Is Zoosk A Legit Dating Site

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Zoosk’s updated video features bring it closer in line with other dating apps, but it’s still basic and buggy compared to its better competitors.

Is Zoosk A Legit Dating Site

Is Zoosk A Legit Dating Site

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Launched as one of Facebook’s first apps back in 2007, Zoosk aims to be one of the easiest apps to get started using. In fact, all you have to do is connect your Facebook or Google account before looking for love. The problem is, who wants to give out their personal information in this day and age? More to the point, Zoosk also doesn’t force you to do in-depth profiles, which makes it difficult to find suitable matches. The new dating features bring Zoosk up to date, but technical issues keep it from truly competing with the best apps in the category. If you’re really looking for love, we recommend turning to our Editors’ Choice dating app, Match. Its monthly fee is more than what you pay in Zoosk, but the whole environment better prepares you to meet “the one”. If you’re a mobile user in a hurry, our other Editors’ Choice, Tinder, is the dating app for you.

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Zoosk is available as an Android app and an iOS app, as well as a website. Whatever you choose, the app forces you to log into your Facebook or Google account, an option not many competitors offer. You can choose not to link any stories, but that means starting with a bare-bones statement. After you tell Zoosk your age and the person you’re looking for, the service prompts you to upload a photo and fill out a short survey including physical, parental status (no information required, or whether you have children or not), education, race, and the all important question of who smokes.

After entering information about yourself online, you are ready to search. Other programs, such as eharmony, OkCupid, and Match, require an extensive profile building process to ensure you have enough information about yourself to find a suitable match. Our other Editors’ Choice, Tinder, is all about dating and prioritizing photos over soul-searching information.

What Is Zoosk?

As you browse, Zoosk will often prompt you to add additional information and confirm your email. Once your email is verified, you are allowed to choose a display name and add employment, income, and marital status (think it is important to ask at the beginning of the questions), along with some that can be exploited. Facebook’s peak interest in the late 2000s. For example, the Media tile allows you to call up your favorite bands, games, books, and even your favorite people. If you want, you can also add stories about yourself, words about your perfect match, and your date. It’s a free dating app, compared to the public personality tests that eharmony and OkCupid use to find your perfect matches.

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Zoosk’s search functionality is quick and easy to understand. There is no left swiping or any other way to discard the information you don’t like. They roll only once after. Scroll down to see a new profile; if you find a good match, scroll right to see photos and profile information including location, age, physical characteristics, interests, and more. Scroll back if you think you’ve missed someone you might like. Most apps, including Tinder, let you upgrade or pay to see someone you’ve already rejected. The focus here is clearly on image information rather than specific information, but for a quick and easy search task, it’s useful.

Is Zoosk A Legit Dating Site

If you want that Tinder-esque experience, Zoosk also offers a Carousel search function where you can tap a red X or green mark to show how you feel about that person. Unlike Tinder, Zoosk does not allow you to go further into the user’s profile after you have made that choice. Also, Zoosk wants you to pay extra (more than that per minute) if you change your mind.

There’s No Place Like Home…

On a technical level, Zoosk’s interface was more interesting compared to the first time we tried it. We didn’t get into much trouble either. Unfortunately, the more we tested, the more lag we experienced when switching between parts of the app, slowing down our quest for instant love.

Using Zoosk is very easy. You will go through mostly profile pictures, and review the basic profile information required during the registration process. Want to learn more? There is a compulsion to read someone’s story, including their personal life and details about their compatibility and good days. If you want to show interest in a fellow member, you can use a smiley face (which shows friendship) or a heart symbol (which shows … more than friendship). You can also write your own message or send one of Zoosk’s pre-written frozen treats.

You still come across information that you can’t be bothered to fill in a name, “Member of Zoosk”, but most of the information is clearly true. For further verification, you can verify your profile using a photo, your phone number or Twitter. This puts a green mark on your profile to prove you are correct. You also do not agree with many advertisements. Don’t get us wrong, you will still see more ads while going through details compared to other dating sites, but compared to past versions of Zoosk it is more powerful.

Zoosk sends you an email every day to confirm a potential match, which takes some of the work out of the search. The dates may seem to match, which shows that Zoosk is paying attention to your needs and wants. Speaking of which, Zoosk uses an algorithm called “Behavioral Matchmaking” that claims to learn more about what you’re looking for in a match. This may be why the email suggestions appear.

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Compared to eharmony and Match, Zoosk’s premium subscriptions are reasonably priced. Unfortunately, they don’t give you much more, the information is not very clear about what you actually get, and the service is not better than the similarly cheap OkCupid, where you can connect people for free. Zoosk costs $34.99 for a one-month subscription, and $149.99 per month for a one-year subscription. The paid plan gives you the freedom to send messages, open who viewed your profile, access the Great Dates virtual dating functionality, and four Use SmartPicks. The SmartPicks feature offers a more guided browsing history that matches information you’ve liked in the past, and removes information and information that matches information you’ve previously rejected.

There are many other ways to spend money on Zoosk. For example, you can also sign up for a monthly subscription of $9.99. The service is not well defined, but Instant Crush gives you unlimited “redos” Carousel, pushes your profile in the Carousels of other users, and sorts your posts at the end. above the recipient’s mailbox with a large yellow star.

Zoosk Coins is another option. These things allow you to improve your profile, and they cost $ 19.99 for 180 coins or $ 99.99 for a large bag of 1, 800. Boost increases the visibility of your profile, something that offers There are not many other services of dating, but this one allows you to change the Boost amount and it can be up to 100 coins (which means your $20 purchase will disappear quickly). Coins can also be used to browse anonymously (30 coins for 30 minutes) if you feel relieved by other users. You can also give money to other members who have viewed your profile, which is just shit.

Is Zoosk A Legit Dating Site

There is one free feature called Super Send. It’s pretty much a spam dating app—you can choose a prepared message from Zoosk or write your own, and then send it to “a large group of people in your area and age range.” At that point, “interested people respond and you can start chatting,” but it seems to meet through shotgun. You’re limited to one per 15-hour period, but it’s hard to imagine why anyone would respond.

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