Cerave Cleanser For Dry Skin Review

Cerave Cleanser For Dry Skin Review – I know many of us came to know about CeraVe thanks to Tiktok. And like you, I’ve become very curious about the hype and not so happy with my previous skin care routine. So yes, I gave in and changed almost my entire skin care routine.

After doing some research and looking at other Tiktok derma stuff, I decided to buy the CeraVe Renewing SA (Salicylic Acid) Cleanser as recommended by dermatologists for acne prone and sensitive skin. I bought one from an online seller on Instagram. CeraVe is an American brand and I don’t think they are officially sold here in the Philippines. The only way to get it is from online sellers, which is pretty expensive because you just have to ship it here.

Cerave Cleanser For Dry Skin Review

Cerave Cleanser For Dry Skin Review

I bought a few more things, but let’s start with that. I will conduct individual reviews of the newly purchased products. More reviews coming soon!

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Exfoliation is the key to healthy, smooth skin. As a gentle form of exfoliation, we recommend a salicylic acid cleanser. This multifunctional product not only effectively cleanses the skin, removes oil, dirt and make-up, but also helps to remove dead skin cells, improves dryness and softens rough skin. A salicylic acid cleanser enriched with barrier-strengthening ingredients such as ceramides (such as CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser) provides even better benefits by helping to retain moisture in the skin while eliminating irritants.

CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser provides gentle, non-irritating exfoliation without harsh microbeads or granules that can scratch or damage the skin. Suitable for face and body, as well as acne-prone and psoriasis-prone skin, this salicylic acid cleanser doesn’t just exfoliate, it softens and helps restore the skin’s natural protective layer with three essential ceramides, hydrates with hyaluronic acid and soothes. . skin with niacinamide. This formula is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and enriched with vitamin D for additional antioxidant protection. (from cerave.com)

Water/Water/Water, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultine, Glycerin, Sodium, Lauryl Sarcosinate, Niacinamide, Gluconolactone, Peg-150 Pentaerythryl Tetrastearate, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Zea Mays Oil/Corn Oil, Ceramide, Apci, Ceramide, Carbo. Gluconate, Sodium Chloride, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Cholecalciferol, Cholesterol, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium Edta, Tetrasodium Edta, Hydrolyzed, Hyaluronic Acid, Phytosphingosine, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Acetate

The product is clear like water but the consistency is slightly viscous but not gel-like. A little goes a long way. I’ve been using it for almost a month (twice a day) and so far I’ve used 1/4 of it. It can take a long time, up to 3-4 months.

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It does not burden the skin during use, as it does not foam. It rinses off easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry after use.

As with most CeraVe products, their packaging is very simple and straightforward. I love the packaging of this one. Since the product is transparent, it fits well on the frosted plastic rectangular pump bottle. You can clearly see what is inside. The tube has blue, light blue, white and gray details/tags. However, it is not a travel-friendly size. I’m not sure if they have a smaller version.

There were two reasons why I decided to change almost my entire skincare routine. First, my skin feels drier than usual. Second, my aloe vera gel is expiring and I found out it has alcohol in it (Again, thanks Tiktok. Lol). Due to my sensitive skin, I don’t really like using alcohol products. My original plan was to buy a new humidifier. But as I continued to research, I became interested in CeraVe.

Cerave Cleanser For Dry Skin Review

My order arrived on July 12, 2020 and that evening I started using the CeraVe Regenerating Cleanser and the CeraVe PM Moisturizing Lotion. My skin reacted quickly after using the cleanser which is very unusual as I have never experienced this before. I’ll admit, I was a little scared. I had tried the Cosrx Salicylic Acid Cleanser before but my skin didn’t react to it. So after washing my face with the cleanser, I felt a tingling sensation, especially on my face, and my skin turned red, especially in my T-zone.

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By the second use, the tingling was gone, but my skin was still red. And after a few more washes, my T-zone, especially my nose, became red and small pimples started to break out. I find my nose to be the most problematic part of my face because I have black/whiteheads everywhere. This is the first time I’ve tried products with ceramides and other substances, so this is how my skin reacts. I continue to do this and use it twice a day.

The little pimples sometimes fester and break out, but they didn’t leave a pimple mark, which made me wonder how the hell that could happen. And since they don’t last long, I think it’s just part of my skin adjusting to the product. I also have acne from time to time but it heals easily.

After using it for a week and my skin settling down, I noticed that my skin is glowing and I no longer feel dry. The area around the nose looks a little lighter than usual. A week later I started using The Ordinary Niacinamide. I feel like it’s causing the rash right now and I’m thinking of stopping using it now. My experience was smooth for the first week using only the CeraVe products I purchased.

It’s been almost a month since I first started using this product. I still get the occasional breakout (probably from the TO Niacinamide or my hormonal imbalance or both) but this product helps the acne heal easily and leaves only a few marks, probably due to the salicylic acid.

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I think I can understand why dermatologists recommend ingredients like salicylic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and others. They really help a lot in improving the condition of the skin without causing any other damage. However, these ingredients can make or break you, so I recommend doing your research first before buying and using anything. Know your skin type, ingredients and know what your skin needs. The reaction or result will vary depending on the skin type.

I don’t regret trying it even though it is expensive here in the Philippines. It’s life changing. I bought mine for 1299 pesos. Prices in the US vary, but do not exceed $20. I think it’s especially worth it if you have acne/sensitive skin like me. This product has a lot of good ingredients to help with acne and I think it also helps make my skin glow. It also doesn’t dry out my skin after use. I went through a cleansing phase but my skin was only able to adjust within a week.

If you have acne-prone/sensitive skin and have the extra budget for skincare, I highly recommend it. If you have normal skin, you can try the moisturizing facial cleanser. For combination and oily skin, you can try the Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Cerave Cleanser For Dry Skin Review

I’m not sure if you can take vitamin C while using this product. Many dermatologists do not recommend taking vitamin C and niacinamide at the same time. And it contains niacinamide, right? Renowned for its simple but effective formulations, affordable prices, and (recently) buzzing offerings, CeraVe has quickly become one of the most talked about brands. I’ve been one of its biggest fans – religiously using the Hydrating and Foaming Face Wash as part of my routine and recommending the entire range of ceramide skin care products to friends and family (even my grandmother is a CeraVe convert). So when the brand announced its new Moisturizing Cream Foaming Cleanser ($18), which promises to offer double-cleansing benefits

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Bottle of cleanser, you can bet I was first in line to see if the all-in-one cleansing formula lived up to its claims.

CeraVe’s latest formula has all the benefits of double cleansing – moisturizing the skin, removing stubborn makeup while maintaining the skin’s protective barrier – in one simple step. It effectively acts as a hybrid of the brand’s classic moisturizing cleanser and foaming cleanser, thanks to its combination of ingredients and unique cream-foam formula. But according to New York-based dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, it’s very different from your average foaming cleanser.

“Foaming cleansers were designed to effectively remove oil, dirt and debris, and while they worked well for oilier skin types, sensitive or normal skin types didn’t tolerate them as well because they didn’t replace the essential moisturizing factors they removed.”. he said. “Typically, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) was used as a surfactant, which, while very effective at removing dirt, can also be very harsh and drying.” However, this new innovation is

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