM 360 is a combination of construction applications, each of which works with a limited feature set.

BIM 360 Field is a report generation and execution specification that promotes accurate and rapid issue reports and exchange between on-site employees and their remote colleagues.

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The BIM 360 plan is more focused on resource planning and production, it can be used in different ways with the same goal of saving time and money through correct costing and other methods.

BIM 360 Glue, as the name suggests, is a general purpose mobile application for viewing BIM models online and offline. In addition, BIM 360 Glue can interact with smart objects in various ways.

The iPad accommodates almost all the functions that conventional desktop software can provide in a single app, making various BIM operations much easier than ever before.

Best Construction Project Management Software For Mac

The mobile app can work with 2D and 3D plans and models, add custom properties for objects, support point clouds, use project status interactions in the form of photos, all with the desktop software with the same interface you’re used to.

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Clockshark is one of the most technically relevant construction management applications, although it focuses on just one function: time tracking. Clockshark makes it easy to track various time-based parameters of the construction crew, and there are other features that make the process more user-friendly. These features include time tracking automation, cloud time tracking, easy integration with many different construction applications, and more.

Again, the main feature is in the name – iNeo Pro Field Daily Reports is a professional reporting application. It can work with daily reports as well as rare but detailed reports.

All reports created in the iNeo Pro field can be sent to email or Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. can be easily populated using one of the cloud repositories. You can easily add different notes and photos to each of your reports, and the reduced time it takes to create a report frees up more time for more important construction-related tasks.

Aimed more at small or medium-sized construction companies, Co-construct is a comprehensive construction project management application with a focus on a variety of design firms, custom builders, and renovators.

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The app itself has standalone and web-based versions that work with both Android and iOS devices, and offers a surprisingly comprehensive list of features.

Another example of technical listing, Punch List & Site Audit Report is an application that focuses solely on punch lists. Being able to simply list all the potential problems of a particular project or current phase of fieldwork can have a huge impact on the outcome of the entire project as a whole. This app can also work with notes and photos attached to your lists and reports, and its overall usability inspires users to do more with it.

Fieldwire bills itself as a “complete drawing management solution” – making model access and sharing one of the core features of the application. The Fieldwire Construction Project app gives users anywhere access to the most current project model and the app itself is available for download for iOS and Android.

Best Construction Project Management Software For Mac

An offline model view is available for Fieldwire and its features, as well as some other features – sheet hyperlinking, adding annotations and labels, attaching photos, quickly importing drawings and sketches, and more.

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Another version of the reporting app is called GoCanvas and focuses more on contractors and specific use cases for contractors. There are two main functions that GoCanvas offers: filling out various reports and creating forms. The first option is to create inspection forms, audits, work orders, estimates and more. very handy when filling. The second option depends on the specific situation and is often used for lesser known actions and tasks. In addition, GoCanvas supports PDF export and file sharing of all forms and completed documents, making it one of the best construction management applications in the industry.

FingerCad is a comprehensive mobile application that allows you to perform real modeling operations using nothing but your mobile device. It supports several formats (one of which is .DXF) and can be used for quick sketching and advanced modeling activities. All thanks to FingerCad’s interface, which, while complex, offers many of the features of desktop modeling software for use with a mobile device.

Aconex is a relatively popular information management platform recently acquired by Oracle. One of the results of this acquisition is Oracle Aconex Main and Docs, a multipurpose construction project application that provides several useful features for construction and engineering projects. For example, Oracle Aconex can be used to view and interact with various drawings and design documents. You can also work with project mail, access project-related tasks, add photos or videos to your annotations, and more. There are options like

When it comes to an original approach to the best construction management apps, BuilderStorm is unusual. While not technically a dedicated BuilderSoft app, its responsive web design allows you to use the cloud-based construction management platform on most modern devices. This list includes desktop, Android, and iOS devices, making it an all-in-one shopping experience.

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As for the platform itself, BuilderStorm offers several construction-related features such as reporting, procurement management, schedule management, project tracking, cloud file access, and more.

There are four areas where the BuilderTREND mobile app excels: financial management, project management, customer account management, and pre-sales management. As for the special features, they are:

PlanGrid Build Field is a construction application that specializes in drawing and document management, as well as team collaboration on the same project. Some of the features of this app are listed below.

Best Construction Project Management Software For Mac

While some of the above examples are suitable for custom construction processes and remodels, Procore’s construction project management application is suitable for companies that specialize in mass construction with less variety.

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For example, with Procore you can access the project catalog, view schedules, track drawing set versions, mark up drawings/RFIs, interact with project data in many ways (local and remote), log various daily activities on site (from weather to labor) you can ) and others.

In addition, Procore can use the capabilities of the mobile device to provide some additional features, such as adding photos from the camera directly to your personnel lists or drawings, or scanning QR codes to find various Procore construction project entries.

Solocator is another real-time app that specializes in adding more context to the photos on this site. Solocator allows you to add various data to your photos, such as date, altitude, direction and GPS coordinates. These include progress reports, release reports, fixes, bugs and more. very useful in many different situations, like So you don’t have to do it manually

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