Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time – When the summer breeze drops into the cold of autumn and the spring of this year has reached a corner, horror movies are a surefire way to make blood flow (or heartburn). Fortunately, horror movies are not in short supply and the genre is very broad. Distobian society? Check. The killer in the vacancy? Check. Have children? Check. Scary clown? Shake but check. So lock your door, turn on the lights at night (no shame) and line up to watch our favorite horror movie.

This classic Alfred Hitchcock movie sets the tone for every upcoming horror movie. It stars a female traveler, a scary inn, and a young man obsessed with his mother. He and you can see how it goes.

Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

Starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, this story will surely give you an idea of ​​the serial / psychotic killer. Tip: This is not lamb.

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This feature film, written and directed by Jordan Peele, explores the dark side of American racial dynamics. A quick, gentle weekend trip (to say the least) when a white woman brings her black boyfriend home to meet her family.

Introducing the famous “Chucky” character, a cartoon that turns into a killer. The film was a hit, with five sequels.

It is a horror film that goes through the ages. Produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, the film stars Jack Nicholson and the sequel to Jack Torrence (Nicholson), which goes crazy.

Have you ever wondered that the devil is in the body of a loved one? Neither am I. But this is a conclusion

The Top 10 Irish Horror Movies

A glorious young couple in New York City are expecting their first child, but not all are as happy as it seems. The two move into an ugly building, and Rosemary’s pregnancy goes dark.

What is special is that it is based on real events. This superstitious horror film follows two “strange detectives” who help a family live in a haunted mansion.

Another horror film focused on serial killers. Two men find themselves trapped in a mental trap and have to flee before the worst happens.

Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

A group of unsuspecting friends travel to Sweden to find themselves in the hands of pagan worship.

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If you are watching a horror movie in memory of that scary October holiday, don’t miss it.

This 1970s horror film follows a young psychologist / murderer who returns to his small town in search of revenge.

It tells the story of a group of teenage summer camp counselors hunted one by one by mysterious assassins. Warning: Everything bleeds.

Elisabeth Moss plays a woman involved in an abusive relationship. When her boyfriend dies suddenly, Moss’ character, Cecilia, realizes that his end is far from over.

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Not for the faint of heart. The film is about a video of a cursed man who kills anyone who watches it. That may not be the scariest conclusion you have ever heard, but trust us to keep on the fire while watching this.

Remember the whole scary clown trend from years ago? Yes, that’s why. Based on the Stephen King novel, the film will make you think twice about renting a clown for your child’s next birthday party.

That kind of nail. More specifically, there are 4 films in the series so you can really stay on topic.

Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

The film considers its events to be true, and what the audience sees is said to be a video of the discovery (Don Dun) left by the main character.

Best Horror Movies Of All Time According To Their Imdb Rating

This dystopian feature caused a stir during the release. The film envisions an American version where all crimes are legal within 12 hours. You can see how bad things can get.

It all started with siblings Becca and Taylor visiting their distant ancestors, but what seemed like a long-awaited visit turned into a nightmare when the siblings realized the strangeness. And the concern of their ancestors.

The 2021 horror film takes viewers on a beach of emotional turmoil as four vacation families visit a quiet beach that is cursed to age rapidly and make it almost impossible for them to escape. Attempting to leave the beach will cause them to lose consciousness.

As two bands, Noa and Steve decided to date. Everything was fine until the weekend break to discover Steve was a butcher who sold women meat to rich men. The film puts us on the edge of our seat as we watch Noah try to escape a horrible situation.

Fye’s Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time

This superstitious horror film depicts Victoria and Lily being abandoned by their father in the jungle and raised by a ghost unit they call “Mama”. After being found by wildlife rescuers, they tried to reintegrate into society, but their uncle Lucas (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau) and his wife Annabelle (Jessica Chastain) could not control their relationship with their mother. They did not.

Happens entirely on a laptop screen in this absurd horror about a group of high school students being haunted by their dead friends. When six friends, Blaire, Mitch, Jess, Ken, Adam and Val, joined a Skype group call, they quickly discovered that the unexpected guest was Laura Barns. Their friend last year committed suicide due to anonymous posting. Of an embarrassing video. Laura’s ghost continues to haunt her friends as they try to find secrets and find out who posted the video.

In the post-apocalyptic world, where the unknown and the unseen push people to commit suicide, pregnant Mallory (Sandra Bullock) tries to explore the world trying to kill her, and along the way she finds a way to survive and escape. And comrade units. The original Netflix movie became the most watched movie on the platform immediately after its release.

Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

Is another post-apocalyptic film in which a noisy extraterrestrial, known as the “Angel of Death”, gradually kills mankind and destroys the planet. A family on a remote farm tries to survive by reducing noise and sign language communication.

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In Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning performance as Nina, the perfect ballerina, when she got a lead role in a film her company produced, she was inspired. Crazy.

While Sue Ann is a teen-friendly teenager, the neighbors call her “Mom.” However, as Sue Ann begins to cling to teenagers and harass them to spend time with her, the truth of her mysterious past is revealed.

This fairy tale, in the form of a biological horror, features two main characters, he (Javier Bardem), a writer with a huge following, and his mother (Jennifer Lawrence).

Inspired by Stephen King’s famous novel, the film follows Carrie in silence, who, after being embarrassed at a party, immediately discovers her telepathic abilities and uses them to wreak havoc.

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The horror film follows two siblings and a group of friends who visit their grandfather’s grave for vandalism, only to find a man wearing a human skin mask trying to kill the group with chains.

During the high tourist season in the coastal city of New England on the island of Amity, a large white shark caused a commotion with several attacks throughout the summer. Steven Spielberg’s horror movie is a must see for any horror fan.

Patrick Bateman is a successful investment banker who is young, attractive, wealthy and mentally ill. He had a strong hatred for his colleagues, including his rival Paul Allen, and eventually became a serial killer.

Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

That tells the story of Anne Graham and her family after the loss of daughter Charlie.

Best Horror Movies Of All Time

When three girls are kidnapped by a man with a lot of personality (James McAvoy), they have to run away from their kidnappers. Horror is an unpredictable and indisputable horror movie.

At first, Esther (Isabel Furman) seems to be the lovely adopted child of Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John (Peter Sarsgaard), but over time, Esther’s bizarre behavior raises questions and doubts about her true identity and age.

When a group of college friends try to play Truth or Dare, a unit summons something bad in the group, forcing them to reveal their secrets and fears.

This Korean film from Bong Joon-ho introduces Kim, a poor family struggling to find a solution. When they discovered that Parks, a wealthy family in Seoul, was looking for an employer, they saw the family as an opportunity for social mobility. As they enter the world of Pax, they are captivated by the amazing wealth and mysteries of their family.

What’s The Greatest Horror Movie Of All Time?

No horror movie list is complete without zombie movies, so if action is what you want.

Is the perfect choice. Starring Brad Pitt, the film is about a man who not only tries to survive a raw ghost, but also finds a way to save the world from an upcoming zombie occupation.

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Most Popular Horror Movies Of All Time

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