Task Management Software For Small Business

Task Management Software For Small Business – Are you looking for free task management software? We know how different it feels to use a tool like this instead of the old way of writing everything down on paper. We know that with so many options available in the market, choosing the best can be a daunting task.

But don’t worry, this article will help you with the top 20 tools to help you manage your tasks. Here you will understand what is task management and why it is important to provide software specially designed for this purpose.

Task Management Software For Small Business

Task Management Software For Small Business

Task management is an important part of work projects and much of our personal lives. Some people might think of it as keeping track of their daily tasks through a checklist. But no.

Project Management Built To Keep Track Of All Your Work

Your tasks are the building blocks of your plans, projects, and everything else you need to keep your life organized, so managing them requires several steps. Key steps include talking about collaboration within the team, tracking, adding deadlines, and including delegation.

Because of this, notebooks, pens, and even spreadsheets are no longer sufficient for complex situations. They are a very easy solution to collaborate with other people or to easily monitor their progress on tasks.

Task management software is specifically designed to improve your experience while managing your to-dos and is essential for anyone looking to organize their work and increase their productivity.

Typically, information is fragmented across multiple channels, and you’re constantly switching between tools to get your work done. It reduces your productivity and wastes a lot of time. By managing your tasks with just one software, you can easily organize your workload and gather all the information you need to work.

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Many tasks need to be delegated to other people, and many steps are required when you don’t have special tools for these activities. With task management software, you can send task descriptions to teammates with just one click.

Without specific dates and development milestones, it becomes difficult to track project performance. Task Manager provides features to help you meet deadlines and highlight next steps for specific tasks.

Here’s a complete list of the best task management software on the market with features for both individuals and teams. All of them have free versions, some have limited but task management functions.

Task Management Software For Small Business

Many of these free task management packages are better suited for individuals, freelancers, small teams, and businesses. Check out the top 20 task management tools so you can analyze the pros and cons and make the best choice

Top 5 Business Management Software Programs

More than a task management platform. It’s a shared inbox solution that helps teams manage their entire workflow

This is the only software on this list that works with Gmail. After all, most tasks start and end with an email in your inbox, so Drag was created to eliminate the back-and-forth between your Gmail and another task management tool. When you manage your projects in Gmail, you’ll be more productive and save the process steps of using third-party tools or additional browser tabs.

Everything inside the drag panel is customizable. First, there are two philosophies, Kanban and List. So you can choose the one that suits your needs and manage your work inside the board.

You can add notes and due dates to your cards, connect with teammates via private chat, and focus all the communication you need on a specific task. Plus, you can easily drag your cards between columns to track project steps

Manage Your Team’s Projects From Anywhere

Drag is free forever for individuals and teams with important but limited features. However, it is functional and it will be a great help in organizing not only your tasks but also your email inbox. For more advanced and unlimited features, users can purchase a paid package starting at $8 per month and paid annually.

MeisterTask is a cross-platform collaboration tool focused on task management. With MeisterTask, you can organize and manage individual tasks in an environment that you can customize to suit your needs. It works with a Kanban board, allowing you to complete tasks with all the information you need

This software allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously while creating automated workflows to help your team be more productive.

Task Management Software For Small Business

It offers a free version that small teams can benefit from, but paid plans start at $4.19 per month.

Project & Work Management Software

Nifty is a free task management and project management software that lets you manage your individual and team tasks in a highly customized and customized way. One can manage entire team work or individual life tasks in Nifty so that nothing gets broken.

Tasks on Nifty can be managed in two versions: a simple Kanban board that can be visualized in dark mode, light mode or classic mode, or the team can use list view for a more refined approach in a modern spreadsheet. In its free plan, Nifty allows you to track working hours and optimize custom fields.

The free version of Nifty gives unlimited access to team members and allows you to pay for what you use, so admins can avoid overpaying.

Todoist is a free task management app that helps you keep track of everything in your personal and professional life. It allows you to create categories and subtasks to improve how you track your projects. You can also prioritize your favorite tasks.

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If you need to work with a team, Todoist lets you delegate tasks and receive notifications about new activities. Plus, comments can be added so everyone on the team can be on the same page about what to do.

The free version caters to the needs of individuals and small groups. Annual plans start at $3 per month if you need an upgrade

ClickUp has built-in features to customize your experience. This allows all team members to manage private and shared tasks of their choice. It’s a software that enables teams of all sizes, including sales, marketing, and development.

Task Management Software For Small Business

With ClickUp, you can choose between 5 views: Dashboard, List, Box, Calendar and “Me Mode”. This way, you can easily visualize and manage your tasks by prioritizing them. You can also delegate tasks to other members of your team to keep your projects running.

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Freemium version for unlimited users, unlimited work with 100 Mb. If you want to upgrade to a paid package with more features, prices start at $5 per user per month.

Hitask is an easy-to-use, simple task management app that doesn’t require any complicated installation process. Because of this, it can be suitable for many companies and even individuals.

It has a single screen with everything you need to manage your project. Organize tasks according to a suitable time, team or plan, as well as assign them to other team members.

The free version suits the needs of small groups (up to 5 members) and individuals. An interesting aspect of this freemium is the creation of an unlimited number of tasks and projects. Pricing starts at $5 per user per month for larger teams that require more complex features

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Basecamp works with an “all-in-one” concept, which means it acts as an organizer to keep all your work in one place without going crazy in all the other areas. So consider using Basecamp to simplify your life and avoid boredom. Use task management features to get things done and be more efficient.

Basecamp’s freemium version is called Personal, and it’s perfect for students, freelancers, personal projects, and similar light uses. Your free account can have up to 20 users and three projects. But if you need an upgrade, the price is $99 per month.

TasQue is an online task manager that goes beyond being a simple to-do list app. It helps teams and individuals streamline their day-to-day processes and allows them to track work progress.

Task Management Software For Small Business

Gain an understanding of your project to help keep the team on the same page and get everything done on time.

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The free plan is suitable for groups of up to 10 people and offers a 5Mb connection limit and 1Gb of storage. If you need to upgrade your business plan to access more features, users will be charged $5 per month.

Trello is the most popular task management software

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