How To Choose The Best Pillow For You

How To Choose The Best Pillow For You – Both are frequently asked questions in our store and online. Most of the time it is because people have neck, head and back pain or even when they wake up tired. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right pillow for you.

Like a mattress, a good pillow is the first step to a good night’s sleep. If you wake up with neck or shoulder pain, it may be time to change your pillow.

How To Choose The Best Pillow For You

How To Choose The Best Pillow For You

To rest properly, your head, neck and back should be aligned. The idea is that the pillow contributes to the correct posture of the back, so that the muscles are relaxed and you are in a good position to breathe properly. Of course, it is also important to choose the right mattress, considering the weight, the space of the bedroom and the temperature.

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A tip to get the most out of it: in our store, try to test the pillow using your usual sleeping position: make sure that your head, neck and back fit perfectly.

If you sleep on a pillow that is too thick or too thin, the vertebrae of the neck can not assume a normal position. If this is repeated night after night, it can cause itching.

There are hypoallergenic pillows for people with asthma, bronchitis or allergies, and there are special pillows for people with a stiff back and/or neck. Neck pillows have a unique shape and are more suitable than traditional ones for the anatomy of the neck.

It is important to change your pillow every 2-3 years, because after this time they start to lose their original properties.

Best Pillows For Neck Pain

Fiber pillows are breathable, cool and soft. They also have a strong ability to return to their original form. Fiber pillows allow air to move forward, making them more breathable. It is completely washable and is usually hypoallergenic and suitable for people who sleep on their side, back or if you change your position a lot. An example is the Contak pillow.

Memory foam pillows have excellent flexibility and warmth. Memory foam pillows are often recommended for people with neck or back problems. These pillows adapt perfectly to the shape of the head, provide great support and comfort.

Latex pillows are breathable and anti-allergic. Its shape is flexible and comfortable and has the ability to return to its original shape for maximum relaxation and comfort. The open cell structure provides high ventilation, cleanliness and durability. It can be synthetic, of natural origin or a mixture of both. This type of pillow provides good head support, especially for side sleepers or tall people. Latex supports movement and is suitable for those with dust mite allergies.

How To Choose The Best Pillow For You

They are especially recommended for those who sleep on their backs or change their positions frequently. The high-quality feather material provides exceptional flexibility, comfort and durability, as well as a perfect fit for any resting place. Feather pillows are easy, but quickly return to the starting point. The Mash Duvet Cover is a good example.

Pillow Buying Guide

Once you have chosen, you must take care of your pillow because it will extend its useful life, which can reach 5 years. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Before choosing your pillow, carefully read the product description to find out their benefits and whether they are right for you.

Two of our most popular pillows are the Mash Duvet Cover Pillow and. Pillow Mash Anti Mites.

The Mash Duvet pillow is a pillow model with excellent adaptability, excellent thermoregulation due to the filling according to the quality of the down and feathers and the degree of firmness and the medium height, ideal for sleeping on the stomach.

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Mash Duvet pillow top has 70% cotton filling, thus providing maximum warmth and comfort characteristics.

Mash Anti-Mite Double Cover Pillow is especially suitable for allergy sufferers – it is formulated for people who are sensitive to dust, bacteria and fungi. It is best to sleep on your side or back

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How To Choose The Best Pillow For You

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The information entered here will be sent directly to the recipient. It is not stored in this site’s database. Read more in our Privacy Policy Every night we spend at least eight hours hugging our pillow, so choosing the right one is very important. But how do we know that we have made the right choice to sleep well and comfortably? A pillow is one of the most important parts of sleep. It keeps and supports your neck properly. That’s why choosing the right type of pillow for you and your preferences is important. The wrong pillow for you can make your sleep less efficient and your posture uncomfortable. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the best pillow for you, according to sleep experts, so you can enjoy the deepest, sweetest sleep of your life!

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You should choose your pillow according to the position where you normally sleep. If it’s mostly on your side, it’s best to get a longer pillow. If you sleep on your back or stomach – then, accordingly, one down. For people who constantly change their positions, it is better to choose something in the middle or to sleep with one pillow at a time: medium and small. If necessary, you can always remove the bottom or, alternatively, put it under the main pillow. Usually, the size of the pillow is 50 cm × 70 cm. Some choose a large pillow, 70 × 70 cm, but the first one is also enough for a good night’s sleep.

Usually, the size of the pillow is 50 × 70 cm, but you can find larger sizes.

The best pillowcases are natural, like cotton or silk. The density of the fabric is also important because the fabrics are not durable. The best feather pillows come in tea towels – they have a thick fabric that prevents feathers from getting in. Also, the full furniture facilitates the full height, which has a positive effect on the quality of the bedroom. It is also important to pay attention to the quality of the embroidery. Curved lines and uneven stitching really show the quality of the industry. High-end fabrics usually have two outer layers around the perimeter or inside with a decorative border sewn between the two layers. This technique makes the stitch stronger and more durable.

How To Choose The Best Pillow For You

Down pillows usually contain a mixture of down and bird feathers. When buying such a pillow, you should pay attention to the percentage of fluff and feathers, because comfort depends on this factor. The bottom is responsible for “breathing” and softening the pillow. The high quality down pillow retains heat well and quickly recovers its shape. If you are buying a down and feather pillow, check whether the down is natural or synthetic. You can also get a pillow filled with the most common material – a silk pillow. They have fiber inside. Their plus point is longevity.

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The quality of the pillow is also determined by its softness. To test, simply press the pillow with your hand. A high-quality pillow restores its original shape in 3-5 seconds. If this does not happen or the pillow heals slowly, it is most likely under-filled or over-filled.

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