Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

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Webinars are an effective way to convert leads into paying customers, but only when done correctly. That’s why you need access to the best webinar platforms out there.

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

You simply can’t live stream a fragmented, low-quality, non-interactive video. Attending such webinars is a frustrating experience that does not encourage conversions.

Best Webinar Software: Top Platforms Compared And Summarized

But with the right webinar platform, you can easily create a reliable system for building deep relationships with potential customers. That’s why 53% of marketers plan to use webinars in 2022.

To help you find the right match, we’ve covered 24 different options in this article, including free and affordable options that will help you test water risk-free.

But don’t just go for the cheapest or easiest option. Spend some time figuring out which platform works best for your company’s specific needs.

Most webinar platforms limit the number of live participants at each price level. The cheapest platform for 30 visitors may not be the same for 3,000 visitors.

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Do you plan to just talk while your potential customers listen? Or will you engage with them – for example, by taking a poll during the webinar?

Videos of past webinars make great content for your website, especially if you’re a B2B company. Webinars are one type of content that attracts B2B customers to register with their email address.

If you’re going to use your webinar videos like this, you’ll want a platform that makes it easy to post webinars behind the scenes.

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

Webinars are an effective way to convert leads into paying customers, but only when done correctly. πŸ’ͺ These webinar platforms will give you the tools you need to succeed πŸš€ Click to Tweet

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Livestorm is a popular webinar and video conferencing platform. It works exceptionally well for product demos and training sessions.

WebinarJim is an easy-to-use webinar platform that is particularly effective in selling products. A useful feature of Webinar Jam is the pop-up CTA that appears during the webinar, making it easy for the attendee to purchase the product.

Webinar Gym was designed for live webinars. EverWebinar is its flagship product that helps you create broadcasts from your webinar videos.

Dimeo is an amazing tool that offers both live and on-demand webinars. Demeo is built for marketers with a suite of built-in promotion tools.

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WebinarGeek is easy-to-use webinar software with live, on-demand and evergreen webinar options. It’s not the most feature-rich webinar solution, but it allows you to create professional-quality webinars at a reasonable price.

Unlike most of the software on this list, Blue Jeans can host a virtual event with up to 50,000 attendees and 150 presenters. Most businesses don’t need this expensive webinar software platform, but it’s a good choice if you’re hosting a large virtual event.

If you are hosting a large online event with many speakers, consider a large marker. It allows unlimited presenters and 10,000 participants.

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

GetResponse is an email marketing platform and webinar tool. Choose it to get the best marketing tool suite with your webinar service

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Live streaming by Vimeo offers a way to host large events by offering unlimited participants and storage. Events are automatically recorded and stored in the cloud.

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AnyMeeting is a solid option for small events, offering all the standard webinar features at a low price, however, it’s not a great fit for larger events.

Docast is a webinar software provider that allows unlimited viewers of webinars. A key feature is the Docast feature that helps you monetize your webinars.

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Zoom has become synonymous with online meetings. You can host a webinar with Zoom. If it’s less than 40 minutes and 100 participants, it’s free, and you get many promotional tools and engagement features that other free tools don’t have.

You don’t have to pay top dollar to host a webinar. The next two providers on this list are completely free.

Google made its meeting platform free in 2020. If you have a personal Google account, you can use Google Meet for webinars with up to 100 participants. Some types of trading accounts can have up to 250 participants.

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

The easiest way to host a webinar is through YouTube live streaming. It’s free, easy and you can get as many viewers as you want. All you need is a YouTube channel with live streaming enabled.

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EWebinar is an automated webinar platform that is 100% dedicated to webinar automation, which means you can conduct as many webinars as you want without having to be there to host it live. If you already use live webinars in your business and want a way to scale your recurring demos, onboarding and training webinars, then eWebinar is for you.

If you already have marketing tools that help you generate and nurture leads, you may not need many webinar features. A free streaming tool like YouTube is best. It allows you to host an engaging webinar with unlimited viewers for free

But if you want to create and deliver a professional webinar experience from scratch, you’ll want a more robust solution. LiveStorm’s free plan is ideal if you expect ten or fewer participants per webinar.

For example, if you’re just starting out with webinars and expect only a few participants, a conferencing solution like Zoho Meetings might do the trick.

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But let’s say you regularly expect tens, hundreds, or even thousands of subscribers (and you want to repurpose content to generate more leads). In this case, a complete turnkey solution like LiveStorm, Demio or GoToWebinar is more suitable.

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Webinars are a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal, whether you’re a solopreneur or a large company with international clients.

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

To get the most out of this tool, link webinars to your larger marketing strategy and use them to build closer relationships with your leads and existing customers.

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Webinar marketing is an important strategy for B2B businesses and many consumer brands are turning to it for their B2C marketing efforts.

Webinars give you the opportunity to build a personal relationship with your audience and respond to their concernsβ€”at scale. In the case of automated webinars, you can even do it while you sleep.

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In this post we’ll walk through some of the best webinar marketing platforms available right now to get your webinar strategy up and running.

We’ll cover each platform’s features, pros and cons, and a brief explanation of what each platform is best for – everything you need to know to choose the best webinar platform for your needs.

Dimio is one of the best webinar platforms available today. During the pandemic, they have grown, adapted and kept up with the increasing demands of online forced marketing teams.

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

While many other platforms are outdated and fail to keep up with the times, Demio offers a modern and robust platform.

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Unlike most webinar platforms, which offer automated or live webinars, Demeo offers both, as well as the option of a hybrid mix of pre-recorded and live recordings.

During your webinar, Demeo allows you to conduct interactive polls, launch offers with action buttons, share live document handouts, conduct questions and answers, and more.

The demo is designed for marketing teams who want a dedicated webinar tool with automatic replay but place more emphasis on live events. At the time of writing, we are evaluating a webinar platform for our latest company, TrueNorth, and will almost certainly be using Demio.

For non-profit and educational organizations that have been forced to conduct their operations online due to the coronavirus, Demeo is offering a 50% discount for these organizations.

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Many marketing heavyweights use Demio, including the Proof, Drip, and Optimize Press teams, so you’re in good company.

LiveStorm is one of the few webinar platforms that go beyond marketing tools. While it still offers all the marketing features you’d expect (auto-configurations, auto-restart, etc.), LiveStorm has a lot more to offer.

For example, Livestorm can also be used for meetings and demos with up to 12 people – and integrates with collaboration tools like Miro to organize your team’s virtual meetings.

Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business 2020

The entire platform is beautifully designed and has a great user experience – from the registration landing page to the live webinar experience.

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Finally, it is not a black box. Unlike some older webinar platforms, LiveStorm integrates with common marketing tools like HubSpot and Salesforce, so you can understand how your webinars are doing.

Based on integrations and features, I would say Livestorm

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