Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

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Whether you’re collaborating on a website design, working on a video presentation to share with project stakeholders, or updating your go-to-market strategy, your team needs the right tools to do their best work.

Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

File sharing for teams is one of your most important collaboration tools. If you don’t have a reliable way to sync and share new files, you’re at risk.

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Files, sharing an old project file with a client, or wasting time on work already done (but saved elsewhere).

If you wanted to share files ten years ago, you would either have spent hours uploading them to multiple services, or exported them to a USB drive and circulated around the office. File sharing tools today are fast, affordable and powerful. So which one is right for your team’s needs?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best group file sharing tools and how to use them most effectively and efficiently.

The best file sharing tools don’t just give you an easy way to send files. They become an integral part of it.

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. While many file sharing services have one-time-only ways to send large files, we’re more concerned with cloud storage tools that keep your team in sync and your files safe.

Before we move on to the actual tools you want to use, let’s look at how we rated them.

Speed, storage and cost are definitely factors to consider when choosing a file sharing solution. However, while almost every company old and new offers some type of file sharing and cloud storage solution, you need to look beyond the basics.

Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

Instead, the best team file sharing tool should address how your team works and the specific needs of a modern company. In evaluating a list of file-sharing services, we wanted to make sure they hit the mark in a few key areas.

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Let’s start with the biggest. When you share sensitive files or important parts of a project, you need to know that these files are safe. We hear about massive data breaches from seemingly “secure” companies almost every day. And it’s the last thing you want your team added to this list.

The file sharing services we reviewed take security into account. They host locally, use their own servers, and follow cloud security best practices. For example, the new io cloud storage solution uses only dedicated on-premises cloud servers in Europe to provide the highest level of security.

Dedicated file sharing tools like this are more expensive, but they’re worth the peace of mind.

While security is our #1 concern, file sharing is all about “sharing”, right? This means you should have full control over who accesses your files, be able to share files with people outside of your company and access them from all your devices.

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In many scenarios, you want to keep some files private and others open and accessible to everyone. This means choosing a cloud storage solution with powerful roles and permissions that let you choose who can view and edit each file.

Access also includes people outside of your company. With io Storage, you can share files and folders that you can copy to your clipboard with someone inside or outside the company by clicking “Share Link” in the sidebar.

Folders. Any file sharing tool worth its weight will sync files in real time to make sure whoever is working on it has the right file.

Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

However, you may also want to be able to access older versions of files and know when (and by whom) things changed.

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Has anyone updated the copy in the client presentation? Want to take a look at the old design to see if it’s really better? Does an old version of your product have items that you want to prioritize over the new version?

Io file history tracks all changes to your shared files and lets you restore old versions if needed. That way, you can always revert to an older version if needed, even if someone else has changed an important file.

If for modern corporations collaboration stands on the side of religiosity, then organization is right down there. When processing large numbers of files, documents and projects at the same time, it’s important to keep your team organized.

The file sharing services we reviewed offer quick and easy ways to organize, search, and preview files. Instead of spending hours searching for the right file, you can find what you need and start working right away.

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For example, in io you can browse file folders as trees or photo albums as thumbnails and view each file online before downloading with one click.

You never know when you might need access to a file, and getting stuck on a file sharing tool that needs to be online can be a serious problem. All of the tools we reviewed solve this problem by offering mobile versions as well as offline access (and instant updates and syncs when you’re back online).

One of the most common ways teams waste time is to switch between different vehicles. In fact, research shows that even doing two tasks at the same time (like working on a project and then switching to downloading files from a separate tool) causes us to lose 20% of our productive time.

Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

The best file sharing tools are deeply integrated with the rest of your work environment so you can stay productive and focused. io isn’t just for file sharing. It is also a powerful project management tool used by some of the world’s largest companies.

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When you use io to manage your project and files, whether you’re working on Windows, Mac or Linux, everything is right where you need it and easily accessible.

Finally, you cannot enter life thinking that something will not go wrong. But when it comes to cloud storage and file sharing, you need to know that your service takes into account every possible doomsday scenario.

While uptime is optimal 99.99% of the time, errors can still occur and data can still be corrupted or accidentally deleted. For added security, your file sharing tool should mirror important data off-site so that nothing is lost, even in the worst-case scenario.

File sharing tools don’t just give you an easy way to send files. They become an integral part of your team. 7 best file sharing options for group collaboration

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Now that we know the criteria for the best file sharing tools, it’s time to take a look at the options available. Each of the file sharing tools below fulfills most (if not all) of the basic requirements for the modern team. However, this does not mean that they are all equal.

Some tools work better for larger groups or on different operating systems. And finding the perfect fit will ensure you don’t face any serious headaches down the road. So which one is correct?

In no particular order, let’s take a look at each and find out why you might want to choose it.

Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

We’ve mentioned io Storage a few times in this post (not just because it’s our latest product and we’re excited to talk about it!)

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When we started developing a file sharing and cloud storage tool for teams, we knew we were facing some serious competition. So instead of creating a tool for every team, we remembered a basic tip: If you build something for everyone, it won’t work for anyone.

Instead, we decided to focus on the core components we care about: speed, security, transparency and collaboration.

When you use io as your project management tool, you get access to powerful features that keep your team productive, such as quick task boards, backlogs, sprint tracking, issue tracking, Git and Subversion hosting, and even a customer support center. io Storage integrates with each of them to provide quick and easy access to any file your team needs, regardless of what they’re working on.

Next, security and transparency are essential elements of io. For file storage and sharing, we chose our own on European servers (for low latency and legal certainty). We also mirror all backups offsite to ensure full redundancy and protection.

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Finally, io Storage is designed for collaboration by providing full information about file history and changes made, simple ways to distribute files internally and externally, and roles and permissions to protect and control who has access to your files.

For teams that want peace of mind and comprehensive access to their files from project management tools, we believe io Storage is the best option available.

Would you like to try io yourself? Start your free 30-day trial and see how

Cloud File Sharing For Small Business

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