How To Use Nikon Capture Nx D

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How To Use Nikon Capture Nx D

How To Use Nikon Capture Nx D

When you buy an expensive camera, you also need a powerful computer and some post-processing software It all adds up to meaning But in fact, Nikon gives you free image viewing software, VuNX-i, and free post-processing software, Capture NX-D. However, while Capture NX-D may not be considered the most sophisticated by professionals, this application has a reputation for being one of the best, best performing RAW converters. And with Capture NX-D you can process an image in less than a minute Let’s see if it is enough for your needs

Unable To Install Nikon Viewnx I & Ca…

In my day job as a semi pro I mainly shoot cars, portraits and cityscapes. I try to be as complete as possible in camera photos So, I need a good RAW-converter and a fast processing tool I rely entirely on the Capture NX-D for my post processing work

Our test figure is the VW Polo R5 rally car, a formidable weapon in the exact category of WRC rally cars You’ll definitely want to use one of your shots in the process below Like any other picture I’ve taken, it was shot in RAW to enable the highest image quality and most editing options. If you shoot jpegs, you lose a lot of editing options

In ViewNX-i: Initially, I view all images in ViewNX-i I can easily check image data in this application This photo was taken with a Nikon D850 and NIKKOR VR 200-500mm f/5.6E at 500mm, focus mode AF-C at f/8, ISO auto (ISO 360) in manual mode.

I now right click on the image and open it in Capture NX-D (you can browse and open images in NX-D).

Nikon Capture Nx D Review

On the Capture NX-D: The three icons in the top right corner of the screen are the exposure, white balance and picture controls.

Active de-lighting was set to Auto, but I chose High because the front of the car was a little dark.

After that, click on the White Balance icon The WB was natural light auto, but since the car was in sunlight I chose direct sunlight (no difference, the camera is not accurate).

How To Use Nikon Capture Nx D

After that, click on the Picture Control icon The picture is taken with (SD) standard But we still need more color, so I chose Picture Control (VI) Vivid (in real life I adjust all of these in-camera before shooting, but this is a test). You can increase the sharpness and saturation if you want

Review: Ein Erster Eindruck Von Nikon’s Brandneuem Raw Konverter Capture Nx D

I use the tools in the center of the screen to crop and straighten To add a little drama I moved the car a little to the left and I cropped a little I did that

The rally is held on closed public roads Participants start one minute in each car Cars are divided into categories based on engine size and degree of tuning Pictured is Denmark’s fastest rally crew Christian Poulsen and Ole Frederiksen in a VW Polo R5.

The drawing was completed in less than a minute The original, of course, measures 8256 x 5520 pixels, the cropped version is 6285 x 4190 pixels, still easily enough to create a 1 x 1.5 meter print (40 x 60 inches).

The ViewNX-i/Capture NX-D combo, although free, certainly has many features tested here, such as batch processing or loading XMP/IPTC presets, which are useful when you upload images to professional image sharing sites. Where media can buy and download your photos

Nikon To Release Official Version Of Capture Nx D Software For Free Download This Month

Conclusion: While I would never claim that Capture NX-D can meet the needs of every pro or enthusiast, I’m just suggesting that this free application can handle your daily processing tasks and read your money. Otherwise applications incur expensive processing costs

If you have an interesting idea for a guest post, you can contact me here See photos of the author’s car here:

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How To Use Nikon Capture Nx D

If you are a Nikon fan, you must have heard of Capture-NX It was software to get the most out of Nikon’s cameras and was developed by Nik Software, which was later acquired by Google. The most controversial thing about Capture NX is that it’s not free You have to pay for it Some people still swear by it, but personally I don’t think it’s worth the money, especially if you already have a Legroom or Aperture.

Nikon Capture Nx D: Control Points Are Back!

Well, since Nick was bought by Google, people are wondering what will happen with NX Capture. Well, yesterday Nikon announced the beta of the next version of the Capture NX-D

The big change is that this version will be free I played with it for a while yesterday and I have to say it’s a good job they’re giving it away for free While it does a good job of keeping Nikon’s colors, and recognizes all the Nikon-specific options you’ve set on the camera when you take an image, there’s not much to it. I understand that they have to have their own raw converter, but with the Vue NX they have, and other options, a company the size of Nikon should have contracted a company or done something better. , especially given that the current Capture NX is held in fairly high regard

Don’t get me wrong, it works and it works, but the interface is really clunky and slow. This is something from 5 years ago The application appears to have been designed by engineers without consulting the photographer I don’t want to trash it, because it renders the image, at least tonally, and has really good off-axis chromatic aberration correction, but no different than what a legroom (or any other modern raw converter) would do. It’s great that there’s now a free option for Nikon users who don’t want to buy LiGroom or other software, but I think that’s the only market. It certainly looks like a serious downgrade from the Capture NX2 The older Capture NX was respected and had some great equipment, especially because it used Nick’s U-Point technology. Unfortunately this all seems to be going on in the new version (unless I’m going crazy, which is possible!). I don’t think it’s fair to consider a piece of software in beta, and like I said, it does what it says on the tin, but it could be more.

Speaking of Nikon, here’s a nice shot I got the other day with my D700 and one of the older, but still really good Nikon macro lenses I got. It was one of the first autofocus Nikon macro lenses and is somewhat sharp, though with some noticeable color fringing. Anyway, I was walking through a local park and saw the cherry blossoms starting to bloom, so I took some macro shots. Here is my favorite

Nikon Nx Studio Review: A Good Start That Will Get Better

I am a fine art photographer and do not shoot professionally If you like what you read here and want to help the site, please consider buying a print, check out my new legroom presets.

If you want to support the content here but don’t want to sign up for Patron, you can buy me a coffee or a tip via PayPal (or whatever you want) Nikon has introduced some new image processing software, Nikon Capture. NX-D is a beta version for comments, before the final introduction of the software The software appears to be a combination of some functionality from Nikon View NX and Nikon Capture NX2 The software no longer has the capability for the NIK Software Control Point function, the lack of U-Point technology from NIK is one aspect I will really miss.

Above is the general screen layout showing the various menu options and the main screen I have just started trying this software so will give a general outline of functionality and some feedback on how it works.

How To Use Nikon Capture Nx D

In the above screen capture the menu is at the top with the top toolbar Common functions available are as follows:

Nikon Capture Nx D 最新バージョン

The Folders palette lists the folders on the computer’s storage system Click an image in a folder to view it in the Images area or to preview the display

The Folders palette menu provides access to the current folders and can be added to frequently used folders

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