Best Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

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Trucking software provides a unified way to manage delivery records, track your drivers, pay bills, and monitor interstate fuel tax treaty (IFTA) reports. The truck software can be used by the owner/operator, or by a company that manages a fleet of drivers or haulers.

Best Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Best Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

The best trucking software can also help your transportation industry business become more profitable by monitoring your truck’s maintenance needs and finding ways to save on fuel costs through accurate mileage reports and expense records. Trucking software doesn’t always include back-office functions like accounting, simply because some developers focus their efforts on industry-specific features like fuel tax management and accurate route management.

Best Trucking Accounting Software

Trucking software (also known as logistics software for trucking companies) automates the routing and scheduling processes for your drivers by monitoring orders, trucks, trailers and drivers all from one central location. The main goal of a trucking software feature is to establish a reliable way to dispatch your staff and ensure that your customer’s orders are fulfilled on time.

Dispatchers at your main base of operations can monitor truck locations and see which drivers are available. This information is useful for determining whether your business is operating according to schedule or not. If your truck is equipped with GPS tracking, or if your truck driver uses a tablet or mobile device, movements can be tracked and messages can be sent back and forth from the office to drivers on the road.

The best delivery capabilities of trucking software integrate easily with delivery scheduling to ensure your drivers deliver on time, as well as use their time wisely for any additional orders that may come up.

An interactive map will show you where your current and pending orders are located which will allow your office to determine the best route to complete the order.

Fleet Dispatch Software And Driver Workflow

As previously mentioned, mobile apps allow truckers to receive important messages on the road and allow their location to be tracked easily. This location tracking is essential for tracking the movement of drivers and determining if they are following the optimal route. This data is usually automatically entered into the truck’s software which minimizes human error during data entry.

The EnVision ride list panel displays all open delivery orders and what is waiting to be assigned to trucks/drivers.

Trucking software for owner-operators tends to be a smaller solution for less money. This is because the owner-operator is any person who runs his or her own trucking business.

Best Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Owner-operators can own or lease their own truck haulers and handle the hauling themselves. Like any other business owner, they are responsible for every aspect of their business, from closing deals, executing orders, and managing their finances.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Dispatch Software

A small fleet business that manages only one truck will likely have low costs and little data to record requiring more basic trucking software.

Independent owner-operators manage their entire business and can choose the load and schedule they want to work on. However, these independent workers must ensure that any legalities are addressed in their trucking software to ensure that they operate efficiently, such as:

Chartered operators are usually not their own employers, and operate under contract to a specific trucking company. These trucking companies will provide loading and delivery directly to drivers, eliminating some of the work required for drivers. Having said that, the main features they want to look for in any trucking software are:

Trucking companies or owner operators looking for a free solution to manage their business will be hard-pressed to find anything built with truckers in mind. Many truckers may just try and use a free program like OpenOffice, or an readily available program like Excel or Google Sheets. However, these programs require a great deal of prior knowledge of spreadsheets if the goal is to create such an accounting, invoicing, or expense management solution.

Truck Dispatching Services

TruckBytes provides users with complete truck accounting and management at no cost. The solution was developed as an alternative to manual logging for independent users and owner-operators. Basically the solution tracks expenses, manages customers, and generates invoices, among other features. The IFTA service is available for $15/truck/month payable annually.

Apart from TruckBytes, you will be hard-pressed to find a completely free option. However, many trucking solutions provide a 30-day free trial of their software that you can download and try to see if it works best. There are also lots of low-cost options on the market, like Fog Line Software’s Truckn Pro, which starts at $79/one-time.

If you own a large trucking business, you may want to consider complete transportation management (TMS) software. Also known as transportation ERP software, TMS will increase the efficiency of your logistics company by tracking in/out cargo, optimized routes, load building operations, cargo audits and so on.

Best Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

When a trucking business gets above a certain size, they will want to consider the additional benefits that come with a fully integrated transportation management solution. While there’s no industry standard for when you should consider a simpler trucking solution or a more powerful fully integrated transport software, there are things that can be done. You have to think about it:

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A larger fleet of trucks and the desire for a more complete integrated system for complex operations means ERP software in transportation will be a better fit.

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online are generic accounting solutions intended for use in any industry. There is no truck-only version of QuickBooks available. However, many trucking businesses find success using QuickBooks as their primary accounting software when paired with industry-specific shipping and route management options.

Many trucking software solutions claim to offer accounting functionality, but in reality, they only provide basic billing features. If you’re looking for a ledger or even accounts payable to gain better control over your company’s finances, QuickBooks might be the perfect fit. However, you should deal with neutral industry language, and without proper software training, you may find it difficult to know how to properly record information about your cargo, orders you receive, etc. Keeping trucking companies connected to their drivers, trucking software is the backbone of trucking efficiency. Allowing remote truckers, brokers and fleet managers to be updated in real-time, shipping software helps manage critical tasks in the trucking industry.

If you’re looking for the best shipping software system for your trucking business, keep reading to learn what types, features, and what works best for it.

Trucking Dispatch Software

Make your fleet safer and more productive with AI dashboard cameras, ELD, dispatch, driver workflow and turn-by-turn navigation. Our passionate support team will be with you every step of the way.

Take a look at the top eight trucking software systems available on the market. Make your choice based on your company’s specific niche and needs.

TruckSpy claims to be an all-in-one fleet management platform. With specific features aimed at empowering driver compliance, safety and productivity, TruckSpy is the truck dispatch software that keeps your drivers running smoothly. Complete with a drag-n-drop delivery system, route deviation checker, and estimated arrival time for all stops, TruckSpy keeps you and your customers informed. Because of the company’s longstanding relationship with FedEx, an entire segment of its business is dedicated to that relationship, making it easy for FedEx contractors.

Best Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Trimble offers a service that meets the needs of many different trucking companies, but its software stands out for 3PL companies and brokers. Along with transportation management solutions (TMS) for 3PLs and brokers, Trimble’s multimodal optimization engine enables companies to optimize every level of their supply chain.

Top 20 Transportation Management Software In 2022

An extension of, ITS Dispatch is the leading dispatch software with business style features tailored for small businesses. With the option to add custom modules to dress the software to your needs, ITS Dispatch is the most malleable trucking software ever. Offering up to 50,000 users, ITS Dispatch will not only help you organize your company but also enable it to continue to grow.

TruckingOffice is an affordable software option for small truck operations. The big company says it’s missing some of the important features big outfits need. TruckingOffice is also said to be better for paying contractors than employees. Overall, TruckingOffice is a great trucking software system for small companies or companies just starting out.

Axon Software was founded in 1982, making it one of the more experienced software companies in the industry. This software has great integration, such as PC*MILER and various mapping software.

Founded in 2005, ProTransport is an all-in-one trucking software that includes a powerful trucking system. With ProTransport shipping software, managers can communicate and manage their fleet’s workload in real-time. Even though the company is less than 20 years old, some users report that the interface looks old

Tips To Enhance Trucking Management By Improving Dispatch And Job Assignment

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