What Graduate Degree Is Right For Me Quiz

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What Graduate Degree Is Right For Me Quiz

What Graduate Degree Is Right For Me Quiz

Everyone goes to high school at some point in their 20s. Everyone from classmates to co-workers complain about how much they study for the GMAT, how they don’t have a life because they work weekends at their beck and call, and if they don’t get in, they press methods, creating silent peer pressure. “Top 20”. A program he never understood.

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FOMO has entered. “Wait, shouldn’t I have a life too?” “Will everyone walk past me?” “Am I moving out of my parents’ house the wrong way?”

You capture your imagination, and suddenly…you get it. Fashion leather shoes. Cable-knit sweater. A macchiato in one hand and a MacBook Air in the other. Your hair: perfect. You’re walking down the tree-lined rocky road, yelling at everyone you pass, smiling, because you obviously have 10,000 friends here. Maybe you need it! Maybe graduate school is for you!

Hold up. Maybe you will, but maybe you won’t, and if you don’t, it’s a real waste of money and time. Pause for a second and take this quiz to find out.

OK, that’s interesting. Of course, this fun quiz shouldn’t be your only tool in making that decision, but it does come up with plenty of great ideas for you to consider during these difficult times. Over the years, I’ve seen bright and ambitious people give up years of professional development and hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to grad school, offering them a job they could have done there. In just as much time, none of that was wasted. and money. Also, when they get more mentorship, they take advantage of the opportunity for graduate school to serve as a pivot or accelerator for a timely, relevant career.

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I’m not happy with my current job – or – I don’t know what I want to do, this might give me some inspiration.

Those two sound basically the same to me and are the most popular reasons I hear and, in my opinion, the worst reasons to go to grad school. You should go to grad school because it’s an important part of your career path, not helping you figure out your career path. If you answered “no” to the first question, you can stop reading now and move on to defining that part first.

But you? Is there anyone qualified to tell you that you can’t get promoted without graduating, or are you just thinking? Even if someone else at your company has a graduate degree, consider whether they can a) advance or b) get in. If it’s the last time, you’re already at the door. Congratulations, you just raised $200,000.

What Graduate Degree Is Right For Me Quiz

Career transitions are difficult. Going to graduate school is a surefire way to transition without difficulty. Astonishing! So should you go? Not that fast… If #1 is the worst reason to go, then this is the laziest. Before you sign up for an expensive graduate program, try to do it yourself. You probably can’t, in which case you’ll need to reconsider the decision, but if you don’t have money to eat (or someone pays you) why not make an effort to change the sans degree? You have nothing to lose, and if you end up having to leave, you’ll know it’s for the right reasons.

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There’s no question that high school is great relationship food. You’re in a situation where you connect with a group of ambitious and smart people. awesome. But with enough effort (yes, it’s definitely more effort), you can achieve the same goal without stopping work or blowing all your money.

That said, there are very good, very legitimate reasons to go to graduate school. Once you realize that you are destined to be a doctor, you have to go to medical school. If you’ve been trying to transition from sales to investment banking for the past 2 years and haven’t gained traction, it might be time to pull the numbers. I have a very basic formula in my quiz, but you can also use some very sophisticated online calculators that will give you your expected monthly payment (such as this one from LearnVest). It doesn’t matter that your company or generous relatives are footing the bill, in which case you might want to take a two-year sabbatical where you’ll meet lots of smart and interesting people who can inspire you. ? There is nothing wrong with it!

Jessica S. Desjardins is Executive Director of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, a firm that is using technology to change the way financial advisors interact with their businesses and clients. Jessica is part of the leadership team at Ellevate New York, which develops programs for young professionals that create opportunities for young women to communicate on career-related topics in authentic ways, and in the process become So bold.

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What Graduate Degree Is Right For Me Quiz

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What Graduate Degree Is Right For Me Quiz

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