How To Know When God Is Talking To You

How To Know When God Is Talking To You – I’m not sure if it’s you or God? Use these four easy ways to know if you’re hearing God’s voice, and enjoy the conversation!

Sometimes our lives feel like constant noise – voices from all sides – affecting the way we think and feel. But, in the midst of life, there is one voice that we need to hear – the voice of God.

How To Know When God Is Talking To You

How To Know When God Is Talking To You

When you’re looking for an answer to a life challenge, have you ever wondered if you’re hearing God’s voice, or if it’s just your own voice? Maybe you’re hoping to hear from him, but you don’t want to get it wrong and make a bad move. Do you need to hear from him today about your finances, children, marriage or health?

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Good news – God speaks to you all the time. Indeed, A.W. Tozer said, “Speaking is God’s nature.” He wants to be with you, and He wants you to listen to Him all the time.

God promised that His children would be led by His Spirit and that they would be able to know His voice. This means that you can learn exactly what the Spirit of God is telling you about each situation. You don’t have to go through life making blind decisions or relying on your own abilities.

When you learn to hear God’s voice, it will not be an occasional event but a daily part of life. This is why, in the New Testament, Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear,” 15 different times.

If you want to be confident in your relationship with God, here are four ways to know if you are hearing God’s voice:

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1. Test Your Acceptance “And you will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13 (NKJV)

Have you ever tried watching TV or listening to the radio without turning it on? Of course not! You already know that if you don’t turn on the receiver, you won’t hear anything. When you turn them on, you expect to hear something completely different!

So how do you check your spiritual recipient? The only way to know if your spiritual recipient is to answer this question:

How To Know When God Is Talking To You

But, here is a very important truth: even if you don’t feel that God speaks to you – He does. In fact, he is talking to you right now. But, if you don’t expect to hear from him, you haven’t even answered the recipient!

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Now, let’s be clear – he’s not going to yell, scream and demand that you pay attention. He always speaks to you, but He speaks with a “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12, NKJV)

So to listen to it, you must listen and listen carefully. Another way to explain is the way we hear God’s voice

God does not communicate with us the way we communicate with each other. He communicates from his spirit to your spirit, and then your spirit tells what you hear in your mind. This is what we bear witness to. It is very similar to an idea or a gesture. It is very delicate and requires closeness to God and regular practice to hear it faster and more clearly.

This is because the more time you spend with the Lord and the more you practice singing in His voice, the more it will become His voice that “sounds strangely” (Job 37:5,

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Believe and know that you are hearing the voice of God who is with him (1 Corinthians 6:17, NIV)

Meaning “bound,” or “in union.” It does not apply to anyone who does not live for God. He relates to everyone who seeks Him, spends time in fellowship with Him through prayer, and obeys the commands in His Word.

The one who expects to hear from him, and is ready to know his voice, is a receiver who is safe and ready to listen to the voice of God.

How To Know When God Is Talking To You

There was a time when you had to work to tune into a radio or television program. You should find the right frequency. You never asked if it was being broadcast – you knew it was – but you had to do your part to find the frequency and tune.

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We often miss its frequency because we are ready to hear a greater revelation; When, in fact, he is giving simple instructions. This is what He will do when you first begin to hear from Him—and He will continue to do this for the rest of your life on earth. Obedience in simple things is very important to God – it shows the willingness of your heart.

So, if you are waiting for God to send you to part of the Red Sea, you may be missing what He is telling you right now – clean your pulse or stop watching some television program. Or spend more time with him. for children. He will talk to you about the little things in your life that you need to change—adjustments that you need to make. He will begin to deal with you where you are, which often means helping you walk for God by getting rid of the things that are holding you back.

God wants freedom and independence for our lives, and it begins with training. He teaches us how to lead the Spirit. But, if we do not follow these suggestions in small things, we will not progress to big things. Sometimes, the little things he asks of us may seem insignificant, or may involve giving up things we think we enjoy. But to reach the level of intimacy with God where we hear His voice and are sent to new places in the spirit, obedience must be an indispensable thing in our lives.

This is why Matthew 18 tells us to be like little children – which means not being high-minded and thinking we know everything. To find God’s frequency, you must be willing to hear His voice in the little things.

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If your husband or best friend calls you on the phone, do you know what it is before you hear it? You probably do! but how? Because you’ve spent a lot of time with them, you know the tone of their voice and the way they say things – it’s easy to recognize.

If you want to get to a place where you don’t have to wonder who you’re listening to – me, Satan or God – you need to spend time with the Lord. a lot of time But, if you keep your mind and heart filled with the things of this world, it will be difficult for you to distinguish between God’s Spirit and your own thoughts. This is the definition of a carnal mind – one that has not been renewed by the Word of God.

The more time you spend with him, the more likely you are to hear God’s voice. It’s not just time to talk to him, though. We learn His voice when we hear His voice. This is the reason in Matthew 17:5

How To Know When God Is Talking To You

4. Apply it – The Bible “All Scripture is inspired by God.” -2 Timothy 3:16 ›

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One sure way to know if you are hearing God’s voice is to compare what you hear with God’s Word. God will never tell you not to do, think or say anything against His Word. If you have an idea and you don’t know if it is God or not – you can look it up in the Bible and solve it immediately.

The Spirit of God will tell you to do only those things that will give you a more fulfilling life. Every change he tells you to make is designed to bring blessing into your life and give you grace. Therefore, He is not going to tell you to refuse to forgive someone or spend money, or anything else that is not in accordance with His Word.

God always agrees with His written Word, and His Word always agrees with Him. Indeed, Psalm 138:2

He who says that he has exalted his word above his name. This means that God puts His name on His written word just as we put our name on the bottom of a contract. He gave us His word as a covenant and signed it in the name of Jesus, through the blood of Jesus. Since God cannot lie, there is no way He would do or say anything contrary to His Word. He himself is completely connected to it forever.

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God trains us to recognize His voice through His written Word. He uses it to tune our spiritual ears to what is real so that we can easily recognize the fake.

When you are trained to hear God’s voice in His Word, the devil will not deceive you. When he tries to blind you with some religious voice, “I love you, son. But it’s not my will to heal you right now,” you’re not going to buy it. You’re going to stand up and say, “That’s God.” There’s no sound. It’s just that

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