Best Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Program

Best Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Program – Based on an average monthly spend of S$2,000, we analyze the best credit cards on the market to estimate the cashback value for the consumer after 2 years, accounting for cashbacks and calculating annual fees. As a side note, the value of the dollar is highly dependent on spending habits. Intangible benefits (such as free travel insurance and airfare) are valuable but difficult to quantify.

With the Citi Rewards Card; Online shopping and your clothes; Bag Shoes & Fashion Accessories-Online; offline, Earn an impressive 10 points (4 miles) per S$1 spent domestically and abroad. This flexibility makes it easy to earn up to 4,000 miles (about S$40) per month on various expenses. Other expenses earn 0.4 miles per S$1; Therefore, it is best suited for frequent and online shoppers. There is an annual fee of S$192.6. But the 1st year is waived. Overall, The Citi Rewards Card is a great option if you want to earn miles for online spending where you do your fashion shopping.

Best Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Program

Best Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Program

You are retail, If you shop often, both fashion and otherwise. OCBC Titanium Rewards Card online, offline, We offer top prices nationally and internationally and offer discounted fees. Cardholders can access fashion retailers, 10 points (4 miles) per S$1 for department stores and electronics in Singapore-Amazon; Alibaba Lazada, Qoo10 and some of the most popular online retailers and more. Some competitors limit prices for fashion retailers. Additionally, The OCBC Titanium Card waives fees after spending just S$10,000 – another feature not offered by competitors. Finally, if you want to earn miles from all your merchant spending and avoid fees, OCBC Titanium is the card for you.

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The DBS Woman’s World Card is a great option for online shoppers who want to make large purchases and pay for them over time. Cardholders earn 4 miles per S$1 spent online and 0.4 miles per S$1 general spend; Earn a total of up to 8,000 miles per month – that’s double the package of competing shopping cards.

In addition, cardholders have access to the DBS My Preferred Payment Plan, which spreads transactions of a minimum of S$100 over 12 months, with no interest and no processing fees. Most schemes charge a fee of up to 5% of the deposit amount. The DBS Woman’s World Card stands out because it waives its S$192.6 fee on an annual spend of S$25,000. Overall, this credit card is great if you shop online frequently and make large purchases.

Lazada loyalists looking for miles should look no further than the Citi Lazada card. Not only do users earn an incredible 4 miles (10pts) per S$1 spent on the platform; They are also eligible to receive a S$1.99 shipping discount on purchases of S$50+ (up to 4x per month). It may seem trivial, but each discount can translate to up to 4% cashback on the corresponding purchase. Cardholders can enjoy local food; Entertainment You can also earn 2 miles (5pts) for every S$1 spent on travel and transport.

Although these mileage rates are impressive, in particular there is no minimum spending threshold to start earning, but total rewards are limited to 4,000 miles (10,000pts) per month. This translates to a value of S$40 for the consumer. Nevertheless, avid online shoppers can maximize their rewards by spending S$1k. As a result, The Citi Lazada card is a great choice for platform loyalists who spend about S$1k on retail products from Lazada every month.

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The BOC Qoo10 World Mastercard is a great choice for low-spending customers who want to earn rewards for their Qoo10 and other online purchases. With a minimum spend of S$800/month, cardholders can enjoy entertainment, fast food Get 3% cashback on online and overseas transactions. In addition to these benefits, individuals will receive 10% cashback on their Qoo10 purchases and 10% cashback on public transport transfers (SBS/SMRT buses and MRT), while all other purchases will receive 0.3% cashback. For those who do not meet the minimum monthly expenses. This card also offers rewards rates with lower spending requirements. With a minimum spend of S$400; Individuals can earn 3% cashback on Qoo10 purchases and 0.3% on every other transaction.

This card has an annual fee of S$203.30. However, if a cardholder maxes out the rewards in 3 months, the cost of the credit card can be offset. The monthly earning amount for rewards is S$70, with a cap of S$30 on Qoo10 purchases and S$40 on all other purchases. Overall, this credit card allows consumers with low average spend on Qoo10 purchases to earn rewards on their Qoo10 purchases.

