What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

What Is The Best Type Of Pearl – Pearls offer amazing colors for everyone. From pure white Akoya pearls to black Tahitian pearls, silver and gold South Sea pearls and deep shades of lavender, even blue!

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What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

Whether it’s beautiful Akoya pearls or attractive South Sea pearls, white pearls have been ‘Itaro’ for centuries. Both women and men wear and love white pearls because of their simple and versatile beauty.

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In Japan, China, and sometimes Vietnam, Pinctada fucata martensii is cultivated using salt water. Akoya pearls range in size from 2mm to 11mm (9.5mm + very rare).

Freshwater pearls grown in China using the pearl Hyriopsis cumingii have sizes ranging from 2.0-3.0 mm to 11.0-12.0 mm and sometimes larger.

Popular shades: Rose is a warm pink, Silver is a white, soft white, and Cream/Ivory is a warm French vanilla.

Cultivated in Australia using the mouth-watering powder of Pinctada maxima in salt water, this is the ‘queen of gems’. These beautiful pearls range in size from 8.0mm to 16.0mm and larger.

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Popular tones: Rose is a cool warm pink (and rare), Silver is a white, cool white (common), and Cream/Ivory is a warm French vanilla.

A dark and rare pearl, black pearls have captured the imagination of men and women around the world for centuries. A hundred times rarer than white pearls, black pearls are filled with all kinds of legends and heritage.

Tahitian pearls are cultured saltwater pearl Pinctada margaritifera in French Polynesia and range in size from 8.0-9.0mm to 14.0-15.0mm and larger. Pearls range in body color from light dove gray to charcoal gray to almost black.

What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

Black Akoya pearls are cultivated in Japan and China using Pinctada fucata martensii oysters in salt water between 6.0-6.5mm to 7.5-8.0mm. Pearls are always from AA+ good luck. Black Akoya pearls are almost black in color and are easily distinguished by similar colors.

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Freshwater pearls are cultivated in China using the pearl Hyriopsis cumingii which is 6.0-7.0 mm to 8.0-9.0 mm. The best freshwater pearls can be selected by color grading, so you will find the best freshwater pearls in black A-AAA.

Grown in Guayamas, Mexico, it is one of the rarest types of cultured pearls available today. The Sea of ​​Cortez pearl is cultivated in Ptera sterna, the Rainbow Lip Brine Oyster. Sea of ​​Cortez pearls also vary in primary body color from dark brown.

Beautiful, beautiful and precious, naturally colored pearls, South Sea pearls are one of the largest and most valuable cultured pearls in the world. Ranging in color from dark champagne to the finest 24K gold, these precious stones come from the tropical lagoons and atolls of the Philippines and Australia.

14K deep gold pearls are one of the most common colors available today. Shining with neutral gold or rose tones, these gold beads look great with many colors.

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22K to 24K South Sea Gold is rare and valuable (all other things being equal).

The champagne color is a mixture of dark brown, 10K gold, silver, and black. It’s a very soft, subtle and natural color (and great for us blondes!).

Deep purple pearls are usually cultivated in freshwater pearls, Hyriopsis cumingii (with various mussels mixed in to produce unique colors and sizes) in freshwater ponds in China. Each freshwater pearl can spin up to 25 times on the side of the shell, producing unique colors.

What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

They vary from light peach to apricot (and orange) to deep yellow and purple. Silver and pink colors are also in this beautiful palette.

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Usually lavender colored freshwater pearls are grown in freshwater pearl mussel Hyriopsis cumingii. These giant pearls grow and thrive in freshwater ponds and lakes in China. Nucleated up to 25 times on the side of the shell, the freshwater pearl plant is a very colorful thing, producing lavender, red, peach and white colors.

The soft and deep shade of lavender is a natural color found only in freshwater pearls from China.

Colors can range from dark mauve to silver-red to deep lavender and even purple.

These colors range from light lilac to deep purple. The accents are pastel aquamarine, silver and rose.

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Perhaps the unique color of pears, true blue pearls are one of the wonders of the world. Natural blue pearls come in an amazing array of colors, from pastel sky to deep midnight blue, and a wide variety of stunning tones.

Blue Akoya pearls typically have blue body colors ranging from silvery blue-gray to deep sky blue and are cultivated in Japan and Vietnam.

Tahitian pearls are not actually “true” blue pearls, but rather black pearls, which can display tones of blue from light sky blue to blue-green or blue.

What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

Like Tahitian pearls, they are not blue “pearls”, but black pearls with rich tones ranging from aquamarine and blue-green to deep midnight purple (and every shade in between). It could be

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It is the largest of the blue pearls and features the trademark ‘satin’ luster of South Sea pearls.

Chocolate pearls have been all the rage lately—with designers like Erica Courtney helping to solidify their place as a worthy pearl. Tahitian Pearl Chocolate can be dyed naturally or dyed in their brand colors… Just what we want.

The term “multicolor” refers to the design rather than the color of the pearl, and may consist of freshwater, Tahitian, or South Sea pearls.

The multi-colored Tahitian necklace is a mixture of light and dark tones.

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The resulting chain can be beautiful, artistic and beautiful. Due to the endless variety of colors and tones, this multi-colored Tahitian pearl necklace is as unique as its owner – no two are ever the same.

Sometimes, multi-colored necklaces are mixed with Tahitian or purple paste or lavender beads for a more romantic or dramatic touch.

Oysters produce pearls in a variety of colors, starting with the color of the back side of the shell, called the “mouth” of the mollusk. For example, Tahitian pearls get their dark charcoal gray glow from the salt water of the black Tahitian pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera. Look for the brown to silver color on the side of the shell.

What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

Another way to see the color of pearls is by microscopically looking at the pigment inside the conchiolin layer. Conchiolin is the organic “glue” that holds the aragonite crystals together. Conchiolin holds the platinum together (think of the pearl structure as something like a brick wall, and conchiolin is cement).

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When conchiolin is rich in color, black, red, red-black, black, or other colors, this pigment appears through small crystalline particles, and on the surface there are shades of blue, gray, yellow, green, copper, dark red, and orange. it gives an appearance. pearl

Finally, platinum aragonite is a semitransparent, hexagonal, micron-thin crystal that forms prismatic pearls. When white light hits the surface of the gemstone, the light is reflected back to the viewer, allowing the viewer to see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. This phenomenon also has a significant effect on the appearance of pearls, or the subtle colors that appear in body paint.

Golden Pearl of the South. Left: Medium gold with soft rose tones Right: Deep gold south sea pearls with copper and green accents.

As you can see, each Southern Gold pearl shows a different shade of gold body strength, but tone or tone over the main body color will affect the overall color of the pearl to the viewer. The gemstone on the left shows a “warm” red tone due to the role of rose, while the gemstone on the right appears “cool” due to the green and copper.

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Although the science of pearls continues to advance, we now have a better idea of ​​how the environment and the mollusk affect the color. These articles produce pearls that range in color from white to chocolate, as seen earlier in this article.

Your package is fully insured. If your product is lost or stolen before delivery, we’ve got you covered. With the exception of a very small collector’s market in the natural world (wild pearls), all pearls bought and sold on the auction market are cultured pearls.

Cultured pearls are real pearls that grow in front of real mountains on pearl farms in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, China and many other places.

What Is The Best Type Of Pearl

Natural/wild pearls are usually found by accident collecting shells. You can open 10,000 oysters to get a beautiful pearl.

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To say the least.

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