How To Promote Google My Business Listing

How To Promote Google My Business Listing – Every business these days needs to appear on Google. Most businesses know it’s important to optimize their website and Google Ads, but what many people don’t know is that there’s a third part that needs to be optimized: Google Business Listings. Officially called your Business Profile, this powerful listing is a dynamic snapshot of your business that showcases your best features and allows potential customers to quickly find, learn about, and engage with them in the SERPs. The best part? It’s free.

However, despite 167 billion Google searches per month, a BrightLocal study showed that the average job was viewed 1,260 times during that time (that’s 0.00000075%!). What’s more, only 59 out of 1,260 times can be executed. That’s less than 5%.

How To Promote Google My Business Listing

How To Promote Google My Business Listing

The problem isn’t the Google My Business site; It is not enough for businesses to take full advantage of their useful features. That’s why we wrote this guide. Here are 13 improvement strategies to share:

How To Optimize Google My Business And Leverage It For More Sales

With this optimization, you can turn your business profile into the best free customer acquisition tool you’ll ever know. Let’s go in.

Note: The popular term “Google Business Listing” is officially recognized by Google as your business profile, so we will use “Business Profile” in this post.

Before we dive into the tactics, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what an optimized business logo looks like and why you need one. To help you visualize what you’re trying to do and why, let’s look at the Incomplete Google Business Profile versus the Incomplete Google Business Profile.

Carl’s Google Business Profile is a short box here, but Ernie’s schedule will show more when you visit. This table does not cover all the features of an optimized Google Business Profile, but it shows how attractive and attractive an optimized profile can be.

The Ultimate Guide To Google My Business

The comparison above shows that an optimized business profile on Google helps customers choose your business over your competitors, but there are other benefits to improving your business profile for local marketing.

Customers log in and out of Google without visiting another website. What is the reason? Because the information on search results pages completely answers their questions, they become “search zero.” Since you’re dealing with more customers through your Google Business Profile than your website, you’ll want to optimize that profile for quality engagement and conversions.

Google’s algorithm for ranking Business Profiles takes into account not only proximity and relevance, but also performance and quality of information. Optimizing your Google business data sends these signals to Google to help you improve local results. As you know, a higher ranking means more visibility and engagement for your business.

How To Promote Google My Business Listing

Optimizing your business profile can help your business rank higher in Google Maps and similar Google search results.

How Google My Business Works

Google Business data alone doesn’t offer much to gain customers. They know where you are and can read your reviews—if they can search for your business name first (creative business name ideas here!). But with the improved workflow in your Google My Business account, customers can find you by searching for keywords, call you, visit your website, search for your products and services, view/contribute questions, ask for comments, bookmark they can hold, write in a book go ahead. and others. You can also track clicks on your website, bookmark or menu links using UTM and Google Analytics.

Now that you’ve seen that optimizing your Google Business Profile is the key to getting in local search, standing out from the competition, and winning customers online, it’s time to get to work on doing that. Here are 13 ways to turn your Google Business Profile into a 24/7 marketing and leadership tool for your local business.

First, it’s important to note here that your Google Business Profile is a separate section of your Google My Business account. The latter is used to access and enhance the former. This means you must have a Google My Business account to perform the adjustments described in this guide, and then tell Google to link your Google Business Profile. To create an account, go to and sign in with the regular Google/Gmail account you use for your business (as opposed to your personal Gmail, if you have one).

A comprehensive Google Business Pages not only helps Google rank you in local search results, but also increases the number of steps customers take when they find your brand. There is a lot of information to offer, so here are some guidelines to prioritize.

Expand Your Business By Optimizing Google Business Listing

The first thing to note is that the short description that appears in your job title on your job profile is not yours. This is a summary of Google’s edits to ensure device consistency.

Bummer, I know. But the good news is that Google does a great job of generating reviews.

The description you manage is the “start business” section of your Google My Business account. This section often appears at the bottom of pages in the comments section.

How To Promote Google My Business Listing

Google offers specific categories, so it’s important to choose the right ones. How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile Using Components:

How To Promote Your Online Store With Google Places Tools

Also, keep in mind that if you change or add more to your category listing, Google may be asked to review your business. This is just to ensure the accuracy of all devices.

As we just mentioned, when you select a category, Google will provide you with a list of attributes that you can check to further describe your business. Features are specific features that customers are looking for, such as “on-site gift shop” or “free wi-fi.”

The guidelines are not specific to the Google My Business site (there are also review sites like Yelp). But Google’s features can be pretty fancy, like “good for working on a laptop” or “popular with travelers.” Check out the feature list to see what I mean.

Uploading your business profile pictures to the Google My Business dashboard is important for three reasons:

Add Your Business To Google Maps

This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and add a hundred photos to your profile at once. Follow these guidelines to use images to improve your Google Business Profile:

Google will generate a unique image from the business logo and display it automatically in the local results if it matches the search term.

If you had a list of businesses with search results like the one below, which would you choose? The four attractive yellow stars, or one of the two bottomless ones?

How To Promote Google My Business Listing

Google knows that reviews are the #1 influencer of customer purchases, so it’s a key factor in their algorithm. You can also see for yourself how reviews affect your rating. The first three results that appear in a Google search (called the “3-local 3-pack”) have many reviews and a strong star rating:

Google My Business

Additionally, Google may display your Business Profile in search results if there are any comments that contain your keywords.

For a deeper understanding of this optimization strategy, check out this post on how to get more reviews on Google.

As with any social media site, you can post about announcements, offers, events, and products on your Google Business pages. Google Posts are created in the Google My Business dashboard and are displayed in the Updates section under Your Business Profile. However, they can be popular based on research criteria.

Have you noticed that Amazon has a question and answer section in addition to product descriptions and customer reviews? Google offers a similar feature with Google Business Pages.

Beginner’s Guide To Google Business Profiles: What Are They, How To Use Them, And Why

The answers to these questions can be the motivation of the customer who decided to choose your business. However, this part is especially important for optimization because not only can anyone ask you a question about your business’s Google profile, but anyone can answer it. This can lead to incorrect information on your site, or worse, something like the Q&A on this pizza restaurant’s website:

You can’t disable the Q&A feature on your business profile, but there are ways to improve it:

By monitoring and creating a Q&A section, you can ensure accurate information, showcase your best features, and reduce overall barriers to entry.

How To Promote Google My Business Listing

Note: Google has currently disabled the Q&A section of most business profiles in response to COVID-19, so you may not see this option temporarily. For more help with Google My Business regarding COVID-19, dbaPlatform has some great tips.

Local Seo Workflows To Better Manage Your Google My Business Listing

It is especially useful to include products and services if your products are not specified in your business title. Adding this section adds information about your profile that can help you optimize for important searches.

When adding products and services, include the name, description, and price (if applicable). Complete

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