Motley Fool Stocks To Buy Right Now

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If you’re looking for Motley Fool stock picks and investment analysis, the Motley Fool Epic package might be right for you.

Motley Fool Stocks To Buy Right Now

Motley Fool Stocks To Buy Right Now

The Epic Bundle is a specially discounted package of The Motley Fool’s most popular services The Stock Advisor, Everlasting Stocks, Rule Breakers and now, starting in October 2022, Real Estate Winners. Stock Advisor is by far the most popular service and is the company’s flagship product with more than 20 years of experience.

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Here’s a comparison of the historical performance of all three services included in the Motley Fool Epic package.

This Motley Fool Epic package gives you all 4 services Stock Advisor, Rule Breaker, Real Estate Winner and Everlasting Stocks. In addition, you also get a 30-day period in which you can try all 4 services and request a refund if you are not satisfied.

The Motley Fool has many specialized services with different focuses, such as owner-driven companies, high-potential IPOs, top non-US opportunities, top dividend incomes, and more.

Discount Disclaimer: $1,599 promotional price for new Everlasting Portfolio members only. $1,400 off the current Everlasting Portfolio price of $2,999. Membership is renewed once a year at the then valid catalog price.

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$79 promotional price for new Stock Advisor members. $100 discount based on Stock Advisor’s current price of $199. Membership is renewed once a year at the then valid catalog price.

Motley Fool Stocks To Buy Right Now

$99 promotional price for new Rule Breakers members. $200 off Rule Breakers current price of $299. Membership will be renewed annually at the then valid catalog price. Investing in growth stocks can be a great way to make life-changing wealth in the stock market. The key, of course, is knowing which growth stocks to buy – and when.

If You’ve Got Stock Market Fomo, Motley Fool Might Fix That

Many growth stocks are headed through the first half of 2022. While the S&P 500 is down about 20%, the S&P 500 Growth Index is down 28% in the first six months of 2022. Some growth stocks are down much more, with share prices down by half or two thirds. If you can identify a growth stock with strong fundamentals, now could be a great time to invest.

To help you get started, here’s a practical guide to investing in growth. With these tools and strategies, you’ll be able to position your portfolio for long-term success with growth stocks.

Growth stocks are companies that are growing their revenues and profits at a faster rate than the average business in their industry or the market as a whole. However, growth investing involves more than picking stocks that grow.

Often, a growing company has developed an innovative product or service that includes existing markets, enters new markets, or even creates entirely new industries.

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Companies that can grow faster than average over long periods of time are usually rewarded by the market, providing good returns to shareholders in the process. And the faster they grow, the higher the yield can be.

Unlike value stocks, high growth stocks tend to be more expensive than average stocks in terms of profitability ratios, such as price-to-earnings, price-to-sales, and price-to-free cash flow ratios.

Despite their premium prices, the best growth stocks can still bring investors wealth-creating returns when they fulfill their fantastic growth potential.

Motley Fool Stocks To Buy Right Now

However, growth stocks have taken a hit in the market in 2022. High inflation puts pressure on growth stocks as it reduces the future value of their expected earnings. In addition, supply chain constraints have affected the ability of some to scale up, while other macroeconomic factors affect the entire economy. But the decline could provide long-term investors with an opportunity to buy while prices of rising stocks are low.

Reasons To Buy Stocks Right Now

Growth stocks are companies that are growing their revenues and earnings faster than the average business in their industry or the market as a whole.

To give you some examples, here are 10 excellent growth stocks available in the stock market today:

Data sources: Morningstar, YCharts, quarterly company financial reports. Data correct as of August 8, 2022 (CAGR = compound annual growth rate.)

As this list shows, growth stocks come in all shapes and sizes. They can be found in a variety of industries, both within the United States and in international markets. And while all the stocks on this list are larger companies, smaller companies can also be hotbeds for growth investors.

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A good way to invest in a variety of small-cap growth stocks is through an exchange-traded fund (ETF) such as the Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETF (NYSEMKT:VBK). This fund tracks the performance of the CRSP US Small Cap Growth Index, providing investors with an easy way to invest in approximately 580 small-cap companies simultaneously.

Importantly, the Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETF has an extremely low expense ratio of 0.07%. This means investors will receive almost all of the fund’s returns, with only a small amount of fees going to Vanguard. (A 0.07% annual expense ratio equates to just $0.70 in fees per $1,000 invested annually.)

Companies that can take advantage of powerful long-term trends can increase their sales and profits for years, creating wealth for their shareholders along the way.

Motley Fool Stocks To Buy Right Now

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated many trends that were already well underway. Here are some examples, along with companies that can help you take advantage of these trends:

Of The Best Shares I’d Buy Now For A Stock Market Rally In 2023

The key is to try to invest in such trends and companies as early as possible. The sooner you get in, the more you’ll earn. But the strongest trends can last for many years or even decades, giving you plenty of time to reap your share of the profits they create.

In 2022, the share prices of many large companies fell sharply on the market. In times when the entire market is down, growth investors pay close attention.

It is also important to invest in growing businesses that have strong competitive advantages. Otherwise, their competitors may overtake them, and their growth may not last long.

Competitive advantage becomes especially important in turbulent times such as a pandemic or periods of high inflation. A strong competitive advantage will help companies survive and thrive during market downturns, while those without a competitive advantage will struggle.

Motley Fool Vs. Zacks

In fact, early 2022 saw a massive selloff in many tech-focused growth stocks. Many share prices of the biggest growth stocks fell by more than 50%. If you can identify stocks of companies with strong competitive advantages that are selling off along with the rest of the market, this can be an opportunity to generate big returns as they recover.

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Motley Fool Stocks To Buy Right Now

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Finally, you want to invest in companies with large addressable markets – and long growth paths ahead. Industry reports from research firms such as Gartner ( NYSE:IT ) and eMarketer — which provide estimates of industry size, growth forecasts, and market share — can be very helpful in this regard.

The bigger the opportunity, the bigger the company can ultimately become. And the earlier it is in the growth cycle, the longer it can continue to grow at an impressive rate.

Dr. Cherry: Because growth stocks typically operate in a growing economy or business sector, finding stocks with high growth potential should include metrics that seek to confirm or support current growth and best signal patterns of sustained growth. An important characteristic of a growing company is to ask, “Do they have a unique business service or product in their sector that provides a valuable moat?” This service or product is the lifeline for growth where the company needs to market, produce, deliver and protect better than competitors and new entrants. Performance measures to consider are whether the company shows historical increases in profits over selected periods and a profit margin analysis, which illustrates how the company can manage costs and increase revenues. Other considerations in analysis are trend characteristics on a technical chart and future growth and price forecasts by experienced market analysts.

Dr Cherry: Investing in individual stocks generally involves risk factors such as overall market risk and business risk, among others. The characteristics of growth stocks can make them riskier than their value counterparts. As the name suggests, growth stocks are usually in the growth phase of the business. The growth phase could consist of younger and smaller companies with

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