How To Find Clients As A Real Estate Agent

How To Find Clients As A Real Estate Agent – It doesn’t matter if you are a new real estate agent or a seasoned real estate agent, everyone will get to that point when they say, “SOS, I need a deal now.” In the real estate sector, the sales cycle is usually 90 days. So the search and action you take now will pay off in 90 days. This sales cycle is one of the biggest challenges for new real estate agents, especially if you are familiar with fast sales cycles. SOS, I’m all about needing to sell a house fast. At this point, we are still aware of the 90-day cycle, but the approach is much more direct and time-bound.

Some of these sales techniques are not for the faint of heart, so you need to be prepared to put in the work, but that’s the beauty of this approach: you get to close the deal quickly, but you also get people into your 90 day funnel cycle!

How To Find Clients As A Real Estate Agent

How To Find Clients As A Real Estate Agent

These are important questions a realtor can ask at any time, but they’re especially important when you’re in SOS mode. The first question is a low-key way of asking for help, and the second question is a pattern-breaking question.

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Pattern-breaking questions are questions that challenge another level of thinking. When asking these questions, a person should think for a moment because this is not a standard question. You also use this question to help the person understand what you are looking for.

When considering these ideas, remember to ask these two basic questions when meeting people.

· Get ​​out of the house! You need to get out of the house right now and go talk to 10-20 people about real estate. Go to a networking event tonight. Join a club or sports team. You have to get out of the house and talk to people constantly.

· Contact previous clients and their sphere of influence at least 5 per day. (Ask the previous 2 questions)

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· Contact the owners about the sale because they announce that they want to sell. Don’t shove them down the list; instead, ask them if there is any way you can help them.

· Knock on 100 doors and ask if they would like to be notified of sales in their area. It doesn’t matter if they say yes or no, ask them the 2 questions above.

· Knock on 100’s of doors around the sold listing (your brokerage listing). Let them know what their neighbor sold and ask if they want a market estimate.

How To Find Clients As A Real Estate Agent

· Run a “Primary Ad” on Facebook NOW – Offer a valuable item (Example: real estate price book, <$350,000 real estate listing in XYZ)

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· Send an email to your database asking if they know anyone who would like to buy or sell. Know someone who needs real estate?

· Ask EVERYONE you meet EVERY DAY if they know ANYONE looking for real estate advice. Real estate, very simple!

· Contact professionals in your area, such as: financial planners, CPAs, bankers, lenders, etc. Ask them for referral business.

· On BLITZ search day, sit in a room, eat lunch and call for 8 hours straight 2 times a month.

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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Rev. Real Estate School. A podcast with quick and actionable tips to help you sell more real estate in today’s world. And now your host, Michael Montgomery.

[00:00:11] Hello and welcome back to Rev Real Estate School. My name is Michael Montgomery. I’m your host and today we’re doing something a little different. We’re making a short episode if you need a deal A.S.A.P. It’s called an S.O.S. I need a contract.

[00:00:28] It’s about closing the deal as soon as possible. It’s not necessarily about long-term strategies, long-term strategies are very important. If you follow our content, you know we’re very focused on building relationships, building your database and maintaining those relationships over time, you’ll see in these quick SOS strategies that there’s an element of caring. from your database. But there’s also an element of direct questions, and often in our training we talk more about how we can build relationships. Therefore, we are the natural choice when it comes time for someone to buy or sell real estate in this episode. It’s still important, but we also need to go a little further. When we are at this stage, when we are in S.O.S. The time has come when we definitely asked for the business to be a little closer than we might have been in the past.

How To Find Clients As A Real Estate Agent

[00:01:34] One of the first things you’ll notice is that it all comes down to one question. So the question is not, “Do you know someone who needs or wants to buy or sell real estate?” This is a common question. I choose not to use it in that sense because I think it’s too strong and people hear it all the time and I don’t necessarily want to be that agent. So, I use these words: Do you know someone who might need some real estate advice in the next year or more? So that’s the question, and I come back to it again and again in this episode. “Know someone who might need real estate advice in the next year or so?” Let’s move on to strategies.

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[00:02:14] Number one is in S.O.S mode. You need to get out of the house, you need to talk to 10-20 people about real estate right now, you need to go to a networking event, you need to join a club, a sports team, you need to do whatever you can to Get out of the house and start talking with people.

[00:02:32] Volunteer number two this week. Find an organization and volunteer with them this week. Things always happen, there are always opportunities. This is due to the fact that you need to get out of the house and volunteer this week.

[00:02:47] Number three is getting in touch with your past clients and your sphere of influence. You should call everyone on this list and ask this question. Ask if they know anyone who might need real estate advice in the next year or so. Now this might sound a little more advanced than some of the previous things we’ve talked about, and it is, but also, when you’re in S.O.S mode, you’re going to have to do what you have to do.

[00:03:13] Number four, you need to contact the owners for sale, and instead of asking them if you can get their listing, if you can list their property, you need to help them sell the property. Now this sounds very strange and counterintuitive, but when you help sell it for the owner, they sell their home and get on the first mover list. When it comes to selling by owner, that’s an episode in itself, but instead of going in with the intent of “Hey, I can list your house,” go in with the intent of “how can I help you sell your home.”

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[00:03:44] Then knock on 100 doors. Ask them if they want to receive information about sales in their area, whether they say yes or no. Ask them if they know anyone who will need real estate advice in the coming year. Again, our strategy and door chat is usually about providing news to the market about what’s going on in the community. So it’s a little bit different because you’re going to ask them directly if they know anyone who needs real estate advice, and you know that’s going to be a pretty big rejection, but that’s okay because you are in S.O.S mode. So you’re ready to be determined and rejection is just part of the game.

[00:04:20] Then you’re going to knock on 100 doors around the sales list from your brokerage or office. You’ll let the neighbors know it’s sold and ask them if they’d like a market appraisal afterwards if you have the budget.

[00:04:32] You’re going to run two ads on Facebook, you can skip this one if you’re on S.O.S because you’re on a tight budget, but you can run Facebook ads and just ask people when they want know your home, estimate the value of your home This is a very simple ad that is used all the time because it works. Also run custom audience ads, run them on your chosen database. If you called them all and asked if they knew anyone who could use real estate advice this year or in the near future, then

How To Find Clients As A Real Estate Agent

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