Most Popular Last Names In The World

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Onomastics is an exciting field of linguistics that deals with the study of the history and origin of proper names. Today’s map is on the border of onomastics and statistics – let’s look at the most common surnames in European countries and their meanings:

Most Popular Last Names In The World

Most Popular Last Names In The World

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However, no one can understand all the languages ​​the names come from, so I have now created another map with the English translations of the above names:

Several things are worth noting: surnames are rare in Iceland; Instead, its citizens still use the ancient Norse system, where a child inherits his father’s first name, surname (the surname of the son of an Icelandic man named John is Jónsson, literally son of Jon).

Remnants of this system can still be found in other Nordic countries, where names ending in -son are common, but are now proper family names that children inherit regardless of their parents’ first names.

Although the name Kajlauskas was probably brought to Lithuania by emigration from Poland, it is also possible that during the Polonization it was adopted by some Lithuanians whose original surname was Meka.

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Also if there are two different language communities in a country, I include the most popular names for both when I can find the necessary data. This was the case for Belgium (with both Dutch and French names) and Estonia (with Russian and Estonian names). I could not find any statistics for Cyprus.

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Most Popular Last Names In The World

If you share this on Reddit, please share a link to the full article and credit my subreddit r/ in the comments. If everyone in America named Smith formed their own state, it would be the 35th most populous state in America. Let that sink in.

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And although there are many Smiths in our country and many other English-speaking countries, every country in the world has its own ubiquitous name, where you can hardly find a class, office or list without 10 of them. Other people with the same name. To find this name in every country in the world, NetCredit looked at and Oxford Reference data and found not only the most popular surnames in each country, but also what they mean.

The answers below are more interesting than you think – and are sure to turn you into a bar trivia god this weekend.

Editor’s note. For brevity, we’ve only broken down the etymology of each name when it was first added, and added other fun facts as needed when the name comes up again. Countries belonging to two continents are grouped according to the map representation. This list does not even include territories.

The family name is derived from the Hebrew name “Yosef” which means “God will have another son”. It is one of the three Caribbean islands with the most common name.

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Like many Caribbean surnames, Roll is derived from a European name passed down from early colonists to enslaved people. This is Middle High German

, as today, means “list” or “list”. It may refer to someone who worked as a scribe.

– means “courage” or “courage”. Collectively, it means “brave traveler.” Literally “Son of Hernando” or “Son of Fernando”. That means Fernandez and Hernandez are almost the same name.

Most Popular Last Names In The World

In French, John means, like Johannes, “God has given me a son” or “Bless this child.”

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A reference to the great prophet of Islam, it also means “praiseworthy” in Arabic. Trinidad and Tobago is the only Caribbean country where the most popular surnames are Arabic, with Mohammed and Ali ranking first and second.

Nearly 3 million Americans are named Smith, followed by Johnson at 2.3 million and Williams at 1.9 million. The American top ten included Brown; Jones; Miller; Davis; Wilson; Anderson; And Taylor.

It literally means “son of Gonzalo” and although you don’t see many Gonzalos walking around today, you did see a lot of Gundisalvas in the Middle Ages. It is a Latinized version of a German name that combines words

Refers to a person from the Spanish city of Miami, modern Uranus. It can be concluded that most of the Spanish settlers in Bolivia came from this region.

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Its exact origins are unclear, although the name dates back to the Middle Ages and is probably related to a Basque word meaning “young” or “bear”.

The most common name in Armenia comes from the proper name Grigor, from the Greek word gregorios, meaning “to be awake” or “to be alert”.

, meaning “hole” or “hollow”. It basically refers to a person living in depression, hollow or other depressed area.

Most Popular Last Names In The World

If you travel to the countryside of this Mediterranean island, it’s no surprise that its most common name means “countryman” or “farmer.”

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If the most common name in your country comes from the Slavic word for “newcomer,” it can be confusing to know someone who has lived there for a while.

An abbreviated version of “John’s Son”. Johannes is a variant of John, Jean, and other variants, meaning “Jehovah has given me a son” or “God bless this child.”

, which means “deaf”, but is also used to describe clumsy, stupid or stupid people.

Not surprising since it’s the most common name for American bars serving two-for-one shots of Jameson. Murphy is derived from the Gaelic name Ó Murchada, meaning “descendant of Murchada”, a personal name meaning “sea warrior”. “

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It is interesting that the most common name for stereotypically dark-haired, olive-skinned Italians refers to someone with red hair and a ruddy complexion.

The “Stojanov” part of the name is of unknown Macedonian origin, while the “ski” suffix is ​​the result of government efforts to make names more Greek.

A family could tip the scales in Monaco, as the 89 Rossi could easily overtake the 67 Lorenz.

Most Popular Last Names In The World

Not a nation of die-hard Spurs fans, the name is a portmanteau of the Serbian word, priest,

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An Old Norse word meaning “creators of hauntingly catchy songs”. Or it is a derivation of Hans, the apetic form of Johannes.

There are exactly four people with that name living in the Vatican. If another graph is moved, it will drop to number 2.

The word Manuel is short for Emmanuel, which if you’ve been paying attention to all those Christmas carols, you might remember as Emmanuel – Hebrew for “God is with us.”

Modungwane is the father name of the Batlokwa tribe found in Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa. The name is believed to be derived from its commonly used shortened version, molef.

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Immigration officials at Ellis Island created American surnames in the 20th century, as did the French in their former African colonies. The name is the French spelling of Vedrago, son of Princess Yennega, mother of the Mass people.

, meaning “wolf”. Lopes is a Portuguese language that dates back to the time of Cape Verde as a Portuguese colony.

A very effective Bantu phrase means “He who is willing to forgive an abuse the first time, will tolerate it the second time, but never the third time.”

Most Popular Last Names In The World

A name that refers to the Most High is also the name of Ali Ibnabi Talib, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Rakoto is the most common of Malagasy surnames, with this prefix being the three most popular and four in the top 10. This version is combined with the word

, which means “beloved”. The 10 most popular names all start with the letter R, which makes writing the alphabet in Madagascar a nightmare.

Sorry for being a bit egotistical Malawians, but when your most common name literally means “I am a gift from God”, it’s hard to be humble. Malawi’s first prime minister was named Hastings Banda, and he may also be responsible for its popularity, as it is customary in this part of Africa to have surnames that speak to life aspirations.

In fact, the name was more than “tarawele”, a Mandingi word meaning “invited”, referring to calls to war. But when the French colonists started writing it, the name took this form.

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Here are a few possibilities: First, it could be a Fula prefix indicating one’s location

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