What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape – Nail shape names aren’t really complicated—square, round, ballerina—but choosing the right one can be From the basic oval to the dominant stilettos, changing the shape can change the entire mood of the manicure. (Who would ever think of long coffin nails as nude colors? She didn’t think so.) Learning countless nail shapes doesn’t stop at the finger tips — you also have to figure out which nail shape is right for you. So we asked celebrity manicurists Jean Soon Choi, Miss Pop, and Deborah Lipman, as well as OPI educator and licensed Police and Prison artist Sigourney News to break it down. Check out their knowledge of nail shapes, then follow their advice to create your own Insta-worthy manicure.

Definition: Mirror outline of the nail with a rounded edge at the tip “The tip of your nail is filed like an arc of a perfect circle,” explains Miss Pope

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape

Bottom line: Anyone who wants to lengthen their fingers “They look narrower and wider nail beds look thinner,” says News

Types Of Nail Shapes That You Need To Know Before Getting A Manicure

Definition: “Looks natural, but is slightly filed on the sides to lengthen the nail and can give the illusion of your toes looking taller. This is probably partly because the nail has to grow a little to achieve the shape.” behind a finger,” says Miss Pope

Definition: Miss Pope says, round with a perfect 90-degree side facing straight up. “I always associate this shape with nail queens Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliott and Dolly Parton. It’s their favorite music. I’ll also add that this shape is very popular on the West Coast.”

Bottom line: If you have narrow nail beds and thin toes, this is the perfect shape for you. “I classify it as a modern shape, and it seems to appeal to young people,” says Choi.

Wear it with: “The beautiful rich dark color gives this shape a cool, trendy edge. Geometric and negative space nail art also work well with this shape,” she says.

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Definition: Take a square nail and round its edges and you end up with this hybrid.

The bottom line: “It’s a universally flattering nail shape that looks good on both short and long toes,” says News.

Definition: Mimicking the shape of a cassette or ballet flat, this shape is laterally tapered with a straight edge at the toe.

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape

Bottom line: It’s a favorite among people who like nails and fashion in general, says Choi This shape is both elegant and powerful.

Choosing A Perfect Nail Shape!

Wear it: This shape provides more background for nail art However, Choi recommends choosing solid colors with a matte finish

Bottom line: “The most beautiful nail shape in the fashion world,” says Lipman Sexy, slimming and strong is how I would describe almond shaped nails.

Definition: Long, pointed and dramatic “A file like a piece,” says Miss Popp. “This sharp shape evokes the vixen of Ross Meyers and Cardi B. Although it has seen a recent surge in popularity, it really dates back to the mid-20th century.” “But I’ll make sure this shape is really wearable, you need gel or acrylic to strengthen the nails.”

Bottom line: It’s good for people who have a bold fashion style, says Choi “People who want a nail look that’s edgy and edgy are embracing it as a fashion accessory.” Officially he came to the right place Despite what your IG feed may tell you, your options are not limited when it comes to nail shapes You definitely have your classics (hiii, almond and square), but you have plenty of room to play with length, sharpness and width to get a new look. So if you’re ready to ditch your boring, blah manicure and go for something a little more exciting, keep scrolling to find the best nail shapes of all time. NGL, I think you are about to discover your new favorite

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Nail Shape – It’s all about finding a style that works best for you Try to keep your lifestyle and preferred nail length in mind when trying out a new look, as certain shapes (see: something in the coffin or stiletto family) definitely call for a set of acrylic or gel extensions. And when in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your nail tech about your options—they’ll be able to check out your natural nails IRL and give you a pretty good idea of ​​which shapes are worth trying.

Do I have it? Well, now read on for 13 beautiful nail shapes and some tips and tricks to try on your own.

This square needle shape is a touch thinner than coffin nails and has long, tapered sides and a sharp square edge. The long length makes them ideal for anyone looking to stand out with their nails, and they’re versatile enough to match any combination of nail polish or nail art.

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape

Who is it best for: Down to try acrylic or gel extensions? Well, bc you can’t bargain with them for this nail shape

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Think of the arrow shape as a less intense stiletto nail You still have sharp, pointy tips, but they’re a little more receding to the sides Arrow nails are great for people who don’t like the super long look and/or want something more practical

Who it’s best for: You can pull off this shape with natural nails (as long as they’re relatively thick and long), but acrylics and gels are also fair game.

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean they have to be completely out This natural-looking shape has a slightly curved tip and soft edges that are equal parts soft and beautiful.

Who it’s best for: Choose this shape when you need a break from acrylic or dipping powder, as it looks great on natural nails with minimal polish.

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The best thing about glitter nails? You can make them extreme or subtle All you need is a sharp, flared edge (like this option here) and the rest is up to you. Get ready for festive nail art – the more elaborate, the better

Who it’s best for: For a sharp, strong edge, you’ll want to try this nail shape with acrylic or gel color (for example, if your natural nails aren’t made of steel).

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What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape

Named after a high heel, “this shape makes a statement—it’s dramatic and high-maintenance at the same time,” says nail stylist Miss Popp. Because stiletto nails require super tapered sides, pointy centers, and heel lengths, you’ll need to commit to extensions.

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“It’s best for anyone,” says Miss Pope: “There’s nothing like natural stilettos because they break so easily in that shape. Choi recommends getting acrylic overlays vs. gel overlays to add length. “Acrylic looks thicker, so I prefer to use gel because the shape will always look better.”

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PSA: This nail shape is sure to earn you some compliments (I mean… look how unique it is). Lipstick nails are defined by their slanted and sharp tips, making them ideal for two-tone manicures.

Who it’s best for: This shape requires a set of strong nails, so if you want it to last, it’s best to try it with an acrylic or gel coat (which, trust me, you do).

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It’s a soft, natural look that’s easy to maintain – even if you break a nail, you can sacrifice a bit of length and keep the shape, says Miss Popp. “Move the nail file side to side” to create a gentle curve, she says.

Who it’s best for, she adds: “It works best on nails that are short or have gone a little past your toes.” Translation: This is a great option for those whose nails can’t grow very long

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape

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This nail shape is deceptively difficult to apply, as the slightly tender end can easily go into the tonsils.

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