Time Tracking App For Small Business

Time Tracking App For Small Business – Time tracking for small businesses is a must today. Small and medium business owners who want to stay abreast of the latest technology trends should abandon traditional methods of employee time tracking and replace it with automated time tracking. Why do this and how to choose a clock app that perfectly meets the needs of the company? Let’s see if we can find the best time tracking software for your SMB!

Time is money; we cannot simply reject it. Hundreds of wasted employee hours can cost a company little. It’s hard to get your money back, but at least you can avoid more abnormal charges. But that’s not the only reason why you should switch from manual time tracking to a fully automated time tracking solution. Let me introduce the essentials of time tracking for a small business.

Time Tracking App For Small Business

Time Tracking App For Small Business

Spreadsheets and time breakout cards are outdated and have a high risk of costly human error. Employee time tracking automatically clocks in and out and collects their average work hours, rest time and remote work days.

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With a time tracking app, you can set a budget for each task and track it as the project progresses. When you and your team log hours for a particular project, a progress bar shows the remaining time, and the system notifies you when the budget is approaching its maximum.

Knowing how much time similar projects or tasks take is the key to smarter distribution and management of work among your team. Such knowledge is very important in the SME sector, as companies often struggle with labor shortages.

Calculating wages and salaries is easier when based on valid attendance data. Employee time tracking applications log work hours and fill out time sheets automatically and accurately. Simply combine the results with their hourly rates and make sure your employees are being paid fairly for their hard work.

Time tracking helps SMEs track non-billable hours, administrative costs of various company-related processes. Tracking them helps to understand the true costs of doing business.

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Remember – you can’t manage and improve things you can’t measure. Project team tracking gives you invaluable data on how much each one costs you, and the same goes for employees.

Every employer is obliged to monitor the attendance of employees and pay them fairly. The financial policy of companies should be consistent with

(and similar practices in different countries) that refer to minimum wages, overtime pay, record keeping, etc. It’s easier to comply with these standards if you track work hours automatically.

Time Tracking App For Small Business

Small businesses need a good employee time tracking system. And here, with help, or rather, an opportunity to automate the time tracking process.

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Both in-office and remote teams will appreciate how easily they can log time spent on work-related activities with a time tracking app. It is available as a desktop app that runs in the background and automatically populates timesheets with tracked time, as mobile apps and browser plugins.

The free plan includes unlimited users and unlimited projects and tasks, tags, project templates, and more. Perfect for SMEs that need some free monitoring time to get started (you can upgrade at any time!).

Paid plans start at $6.30 per user/month and include features such as invoicing, budgeting, and timesheet approvals. Small businesses with their own needs can contact sales to discuss the details of a business plan.

If you manage a team running on Azure DevOps, you should try the 7pace time tracking app. The good news is that they are also preparing a Github version; early access is now open.

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7pace offers direct, two-way time tracking: in real time or manually adding time entries to work items later. Users can track their performance with weekly time sheets or monthly reviews.

Managers of development teams will appreciate features such as sprint health insights, timesheet approval, and different levels of user settings.

7pace time tracking software also offers powerful budgeting support for development teams. Includes billable/non-billable hours, item assignments, iterations, budget work notes, and software capitalization support.

Time Tracking App For Small Business

With this time tracking app, development teams can easily assess their performance with work log history and team/individual reports, which are also available item-specific.

The Best Time Tracking App For Small Business In 2022

7pace does not offer a free plan; however, you can sign up for a free trial (28 days) to check out all the features this time tracking solution has to offer. The lowest paid plan costs $5 per user/month for teams of up to 20 users.

If your small business just needs a simple time tracking solution, WorkComposer seems like a good option. Its timer tracks time spent on work, then gives you an overview by project, task or employee.

WorkComposer offers features that help managers regain control of their employees’ time: screenshot tracking and URL/application tracking. Based on time tracking data, it generates reports on usage duration and activities. This helps some team leaders to properly measure the productivity and performance of the remote worker.

In addition to project time reporting, WorkComposer offers project management solutions that help distribute work among employees and manage/prioritize daily tasks.

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There are many hybrid products among watch apps. One of them is Todo.vu which, apart from focusing mostly on project management tools, also functions as a time tracking software.

SMBs looking for an all-in-one yet simple time tracking application will appreciate its comprehensiveness. It tracks customer data, helps you organize your daily workflow, helps track work hours, and offers time-saving benefits like recurring tasks, labels , and automatic reminders.

Furthermore, todo.vu supports teamwork by offering a “Good Job!” feature. which will help managers to appreciate the efforts of employees. Any team member can set an “out of office” status when they are out of work.

Time Tracking App For Small Business

The free plan only includes one user, so it would be a great workflow tracking app for freelancers. SMB owners can choose a business time plan ready to manage tasks, track time and billable hours for teams. It costs $9 per user/month.

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If you’re an SMB owner looking for the best time tracking software for Quickbooks, consider giving Quickbooks Time a try. Formerly TSheets, now part of the Intuit software group.

Quickbooks time offers a variety of ways to track work time. It has a mobile time tracking app that allows tracking and managing employee time. Mobile teams will appreciate the Time Clock Kiosk feature that runs on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Small and medium business owners who employ field workers can benefit from GPS and geo-fencing that transmits real GPS data without draining the smartphone battery.

In addition to tracking time spent on daily work-related activities, Quickbooks Time provides demanding teams with work and shift scheduling functionality.

Quickbooks time does not offer a free plan and the lowest paid costs a basic fee of $20 per month + $8 per user per month. Paid plans include a free admin, scheduling and expert support.

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If your SMB just needs time tracking tools without project management, Project Hours looks like a good choice. It works in two ways: as a web timer, or you can manually add time entries to timesheets.

Project Hours is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, so it will work well for SMEs in the construction or healthcare industries where not all employees have a desk job.

In addition to tracking hours for projects, the tool also offers a basic reporting function, prevents data changes by locking timesheets, and allows hourly rate that can be set for easier spending.

Time Tracking App For Small Business

Project Hours offers a lengthy, two-month free trial. After this period, you can upgrade to a premium plan that costs just $2 per user per month.

Best Free Time Clock Apps For Small Businesses ⏰

If your business employs field workers and you’re looking for an all-in-one yet inexpensive toolkit, try ClockShark. Works like other time tracking apps; however, it is also packed with many other features useful for day-to-day collaboration management.

ClockShark allows your field team to communicate in real time. Once employees enter, they receive instructions from their managers that are essential for the accurate performance of current responsibilities.

With this tool, you can automate time tracking with web timers, mobile apps and time kiosk features. Furthermore, it offers GPS tracking and geo-fencing to help you know where your employees are. As one of the schedule tracking apps, you can use its drag and drop feature to create work schedules in no time.

With a free trial, you can access all premium features for 14 days. You can then choose from three paid plans, the lowest starting at a base fee of $15 and $3 per user per month.

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If your SMB needs small business time tracking apps that also support payroll, Rippling can help. It is an employee management toolkit that consists of various features to manage employee onboarding and firing effortlessly.

One of the features that streamlines daily workflow management is time and attendance tracking. It automates the entire process—from clocking in early to collecting checks. Employees can use desktop web timers, mobile apps or time kiosks to check in and out. It is then up to the managers to accept or reject their time sheets.

Rippling offers HR and IT solutions of a high standard. It sounds big, but small teams, regardless of industry, can also benefit from their workforce platform.

Time Tracking App For Small Business


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