Best Email Client For Small Business

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Email clients may seem as outdated as cell phones, but they are a great way to manage email. If you’re looking for ways to be a little more productive, the built-in Windows email app might be just what you’re looking for.

Best Email Client For Small Business

Best Email Client For Small Business

I have been using Microsoft clients for work and personal use for about 15 years. They’re usually easy to set up: download the software, connect your email, then choose your settings. You can connect one email account to one app, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between different apps. Some clients are even designed to help increase efficiency with built-in productivity tools and integration options.

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But Microsoft isn’t the only game in the market. Depending on how you want to use email, there is a Windows email client for almost every situation. For this article, I tested dozens of Windows email clients, and here are seven of the best.

All of our best applications are written by people who have spent their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing applications, using each app for its intended use and evaluating it against the criteria we categorize. We don’t get paid to link to any apps or websites for our articles – we appreciate the trust our readers place in us to provide genuine reviews of the pages and apps we review. Read more about our process in our full How We Select Applications blog.

I began my research by defining the page and clarifying what criteria I was basing it on. This is the most important thing when I test every desktop email client.

Once the specifications were defined, I searched far and wide for mail clients for Windows that had a fairly wide range of clients. I searched each vendor’s website to check features and support provided. For support, I’d like to know if there are recent answers to forum questions (having a good support dialog means an active user base and a better chance of getting your questions answered). From there I downloaded every client that met the criteria and had an active support community.

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I’ve given each customer a note about setup and ease of use. For example, a few clients required two clicks just to compose a new email, so I flagged them as not user-friendly (hard guy here!). For customization, I configured and tested various elements such as themes, inbox look/feel, and mail handling options such as alerts and filtering. I’ve tested and noted the productivity tools that set some clients apart from others. If a client has an integration, I connect it and use it with a popular app like Zoom.

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EM Client’s intuitive, modern user interface is a joy to use, but it may not be to everyone’s taste. Luckily, you get dozens of themes and can customize almost every part of the user interface.

Best Email Client For Small Business

To get started, choose your layout: the messages at the bottom, right, or turn them off. Common actions like Reply, Forward, Profile, and more are conveniently located at the top of your inbox, but you can add, remove, and reorder views from here by right-clicking an action. To the right, you’ll get a list of past emails with this address so you can easily find past conversations.

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For most UI settings, go to Settings > Appearance > Themes. Click on your theme and select Theme Editor. Want to change your theme from blue to purple? No problem. Spinning wheels, progress bars, links and other elements can also be changed with a few clicks.

A handy sidebar contains contact information, past conversations, your agenda, calendar, and suggestions. These elements can be rearranged and removed. If you want to add a task to your calendar, click the check mark icon on the sidebar, write a note about the task, and select the appropriate time with a reminder. eM Client also recently added video conferencing integration with Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other providers, as well as chat integration with Google Talk, Jabber, and more.

If you send many emails with the same message, the Quick Text feature allows you to standardize the email in one click. Perhaps the Achilles heel of eM Client is the lack of a mobile app. But if you use another mobile app, eM can automatically sync to the app, so your email is always up to date.

EM Customer Pricing: A free license for two accounts with a one-time payment of $49.95 for the Pro version, which includes VIP support, unlimited accounts, and commercial use.

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Thunderbird lets you decide where your email is stored, schedule backups, and manage server settings. It also offers some security features like end-to-end encryption that are not available in other clients. Because it is open source, Thunderbird has a catalog of various developer add-ons to help improve the user experience. It’s all free.

For an email app for Windows, it doesn’t have the most modern user interface – it’s modeled after Mozilla’s Firefox browser and uses a tabbed system. But you wouldn’t choose Thunderbird for its style points anyway. Still, you have options. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right to view them. From there, you can customize the app’s appearance, select privacy settings, and select basic features such as email structure. Themes like Suave, Dark Fox and Two Little Birds (shown above) give your inbox a different look.

In my testing, Thunderbird was a mixed bag for sending and receiving. Outgoing emails are received almost instantly from my web-based Gmail account. But in the Thunderbird client, receiving emails took anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes.

Best Email Client For Small Business

To get more out of Thunderbird, click Tools > Add-ons. Smart Templates ($5/year) and QuickText lets you create email templates for quick responses. Send later allows you to schedule future times to send emails or repeat messages using rules such as “other days”.

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One of the more modern and user-friendly email clients I’ve tested, Mailbird’s range of third-party integrations makes it easy to manage email and the apps you use most. Once connected, the integration shares the UI with your mailbox, and Mailbird attracts users who don’t want to leave. Slack, Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Twitter are just some of the natively integrated apps.

To get started, download the client, add an email (or connect to an existing client), and you’re good to go. Setting up and connecting third-party apps is required when your emails are synced. To connect, click on your app, sign up, and you’re good to go without leaving your inbox. Each app you add appears as an icon in the sidebar with one click. Once my Slack account was connected, I looked at the sidebar to see activity and quickly respond to messages.

A new feature is Quick Read, which Mailbird says improves email efficiency by allowing you to quickly digest sentences instead of identifying individual words. First select the Quick Read option on the email. Then click on how fast you want the email to be sent (100 to 1000 words per minute). Your email will be spoken once on the screen at any time.

One way to use your inbox without resorting to other tools is the Snooze feature. If you want to remind yourself of an event, such as a webinar, right-click the email and select a date and time, and the email will appear in your inbox. It’s also saved to your Snooze folder so you can see what’s going on. With the Unified Mailbox feature, you can add multiple mailboxes and manage all your emails and folders in one mailbox.

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Mailbox pricing: $39 for Mailbird Personal / $95 for one. The Business plan ($59 per year) adds priority and exchange support and unlimited email tracking.

I’ve been using Windows Mail regularly since the 90s, using it as a secondary email account because both are free.

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