Many credit cards offer contactless or mobile spending. If you like a simple wallet and want to pay with your mobile phone, this can be very good.

Best Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Program

Not a simple shopping card, but the UOB One Card has one of the highest overall cashbacks on the market, so you can get cashback on all your spending – online and offline. Cardholders with a stable budget of S$2,000/month earn up to 5% cashback; Up to S$300/quarter; 6% on utility bills and up to 10% on Grab & UOB Travel. Earn 3.33% up to S$50 or S$100 per quarter depending on the minimum spend level.

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UOB One Card is Google Pay; Apple Pay It is also compatible with many mobile payment apps like UOB Mighty and others. Cardholders can earn the same discount for mobile payments with their physical credit card. As a result, it is more convenient to earn all expenses with UOB One Card.

Finally, cardholders also have access to the UOB SMART$ program, which offers additional cashback with popular merchants across Singapore. With UOB One Card, it’s easy to get top market rates on all your expenses, even just by paying with your phone.

Finally, cardholders also have access to the UOB SMART$ program, which offers additional cashback with popular merchants across Singapore. With UOB One Card, it’s easy to get top market rates on all your spending with minimal effort.

DBS Live Fresh Card is great for tech-savvy users who value convenience. Cardholders can easily access 5% cashback on online and contactless transactions after a minimum spend of S$600 on Bartreng mainly all purchases. Even more, The card has EZ-Link functionality. It organizes the wallet of the cardholders and allows them to feel everything in one convenient place. Finally, it is worth noting that rewards are limited to S$60 per month, so it is more suitable for low spenders. Overall, DBS Live Fresh Card stands out for its great convenience and high rates for online and contactless transactions.

Travel Credit Cards

If you’re a young traveler and don’t mind flying exclusively with SIA, consider the KrisFlyer UOB card. Cardholders are SIA; SilkAir, Earn 1.2 miles per S$1 spent on domestic and international spend, up to 3 miles for transactions with Scoot and KrisShop. Better yet, SIA with at least S$500 per year (equivalent to 2-3 ASEAN flights on average) for dining, transportation Earn 3 miles per S$1 for online travel bookings and online fashion shopping. These places are ideal for young people who have a tight budget, especially those who tend to shop online.

In terms of benefits, the KF UOB Card likes handy flyers. Cardholders receive free baggage allowance upgrades; Free standard seat selection; Cardholders enjoy low-cost airline benefits, including priority check-in and boarding and reservation waivers. Consumers get S$15 in vouchers for Grab Rides at Changi Airport and ChangiWiFi. Cardholders have access to fashion, makeup, you even get S$20 cashback on a transaction of S$100 net at KrisShop, which offers a variety of health and other products. To top it all off, the KF UOB card offers users an annual bonus of 10,000 renewal miles. This annual bonus, worth about S$100, offsets the S$192.6 annual fee, making the KrisFlyer UOB card particularly affordable.

When it comes to shopping and paying bills online, there is no better option than the HSBC Revolution Card. Cardholders can make travel reservations from retail transactions; Earn 2 miles for every S$1 spent online, including bill payments and food orders. There are no minimum spend requirements or reward packages, so you get instant cashback when you spend online. Cardholders can earn 2 miles per S$1 spent on local dining and entertainment; So you also get social expenses.

Best Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Program

Another benefit of the HSBC Revolution Card is that it comes with reduced fees. After annual expenses of S$12,500; Cardholders are exempt from the S$160.5 fee. Finally, if you want a credit card that earns miles for social and practical spending, online and offline, the HSBC Revolution Card is one of the best options available.

Grab Removes Grabrewards Points For Credit & Debit Card Payments

In addition to offering top rates; The following cards are great for young people to shop online because of their accessibility and special promotions.

The OCBC Frank Card is the best online shopping credit card for young people because it has one of the lowest minimum spending requirements on the market and even comes with a fee waiver. After spending S$600 offline; Cardholders can access their online, Earn 6% on FX and mobile contactless purchases. Online cashback covers everything from fashion and travel to taxi bookings and ticket purchases. What’s more, retail purchases through PayPal are refundable. Most credit cards exclude Paypal expenses from earning rewards.


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