Best Free Budgeting Apps For Young Adults

Best Free Budgeting Apps For Young Adults – As a student, keeping track of expenses is very important. Not only does it help me plan for the end of the month crunches, but it also allows me to track how much I spend on different things and stay more informed about meeting my savings goals for the month. Fortunately, you no longer have to keep records and accounting records to manage your finances. Many mobile apps today not only do most of the work for you, some even automatically import transactions from your bank account and generate various charts and other metrics to help you easily track where your money is going.

Go to the personal finance section of the Play Store, and you’ll be overwhelmed with amazing budgeting apps. Which of them is worth your time? Scroll down below to see our picks for the top three budgeting apps on Android.

Best Free Budgeting Apps For Young Adults

Best Free Budgeting Apps For Young Adults

After trying several budgeting apps, I finally decided to use Monefy. I generally like solutions that offer a lot of options, so I decided to use Monefy as my app of choice because of its simplicity.

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It’s not very feature packed, and recently when syncing between phones, the Dropbox sync option — which you have to buy the Pro version for $2.50, by the way — doesn’t work. I had to manually copy the backup files from one phone to another, and also redo all the settings and create all the custom categories on the new device. It’s a hassle if you’re constantly moving between devices, but hopefully the newly added Google Drive sync will be even better.

However, what makes Monefy stand out is its UI and ease of use. It is also not technically a budgeting app, because it is a diary of all expenses (not including the “budget mode,” but it is far from what other financial tracking applications refer to the budget).

Open the app and you will find this pastel-colored UI that is really attractive, easy on the eyes, and works very well.

All of your most popular spending categories are clearly laid out in a ring around a large pie chart with your total spending for the month displayed in the center. A pie chart is a quick visual aid to see which categories are responsible for burning the biggest hole in your wallet.

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You can quickly add a new expense by clicking on the icon and it will automatically select the category for that expense. Long press the category icon and you can see the total monthly spend in that category in the center of the pie chart.

It may be spartan in its feature set compared to others, but everything you need is at your fingertips, with a minimal number of clicks and menus before you add an entry and leave the app. That, in itself, is worth it, and makes tracking expenses less of a chore, which means you won’t tire yourself out and out after a week.

If the Monefy app is too simple for you, but you still appreciate Caucelle’s simple UI functionality, you might want to try 1Money. Having the same UI as Monefy is one of its best features. But it’s more about functionality, giving individual budgets for different categories of expenses and more.

Best Free Budgeting Apps For Young Adults

This app is also free to use, but if you want to add more categories or tags than what is provided by default, you will need to purchase it. You also can’t sync or export data without making a purchase. It’s a subscription-based model, so the price is surprisingly prohibitive, but you can get lifetime access for $8.99.

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It also lacks some advanced features like tagging expenses on location or scanning receipts for Money Lover (below), but the budgeting app is solid and strikes a good balance between Monefy’s simple fun and Money Lover’s practical complexity.

If Monefy is the king of simplicity, Money Lover is the king of functionality. From accounting with detailed reports and graphs for every penny to automatic transaction synchronization with your bank – even those outside the US – this app seems to have it all.

There is support for different wallets / bank accounts, which are available in several variants: a basic wallet, where you enter transactions manually, a wallet that is automatically synchronized with your bank; wallet to store money; And for credit cards, loan wallets and more. There are even crypto wallets for all the Bitcoin billionaires out there.

There is an incredibly large number of small and convenient devices that I cannot mention at once. You have ATM locator, bank locator, automatic exchange rate synchronization, receipt scanning and more. You have Travel Mode to figure out exactly how much you spent on your trip to the Bahamas, separating expenses from regular expenses.

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One of the most useful features is the future view, which can be accessed by swiping left. This allows you to easily plan your future income and expenses for the next month and better understand your future financial position than your current expenses.

The app is free to use. However, if you want to remove ads, enable data export to Excel, and have more than one budget per month, you need a premium subscription. It will cost you $7.99 for a lifetime purchase, although the app always has some promotions that reduce some of the margins. There is also an additional fee if you want to automatically sync transactions with your bank account.

There’s a lot more to this app that I can’t easily get into without writing too much, so check it out. Other than the price, the only other concern is that the UI is a little less intuitive compared to Monefy. Although this is expected considering how many features and menus this app has to handle.

Best Free Budgeting Apps For Young Adults

If you want to start saving today, you’re in luck because the developers of all three apps have agreed to provide reader codes for premium versions of their products. You can sign up for the giveaway here.

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The road to overspending is paved with good intentions – you set yourself a monthly budget, and manage that shopping spree or expensive cocktails. But somehow, at the end of the month, you find that you have exceeded your budget again. Does it sound familiar?

Keeping track of our finances requires careful monitoring of our monthly spending – but few of us have the time to do this. That’s where the budgeting app comes in. This great financial tracker makes it easy to categorize your spending, notify you when you’re overspending, predict future expenses, and even sync with your bank account in some cases. We’ve selected the best free budgeting apps in Singapore to help you stay on top of your spending.

The 8 Best Budget Apps For 2022

With beautiful bar graphs and pie charts, Wallet helps you get a clear and colorful picture of your total cash flow. Launched by Prague-based fintech startup BudgetBakers, this easy-to-use app lets you organize multiple budgets for spending categories like food, shopping, and investments. Not only will you be notified if you go over your budget, but you’ll also get a budget view of your potential expenses over the next seven days. Premium Wallet upgrades (starting at $3.59 per month) include additional useful features, including syncing with your bank account to automatically record transactions.

For those of us with multiple bank accounts, keeping track of expenses can be a pain. Enter Planner Bee, developed in Singapore by licensed financial advisor Cheri Wang. Their powerful application supports synchronization with the main banks in Singapore – DBS, OCBC, UOB, Citibank – with selected insurance and investment providers. This means seamless updates on all your transactions, which are automatically categorized by dining, transport and more. Prepare a monthly budget for each category and check the balance at a glance. If you are concerned about security, they use 2048-bit RSA encryption to keep your details safe.

If your mind is boggled by cluttered charts and statistics, Monnie is here to add a little flavor. Founded by Taiwan-based app development company Grammer, Moni Player has a garden-style design.

Best Free Budgeting Apps For Young Adults

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