Ten Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Ten Most Beautiful Cities In The World – Les gouts et les couleurs are ne discute pas. Categorizing cities and offering them seems like an impossible task, so we all have our preferences. But some cities are so special that they should be on everyone’s bucket list. These are my 10 favorite cities in the world.

The main canals of the Dutch capital are lined with thousands of historic brick buildings, monuments, apartments, restaurants, Trendy cafes and even brothels. This is one of the most attractive and modern cities in the world. wonderful romantic bridges and canals; beautiful cobbled streets, uniquely elegant architecture and bicycles; There are many bicycles.

Ten Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Ten Most Beautiful Cities In The World

The Czech capital is called the “City of a Thousand Towers” because of its many beautifully preserved historical monuments throughout history. Prague’s most famous attractions are the bridges over the Vltava River. Especially the stunning and elegant Charles Bridge. But the stunning Old Town Square and Prague Castle are just as impressive. When you add the cobbled streets and atmospheric lanes that run through the city. You know, few other cities delight the senses like Prague.

World Beautiful Places: 10 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Places

Also known as the “Pearl of the East”, Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most photographed and impressive city skylines in the world. Skyscrapers and lush green mountains in the background create the most breathtaking scenery in the world. In addition to its skyline, Hong Kong with its lively lifestyle; friendly people wonderful harbors; It is known for its many shopping opportunities and wide selection of restaurants and food.

Magnificent squares, Centuries-old churches, famous streets the Seine and the bridges of love that cross it; The grand palaces and cobbled streets of Montmartre make Paris the most charming and elegant of all. The City of Light is a collection of artists, Sculptors Writers Not only has it inspired poets and composers, it is present in almost every major capital of the world, and every city claims its own Champs-Elysèes. Take a cruise on the Seine or watch the world go by from a café, or it’s easy to understand why so many people love Paris.

There is a Brazilian saying, “God created the world in six days, and dedicated Rio to the seventh.” Blessed with one of the most iconic settings in the world, Rio impresses its guests. Anyone standing near the world-famous Corcovado statue or near Sugar Loaf Mountain will experience one of the most breathtaking views on earth as the deep blue sands of the Atlantic Ocean blend with the green sea of ​​the ocean. . Lush tropical vegetation. Yes, It is truly a “wonder city” as the locals call it.

San Francisco’s stunning bay is artistic, Bohemian and stunningly beautiful; San Francisco’s stunning bay surrounds this 43-acre beach resort. Few other cities in America and the world are more loved by their residents than the Bay City. the stunning cable car; Stunning bridges, the famous Alcatraz; With lots of attractions like the Ferry Building (a foodie paradise) and the sea lions at Pier 39; This wonderful city is best explored by bike.

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Perched on seven hills overlooking the Tiber River, Rome is a treasure trove of ancient architecture inspired by classical architecture, with some of the most beautiful squares and streets in the world. Nearby Roman Forum and nearby Trevi Fountain and nearby Trevi Fountain and the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica; Everyone is sure to visit the Eternal City for its famous sights and landmarks such as the Colosseum. But the faded palaces, Don’t forget to also visit the little-known Trastevere area, full of charming streets and charming houses decorated with flower boxes.

New York, new York, If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere. The Big Apple represents the ultimate world travel and defines the urban lifestyle. Here you can visit some of the world’s best museum collections; You can shop before you get off; Here you can attend world-class shows and make tough choices when it comes to going out. While there is no denying that New York City is expensive for visitors, There are many free activities.

Yes, I absolutely love Canada’s largest west coast city; Here’s why: Vancouver’s stunning mountains; Waters teeming with wildlife (orcas call it home) and lush rainforests (where wolves roam freely) encompass the beauty of the city. . Where panoramic glass skyscrapers reflect the views that surround them. As long as it doesn’t rain, add to the casual spirit of those who are ready to go.

Ten Most Beautiful Cities In The World

The stunning beaches of the world; Stunningly beautiful mountains, vineyard hills It’s hard to imagine a more perfect city trip than the South, with its stunning drivers and trendy bars and fine dining restaurants. The Mother City of Africa (frankly, you won’t find a better city). Combine this with some of the world’s best accommodation and service; It remains one of the hottest urban areas you’ll ever visit (and want to go back to again and again). Check out the impressions of Cape Town below.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World To Discover

Here is my photo album and YouTube video documenting my stay at The Lodge at the Presidio in San Francisco […]

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My YouTube channel is one of the most viewed travel videos in the world. We post one new video (hotel or flight review) per week. Click here to subscribe to my Youtube channel. The world is home to approximately 4,416 cities, from the crumbling beauty of Rome to the glittering, modern skyscrapers of Shanghai. It includes the tiny Adamstown, a microscopic settlement in the Pitcairn Islands with a population of just 48; This includes Venice, a floating city covered in stunning canals and stunning palaces. Like the people who live in them. Each one has his own personality. charm, There are photo-worthy moments and reasons to visit. Here are the most beautiful cities in the world, in our humble opinion.

Of The Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Rome is celebrated as Italy’s historic city, but Florence has a spark of pure, unadulterated Italian beauty. A stroll down the red brick road reveals stunning squares and cathedrals – and the skyline that dominates the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral is a snap. Do you have to look outside? Museums and galleries are filled with the world’s best and most enduring art. At least Michelangelo’s iconic David stands under a specially designed portal to heaven.

Before, St. Petersburg – Russia’s own “Paris of the East” – was a wasteland. From these humble foundations, Until 1728, the Great Peter the Tsar relied heavily on the aristocracy of Paris to make the Russian city rival the Baroque and Renaissance fortresses of Western Europe. its delicate islands; It stands out for the arteries of Nevsky Prospekt and the gilded imperial towers of the Hermitage. It’s a museum with so many works of art that you could spend a lifetime walking through the halls and still not see them all.

Located on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, Charleston provides an almost magnetic attraction to its residents and the countless tourists who visit this dazzling colonial city each year. Founded in 1670, this town, founded in 1670, is not an ossified heritage, despite the streets of The Battery (lined with very charming houses) and the Bermudian limestone and cobblestones of Chalmers Street. Instead, It is known for its lively bars, award-winning Southern Nouveau cuisine; Home to a fascinating and growing creative community that inspires world-class distilleries and stylish hotels.

Ten Most Beautiful Cities In The World

It’s easy for people living in London and New York to get used to the idea of ​​”the city” as a sprawling place of development where nature can be enjoyed far away. Cape Town tells a different story: in the shadow of the stunning beauty of Table Mountain and its penguin-filled beaches. Outdoor activities are an important part of daily life in this vibrant and vibrant city. From the green lungs of Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens to the electrifying nightlife of the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town is one of the world’s most iconic and exciting urban destinations. In 2014, it was chosen as the Design Capital of the World, demonstrating the combination of natural beauty and human creativity.

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The old port in West Flanders has moved to the coast, but is still a flooded town today. A charming network of canals connects this beautiful belt of rickety cottages and swelling squares to the vast waters of the North Sea at Polis. From Groeners (or “green canal”).

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