Free Advertising For Real Estate Agents

Free Advertising For Real Estate Agents – Becoming a real estate agent is an expensive career. There are all the known expenses like your brokerage, office supplies, board dues, and then there are all the additional marketing expenses you may not have anticipated. How can you generate leads if you don’t have the marketing budget of other realtors? Well, it’s actually easier than you think. The best source of business for a new real estate agent on a budget is your area. You need to know how to stay ahead of your territory to start producing at high levels.

In this real estate agent training podcast, you’ll learn 5 free marketing ideas for new real estate agents.

Free Advertising For Real Estate Agents

Free Advertising For Real Estate Agents

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rave Real Estate School. A podcast with quick tips and actionable advice to help you sell more real estate in today’s world. Now your host is Michael Montgomery.

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[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rave Real Estate School. I’m your host, Michael Montgomery. Today we are talking about a very interesting topic and one that comes up often is how do you market and start building your real estate business if you have no money.

[00:00:27] We know it’s an expensive industry. No small expenses. We’re talking about brokerage costs, board costs, but we’re also talking about marketing costs here and there. Looking at ads and looking at their flyers. Billboard, looking at all this and thinking you know if I had that kind of budget, I’m sure I could do that kind of business. Here’s the thing, because we’re at different stages in our real estate career, if we’re just starting out, if we’re less than five years to less than 10 years, we can’t have that kind of budget. And that’s totally fine! Of course, it comes with a different business model and different challenges. One of the best things about being a new real estate agent or growing real estate agent is that you get to build your business your own way and do the things you love to do. The business you are building. Also

[00:01:29] So what’s the point here? We’re talking about how you can market yourself when you don’t have a budget to spend. So if you’re familiar with the book Millionaire Real Estate Agent, you’re probably familiar with 8×8, 33 Touch Plans and 12 Direct if you’re not. We’ll link to our episode in the show notes. You will find where you can break our 8×8 and our 33 touch plan. But the big comparison I want to make here is between these two plans. So the 8×8 touch plan focuses mostly on the people you already know and the 33 touch plan is the people you know are the people in your database and what they say in the book is the twelve people in your database. One of the people leads the way. For referral or repeat transaction. So people you know are people from past customers in your area who may be people you know.

[00:02:26] Next up is 12 direct. And this is the plan of people you don’t know. So if you don’t know these people who can farm, it could be any open house. These are people you don’t know so you can see the difference there.

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[00:02:39] There are two different types of plans. There are 33 Touch and 8×8 plans and 12 Direct plans. Now one in 50 people transacts for 12 siddhas. And that’s an average, and that’s over a period of time, so if you start geofarming today, if you start targeting 50 houses, chances are one of them will be transacted next year. But maybe if you are honest. ‘Did that, they don’t think it’s going to take much home and it takes longer than usual with Geo Farming we say before you see a transaction. Be prepared to commit about a year’s time and budget. . But over time, it can change to one in 50.

[00:03:19] Why all this? The main reason for this is that these works cost money. And if you’re just starting out in real estate or you’re growing in real estate and you don’t have a year’s worth of marketing budget ready to spend doing business this way, it can be somewhat of a challenge. Be pessimistic and you could slash your tires. It’s a commitment and these things require commitment. If you’re new and you’re growing, we should look more at eight to eight in the thirty-three touch. So we need to look at people who we already know is the most cost-effective way for you to build your business. When you’re trying to go the 12 direct route or building your business from people you don’t know, you don’t have to worry about the same price.

[00:04:00] So, you really need to focus on the people you know to run your business. Now again I’m not saying you shouldn’t focus on geo farming and you shouldn’t focus on online leads. I would definitely say no if you are working with a limited budget, but there are other ways to make great real estate businesses and less expensive ways. We’re going to go over five different ways you can get a real estate business without spending a dime. Let’s jump in.

Free Advertising For Real Estate Agents

[00:04:30] First from social media. So social media is great for online advertising but another thing about social media is that all your friends your family members are more in your area Instagram Facebook and social media channels that you use. These channels are free and you should use it as it is free marketing for your area every day. But, what does it look like? Well, what I recommend is that we at least come here. So I recommend at least one post today and at least three stories a day so Facebook stories, Instagram stories, whatever you want to use, I recommend using Instagram stories and thank you for your post. Use Instagram and Facebook if you want, you can also link stories from Instagram to Facebook which is very beneficial. However, this is a free way to get in front of your area, and it’s especially worth doing if you’re not working with a large marketing budget. You can make great business from your niche by using social media.

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[00:05:26] Number two is the annual real estate appraisal. I’ll also link to this episode in the show notes where we talked about annual real estate appraisals. They are an excellent source of business. All you have to do is reach out to family friends you know in your area and see if they’d like a free annual real estate appraisal, even if they’ve used a previous agent in the past. It’s that simple, and often the only obstacle there is yourself, and you shouldn’t be asking if you can do it for them. They almost always say yes. So the only thing standing between you and your success using this technique is your mindset that says you don’t want it because you don’t think they want it. They certainly do. Plus, it’s free. At the very least, I recommend at least two of these per week.

[00:06:17] Third and we talked about this before building your B2B relationships or building relationships with other business owners in your community. It’s very powerful and easy if you want a great little hack to reach out to them visiting their business, connecting with them on social and making sure you leave them good reviews online. Business owners remember people who give them good reviews if you have another business associated with them.

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