Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals – The private residential market in the US has grown rapidly over the past few years as the popularity of renting continues to grow. The sector has undergone extraordinary changes in technology, distribution, and rent estimation. Where does this leave the core of the traditional vacation rental market – rental property management companies?

Some property managers are adapting to market changes and doing business online. Online channels now drive 70 percent of property manager bookings. Three-quarters offer real-time, online bookings in 2016, and more property managers, especially larger ones, are investing in technology such as property management systems and channel managers.

Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

The outlook for property management companies remains positive; More than half expect average rental rates to increase over the next year, and nearly two-thirds expect occupancy to increase. But for property managers who fail to embrace digital transformation, challenging times lie ahead.

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The US experienced the smallest decline in total bookings for short-term rentals in 2020, as well as… The key to understanding vacation rental property management fees is recognizing that not all companies are created equal. There are many variables that determine what fees are charged and what you, the owner, will pay at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for a property management company, this post will shed some light on vacation home management fees so you know what to expect when you call.

Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental property management fees are expenses associated with services provided by professional management companies. These fees are usually one of the biggest deciding factors when deciding which company to hire, so it’s important to understand what they are and how they work.

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Typically, when you work with a vacation rental agency, you pay them for your short-term rental activities. It’s no different than a landscaping company or the person who maintains your pool: you pay them to perform a specific service for your property.

The specific service a management company provides will vary slightly with each one you speak with. Most companies will advertise a single fee for their services, and that fee is structured in a specific way.

There are several ways to structure vacation rental management fees. Each company’s pricing model is usually the result of business strategy and reflects the company’s goals and vision of how it wants to serve owners or investors.

Depending on your investment style and personal preferences, one type of asset management fee may suit you better than another.

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The most common property management fee is commission-based. This means that the management company will charge a commission based on a percentage of all income generated by the short-term rental property.

In this model, the percentage applies to gross rental revenue (GRR), or the “top line” of the financial statement. For example, if the property’s GRR is $10,000 in a given month and the vacation rental management fee is 20%, you would pay the management company $2,000 that month.

A slight variation on this structure is the revenue share model, where a fixed percentage is applied, but instead of charging a fee based on the top line, the fee is charged on the bottom line.

Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

In both of these models, financial incentives are aligned because the management company only makes money when the property makes money.

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However, the second model augments this alignment by focusing on the company’s operational performance. Knowing that their cut is taken from the bottom line, managers using this model are motivated to increase operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

While the revenue share model is more common with investment partners who share equity in the property, it’s worth asking a company if that’s an option for you.

Another way companies adjust their vacation rental management fees is to guarantee you an income each month. In this model, you are guaranteed a certain dollar amount, however, the trade-off is the increased potential for more income.

As an example, let’s say that the long-term rental market indicates that your property can rent for $2,200 per month. Your overhead is about $2,000 and you have a cash flow of $200 per month…

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But you hear that short-term rentals are becoming more popular in your area and you start calling around. A professional property management company offers a guaranteed income of $2,500 to use your home as a vacation rental. Amazing! You can double your income on this investment property with just a few phone calls.

Short-term rental investment properties can be more volatile, and not everyone likes that kind of volatility. If that sounds like you, this fee structure is the way to go.

When a property experiences a bad month (or a few bad months, as in highly seasonal markets), the management company will eat the loss — not you. However, the company also takes advantage in good months. The property may only make $1,500 in the low season, but $6,000, $10,000 or more in the high season.

Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

A slight variation on this model is called rental arbitrage. This means that a management company will sign a long-term lease as a tenant of your property and pay the same rates as a long-term tenant, with the caveat that they can use it as a short-term rental property.

Understanding Vacation Rental Property Management Fees

Again, with arbitrage, you get security and don’t lose out if something happens to the travel industry or your city’s short-term rental regulations.

While the first two types of vacation rental property management fees are expensive for full-service companies, you may also want to consider hiring some help.

Maybe it’s a virtual assistant, a college student, a freelancer, or your son-in-law. In any case, this type of fee structure is usually lower and works like any other independent contractor you hire for the home (ie, cleaners, handymen, etc.).

Their services are usually more limited, but they do the job. Alternatively, you pay them a flat fee each month, say $500, to take care of certain things like guest communications, check-ins, and rates calendar management.

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While this is a cost-effective alternative to a professional management company, keep in mind that this option may prevent you from realizing the full potential of your short-term rental property.

While one owner values ​​his time and will happily pay a company to take care of everything for him, another owner prefers to bootstrap the vacation rental operation with a little help from an admin. It’s not that one of these options is better than the other, it’s just what works best.

As you have just learned, vacation rental property management fees are structured in different ways. The structure depends on the company and they will let you know in advance what kind of pricing model they use.

Property Management Fees For Vacation Rentals

Industry pricing for full-service property management fees varies widely, ranging from 20-50% depending on market and property type.

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At first glance, this may seem high, but you need to consider what these fees include. A true full service management company will literally take everything off your plate so you only pay the basic bills each month (mortgage, utilities, etc.).

Running a short-term rental property is a lot of work if done right, so it makes sense why owners are willing to pay these fees: they want to spend their time doing other things. After all, with a professional property management company, owners make more money and do less work.

However, some owners have a bad experience when they sign up for full-service management and then see different fees.

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