Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

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Trucking software provides a unified way to manage dispatch records, track your drivers, pay invoices and monitor Federal Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports. Trucking software can be used by a single owner/operator or a company that manages a group of drivers or carriers.

Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

The best trucking software can also help your trucking business become more profitable by tracking the maintenance your trucks need and finding ways to save on fuel costs through accurate mileage reports and expense records. Trucking software does not include back-office functions such as accounting, as some software developers focus their efforts on industry aspects such as fuel tax management and precise route management.

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Truck dispatch software (also known as logistics software for trucking companies) simplifies the routing and scheduling process for your drivers by tracking orders, trucks, trailers and drivers from one central location. The main purpose of the dispatch function in shipping software is to create a reliable way to dispatch employees and ensure that your customer’s orders are fulfilled on time.

Truckers in your base can track truck locations and see which drivers are available. This information is important to determine if your business is running on schedule. If your trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices, or if your truck drivers use tablets or mobile devices, movements can be tracked and messages sent from the office to drivers on the road.

The best dispatching capabilities in trucking software seamlessly integrate scheduling and dispatch to ensure your drivers make on-time deliveries, and make the most of their time when extra orders come up.

Interactive maps show you where your current and pending orders are located, allowing your office to determine the best route to fill a specific order.

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As mentioned earlier, mobile applications allow drivers to receive important messages on the road and easily track their location. This location tracking is useful for tracking the movement of drivers and determining if they are following the best route. This data is usually automatically entered into the shipping software, which minimizes human error during data entry.

The Travel List panel within EnVision shows all open shipping orders and what is waiting to be assigned to the truck/driver.

For owner operators, trucking software has fewer solutions at lower prices. That’s because owner-operators are anyone who runs their own trucking business.

Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Owner-operators own or lease their own trucks and perform the transportation themselves. Like any sole proprietor, they are ready to manage all aspects of their business, from closing deals, working through orders, and managing finances.

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A small fleet business that operates only one truck will have lower costs and less data to record and therefore require basic transportation software.

Independent operators are in charge of their own business and can pick and choose the loads and schedules they want. However, these freelancers need to make sure that they have all the legalities within the transportation program in order to work effectively, such as:

For-hire drivers usually do not have their own employers, and work under contract with specific trucking companies. These trucking companies secure the shipment and ship it directly to the driver, which can eliminate some of the work required of the driver. Because of this, the main features they want to look for in any shipping software are:

Trucking companies or owner-operators looking for a free solution to manage their business will be hard-pressed to find one built with drivers in mind. Many truck owners can try and get by using free software such as OpenOffice or plug-in programs such as Excel or Google Sheets. However, these programs require a lot of prior knowledge of spreadsheets if the goal is to use them as accounting, invoicing, or freight management solutions.

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TruckBytes provides complete accounting and truck management at no cost to the user. The solution was created as an alternative way of keeping records for independent users and proprietary operators. Basically, the solution tracks shipments, manages customers, and creates invoices among other functions. IFTA services are available for an annual fee of $15 / carrier / month.

Other than TruckBytes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a free option. However, most shipping solutions offer 30-day free trials of the software that you can download and try to see if it’s a better fit. There are also many low-cost options on the market, such as Truckn Pro from Fog Line Software, which starts at $79/time.

If your trucking business is large enough, you may want to consider a complete transportation management software (TMS). A TMS, also known as an ERP software, can improve the efficiency of your shipping company by tracking inbound/outbound shipments, optimizing routes, loading operations, cargo inspections, and more.

Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Once a trucking business exceeds a certain size, it may want to consider the additional benefits that come with a fully integrated transportation management solution. While there is no industry standard for when to consider a simple shipping solution or a fully integrated robust shipping software, there are a few things you should consider:

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A large fleet of trucks and the desire for a fully integrated system for complex operations means that a transportation ERP software can be the best.

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online are general accounting solutions designed for use in any industry. There is no shipping version of QuickBooks. However, many trucking companies have found success using QuickBooks as their primary accounting software when combined with industry-specific freight and route management solutions.

Many shipping software solutions claim to provide accounting functionality, but in reality they only provide basic invoicing. If you’re looking for a general ledger or accounts payable and receivable to better control your company’s finances, QuickBooks may be right for you. However, you have to put up with the industry neutral language and if you are not properly trained in the software, you may not understand how to properly record information about shipments, received orders and so on. Get better service. Send programs for your business. Compare product reviews and prices below. Read our buyer’s guide for more help.

Dispatching software is especially useful with scheduling and routing drivers to ensure they have as many jobs as possible efficiently. Advanced systems also include GPS tracking to provide greater insight into vehicle performance and driver behavior. Analyzing data from dispatch software can help businesses maintain fleets, reduce travel time, and reduce fuel costs.

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Web-based and mobile field service tools allow you to manage dispatch operations from anywhere. Dispatching features are useful for any size company that dispatches multiple technicians, drivers, and vehicles to customer locations. However, mid- to large-sized service companies often find that industry-specific options that include outsourcing are a better option than a stand-alone outsourcing program. These all-in-one options have more features designed to support everyday business needs. Some industry and application specific software solutions include:

Assign the work to the appropriate technician based on ability, availability and urgency; drag and drop functionality allows for instant editing. Use time tracking to track workers in the field.

Schedule technicians and drivers to specific locations, so travel time and fuel costs are reduced and response times are improved. Transfer last minute/urgent calls to the nearest staff member. Send directions and detour details in real time.

Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Track real-time locations of vehicles, drivers and field service technicians, as well as vehicle information such as speed, gas level and maintenance information.

Dispatch Software For Small Trucking Companies

Monitor parts inventory on service trucks to ensure each vehicle has the correct equipment and materials for the job.

The scheduling function in the dispatch software ensures that you only assign technicians or drivers who have work to do. You can also match technologies to specific jobs based on experience or certifications. Backing up multiple workstations at once or backing up drives twice for multiple locations will only cause problems. The program will notify you if the driver has too many or overlapping tasks, so you can make the necessary changes.

Cloud outsourcing software also helps optimize schedules based on job location. This allows technicians and drivers to complete more tasks at a faster pace. Drivers spend less time driving back and forth between regions and more time working.

The dispatcher software helps you optimize your route to reduce fuel costs and improve response time. The app takes into account the number of left turns, the number of stops required on a given route, and traffic conditions at certain times of the day to calculate the best route.

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Having well-optimized routes allows your drivers to complete more tasks on any given day. Drivers can spend less time on the road and more time on the road

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