Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business

Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a real buzz in today’s business world: everyone is talking about CRM, almost everyone knows that they can benefit greatly from it, but few know which solution best suits their business model.

It doesn’t matter if your company employs 10 people or more than 100 – CRM is a tool that can help you build closer relationships with your customers, provide professional customer service, sell more and grow your business.

Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business

Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business

When it comes to choosing a CRM, it should be available, it should be able to help you here; It doesn’t have to be difficult; It should be tailored to your unique business needs and accessible at all times.

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So if you’re one of the 72% who think investing in modern technology like CRM will lead to higher ROI and help grow your business, let me help you navigate these uncharted CRM waters. Find the CRM solution that best suits you.

But before we get into that, watch this short video that shows you why a cloud-based CRM is the best fit for your business.

Gone are the days when the word “CRM” conjures up an image of large and expensive software that requires an entire team of IT professionals to work solely on installing and maintaining the system.

Today’s CRM systems are not only more technologically advanced and user-friendly, but also come with a variety of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of all types of businesses – big or small. Like everything else in today’s IT world, modern CRM systems now offer new capabilities, flexible costs, and easy maintenance and implementation.

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In other words – things have changed. Even the word “software” has moved from its previous land-bound domain to the cloud. And your business is definitely in the cloud looking for its CRM solution.

IT cloud services in general have seen an impressive boom in recent times. International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that spending on cloud services will continue to grow in 2020, up 23% compared to 5 years ago.

And according to Flexera’s 2020 Cloud Report study, 61% of companies cited “shifting more workloads to the cloud” (second only to “optimizing existing cloud use”) as one of their top 2020 cloud initiatives.

Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business

So if you’re still not sure about the cloud, here are 8 reasons why a cloud-based CRM is something every company should seriously consider if they want to grow their business.

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The deep fear that CRM comes with a complicated installation process no longer applies. A modern cloud-based CRM is, in effect, “IT hassle-free” and you can work on it at any time (a business case is not required, but if you do, you can find one here). All you need is an internet connection. Then, you go online and use it. It is very simple.

You don’t need to pay for hardware, server and software. You don’t need to have a permanent IT person on site, you don’t need to worry about complex installations, data migration or updates – it’s all done for you remotely.

Imagine making an urgent but game-changing sales call or sending a revised sales proposal while you’re on the go, or quickly finding a contact phone number or email while you’re out of the office?

Cloud CRM gives you access to the system from anywhere – in the office or if you are working remotely – on the train, in a cafe, at home; And on any device – be it desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Again, all you need is an internet connection. You and your colleagues can access the centralized database at any time, even outside of business hours if necessary, which is particularly convenient for any modern business.

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Cloud CRM is always connected to a central database, giving you the flexibility and freedom to do what you want when you need to do it.

It couldn’t be easier than using Cloud CRM. First, you purchase a software package for a fixed monthly price. All you have to do is log in with the provided access codes and make sure you always have a fast enough internet connection and a device you like to work on. As for system management, it is provided by the vendor and comes with a wide range of self-service online services.

Another benefit is that this business-enhancing product definitely won’t break your bank. No business wants to buy large sums of money all at once, and usually doesn’t like small, regular installments.

Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business

In general, cloud CRM works on a pay-as-you-go subscription model that requires less upfront investment and, as a result, reduces risk. Also, there are no hidden costs such as purchasing additional hardware or licensing fees. What you pay for the Cloud CRM package is a monthly fee, which ranges from €37.

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As shown in the Forrester Research chart below, the most common reason businesses are wary of adopting a cloud solution, also known as software-as-a-service or (SAAS), is security concerns.

Ultimately, they are responsible for protecting the confidential information you trust.

It is not surprising that the level of information security in cloud service companies is much higher than that provided by the average local IT room. Cloud CRM providers also offer advanced automated backup procedures and clear data recovery plans in the event of a breach. However, individual users of cloud services can further improve data security by using two-step authentication and strong passwords.

No one should ever imagine that the system you rely on every day could fail, leaving you financially vulnerable.

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With cloud CRM, these situations almost never happen because every part is backed up in the cloud. That means each component, for example – a server, has multiple copies in the cloud. So, if something fails, it is immediately replaced and the system is not disrupted. In fact, a web-based CRM system keeps working 99.99% of the time – don’t you think that number is reliable enough for even the most glamorous businesses?

When adopting CRM systems, most businesses are likely to start with only the features that help their existing operations and fit their unique needs.

However, as your company grows, you may decide you need more capacity, new features, or more advanced modules. In this case, the cloud-based CRM can be instantly updated to meet your new needs. And you don’t have to wait for a new program to be written for this purpose. A bigger, better and more innovative CRM can be delivered immediately.

Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business

Stand-alone products have little chance of success in today’s IT world that demands ease of integration. Especially in today’s business environment, the exchange of information between already available technologies is paramount.

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Why would anyone invest in software that can’t open your documents, store your contacts, or integrate with the email system you use? Compatibility with other products and services is therefore critical to ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of CRM.

Cloud CRM can easily integrate with other applications or software such as Gmail and Office 365 products, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint (or even PowerPoint alternatives). It’s this flexibility that makes cloud-based CRM a more relevant option for your business.

Make sure the vendor offers a flexible cloud solution that can grow with you as your business grows and that the solution meets your needs in terms of functionality.

Now that you have this knowledge, you can find the cloud that will take you to greater heights in your business development.

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Cloud-based is a customer relationship management system that relies more on an Internet connection than software downloads, meaning it’s a cloud computing setup. Cloud-based customer relationship management is more popular than on-premises SaaS these days. It is easy to set up and learn to use and requires very little maintenance. When considering cloud-based instances, make sure the vendor performs regular fixes and updates.

Cloud Based Crm Systems For Small Business

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