Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business

Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business – Customer loyalty software is an important part of successful rewards programs. Here is a list of customer loyalty program software options.

Several companies use loyalty programs as part of their marketing strategy. These programs make customers who are already willing to return even more motivated to do so. Fortunately, customer loyalty program software makes implementing these types of reward programs easy.

Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business

Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business

But what exactly is loyalty program software? How can you compare loyalty software to find the best solution for your business? We help you answer these questions in this comprehensive guide to loyalty program software.

Businesses With The Best Loyalty Programs

Setting up a rewards or loyalty program is a great way to increase the likelihood of customers coming back. Customer loyalty programs also help to increase retention and profitability.

A loyalty program – not a referral program – is a type of rewards program. Customer loyalty programs reward customers for making frequent purchases in hopes of increasing customer loyalty. A customer loyalty program offers a discount, a free item, or a gift of specific items. This occurs after the customer has made a certain number of eligible purchases. A wide variety of businesses use loyalty programs, including airlines, restaurants, and e-commerce retailers.

Most early loyalty programs offered the customer some sort of rewards tracking card. Today, loyalty software is available, so instead of using a physical card to track purchases, tracking can be done in an app.

Dunkin’ has a popular loyalty program. As you make purchases through your DD Perks account, you accumulate points that you can eventually redeem for free drinks. Dunkin’ Perks also sends members birthday gifts and other coupons.

The Next Era Of Loyalty Program: Subscription

Another popular loyalty program is Petco’s. Their Pals Rewards program offers cardholder discounts across the store. They also offer a points system that leads to a $5 off coupon. The program’s discounts change weekly, and Petco has several limited-time promotions for cardholders. However, the most consistent part of this program is the guaranteed $5 for every $100 spent in-store.

Enables customers to go cardless: Program members don’t have to worry about remembering a physical card. Instead, all loyalty program information is stored on their phones for maximum convenience and rewards.

Rewards Flexibility: Tailor your program and rewards to the specific needs of your company. Set up multiple rewards, reward earning conditions, and reward structures if that’s what your company wants.

Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business

Detailed Tracking: Loyalty program software collects and collects customer behavior data so you can design and customize a program that truly motivates customers to continue buying from you.

How To Run Customer Loyalty Programs

Automation: Automate the distribution of rewards as they are earned, saving time and effort on performing routine tasks.

Want to start your own loyalty program? To help you get your loyalty program off to a good start, our team has done in-depth research on the leading loyalty program software tools. We used the following criteria to evaluate our list of loyalty program software:

How much does the software cost? What are the available subscriptions? Do you have to commit for a year or are monthly subscriptions available?

Can you try out or research the software through a demo before you decide to buy it?

Compelling Loyalty Programs For Small Businesses

What type of customer service is available to make running a loyalty program easier (for example, dedicated customer success manager? Live chat? Help desk? Something else?)

How do business people who have already used this software rate it with five stars? We’ve collected reviews from two leading review sites to get our weighted review score.

Understanding how select business people feel about using this available loyalty program software. We included this feature because many reviewers of rewards program software are end users (users) and we want to help you find the company’s opinion that matters to you as a brand.

Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business

Based on the criteria above, we’ve put together a list of 16 tools you should consider implementing a customer loyalty program (both popular options and emerging players). We cover their most popular features and benefits so you can make the right decision for your business.

New Bia/kelsey Research Finds 38% Of Small Businesses Offer Customer Loyalty Programs

Please note that the software is not in any particular rating or recommendation order. Our goal is to put together a complete source of loyalty program software and give you a clear picture of all the options available.

No start-up or subscription costs; Pay the value of each gift card sent Create and manage an account for FreeKnowledge Base, Live Chat4.59 (16 reviews)

From approx. $47/month Free 30-day trial; Demo also available Program guides on support portal Custom installation support from representatives Email 4.41 (11 reviews)

From $359/monthDemo, free plan for Shopify users Live chat, phone, email, help desk, extensive resource library4.58 (18 reviews)

How To Start A Loyalty Program

Giftbit’s loyalty program software makes it easy to identify, reward and encourage your audience by sending gift cards. With Giftbit you have access to hundreds of top gift card brands, such as Visa and Amazon. In addition, you can choose from several brands of gift cards to choose from or donate to your recipient. Giftbit’s unique click-to-claim model makes them one of the most cost-effective loyalty software options. This is especially true for large-scale campaigns.

Companies use Giftbit to acquire new customers, generate more sales and gain growth insights. In 2016, Giftbit expanded with a second platform, LightRail. LightRail provides merchants with branded currency tools. Companies combine Lightrail’s points collection system with Giftbit’s automated reward fulfillment. This creates an all-in-one loyalty and rewards solution.

Unlike other solutions where you have no insight into whether cards have ever been claimed, Giftbit offers a comprehensive report on the status of each gift card. This way your company can gain more insight into your program and easily examine the ROI.

Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business

No start-up costs or subscription costs; Pay the value of each gift card you want to send (Visa incentives and rewards sent through the app cost a little more).

Ideas To Try: Small Business Customer Loyalty Program

“I would recommend Giftbit to anyone who wants to encourage or reward people. It’s a minimal fuss platform that takes the pain out of tracking hundreds or thousands of gift cards sent. The Giftbit interface is simple and intuitive. I can easily check the status of Gift bits I’ve sent to recipients and see who got their rewards and more.” Can see who has not activated. I also like the bulk options to send hundreds of gift bits at once. -Rob R., Review by Captera

“I like the ease with which we can send it to customers. We may also use this service even if we are not at Giftbit’s primary customer location. None of our customers have complained about problems claiming their prizes. And for our customers, who are sometimes very impatient, we are happy that they have no reason to complain about our incentive program. -Review by Ibukun O., G2

LoyalZoo is a simple loyalty program software system. It helps independent businesses set up and launch an in-store loyalty program in minutes. The LoyalZoo app knows that points card members spend more and are valuable to businesses. That’s because cardholders typically spend more per visit than non-cardholders. That’s why LoyalZoo focuses on providing a customizable digital punch card interface.

LoyalZoo adapts to your business, which means you have complete control. You can register customers in your POS system using their phone number or email address. Then the points or stamps are sent to customers via SMS or email, meaning they don’t have to download the app if they don’t want to. However, it is available to customers who want to use the app.

Customer Loyalty Programs: 11 Examples And How They Work (2022)

“I love that it’s so simple and easy to use. You can customize how you want your points. Whether it’s one point per dollar, or one point per visit, or one point per item/service, it’s easy. I like to look at the history of clients and their total visits And I also like to see when the last visits were I also love the search feature The entries appear when you type the 3rd letter It’s just what I need for my business and it’s very simple at the right price. There are other reward systems but too expensive for what I need. -Hong T., by Captera

“Overall, our experience with LoyalZoo has been very positive compared to our last loyalty program. I think the only problem we often face is monitoring our points from different stores (as our customer base is linked to both accounts it is hard to tell where the point is coming from as it is linked to the purchase history. accounts). For any questions or problems we have, customer service usually answers and guides us as quickly as possible. This is one of the strongest reasons why we continue with LoyalZoo: the customer service is simply impeccable. —Joshua W., by Captera

Loyalty Box’s loyalty program software allows a business to set up a loyalty program in three easy steps. Choose your store (physical, e-commerce or both), set the rules and launch the program. LoyaltyBox is an easy-to-use, web-based loyalty management program. It gives you a personal dashboard and all the tools you need to keep loyal customers

Loyalty Rewards Programs For Small Business

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