What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color – All the major paint brands: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Behr and PPG have announced the top new interior paint trends for 2022!

Not only did they pick the Color of the Year 2022 (click to read this post), but they also picked the entire Paint Trend 2022 collection!

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

Experience in choosing fabric colors, 5 years of work in the paint industry and the ability to remember paint colors – this is my experience.

Km4576 Yang Mist

I’ve been sharing my annual Best of the Best picks for years, and these are my most popular blog posts:

Not only will I share my top 28 paint color picks, but I’ll further narrow down the trending palette to bring you the best:

Out of the 5 paint brands I cover, guess how many chose green as the color of the year?

Valspar doesn’t pick a single color, but you can bet they have one in their fashion palette too!

The Best Paint Colours For East Facing Rooms

“Make room for creativity. Highlighting the silvery-green stem of a flower, October mist creates a canvas for other colors and your imagination begins to blossom. Benjamin Moore is the color of 2022

“Evergreen Mist SW 9130 is a versatile and calming color, a chameleon color with beautiful green and gray undertones of blue. It’s a simple yet sophisticated paint job in beautiful, organic hues for spaces that crave subtle yet wonderfully expressive hues. Sherwin Williams is the color of the year 2022

Breezeway “The relaxed and uplifting spirit of green sea glass that conveys peace and serenity to move forward.” Behr 2022 color of the year

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

“Olive Sprig is a neutral, luscious mid-tone green with an organic green undertone. It is the perfect paint color for any interior. PPG Color of the Year 2022

The Best Interior White Paint Colors

Now let’s take a look at all the trendy paint colors of 2022 from the major paint companies.

Last year, in my analysis of paint color trends, I called it the new pink with blues and greens with gray and yellow undertones.

“As trends change, paint color is truly one of the most cost-effective ways to update a home and freshen up the look.” Entrance dreamer

This is good news for all of us who are looking for new colors to decorate our homes.

Is Gray Paint Color Totally Out?

I look at 127 colors and choose the colors that best suit your home.

1. High reflective white | 2. Per | 3. Morning Dew | 4. Wadi White | 5. October Mist | 6. Evergreen Mist | 7. Rosemary | 8. Castle Stone | 9. Lullaby | 10. Quiet Moments | 11. Moody Blue | 12. Vining ivy | 13. Orchid Gray | 14. Aleutskaya | 15. Mountain River | 16. Mysterious | 17. Light Lavender | 18. Violet Tip | 19. Gooseberry | 20. Blackberry | 21. Shades of Pink | 22. Curtains at sunset | 23. Cranberry punch | 24. Red Bay | 25. Pleasant Gray | 26. Loggia | 27. Oyster shell | 28. Iron ore

To help you out, I’ve narrowed the list down to more specific color categories: neutrals, greens, blues, pinks, reds, and purples.

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

1. Wadi White | 2. Collector’s Item | 3. Alabaster | 4. Per | 5. Morning Dew | 6. Beautiful Gray | 7. Available Beige | 8. Loggia | 9. Oyster shell | 10. Curiosity | 11. Scorched Earth | 12. Iron

The Best Whole House Paint Colors (2022)

1. Breath of Winter | 2. Lullaby | 3. Quiet Moments | 4. Moody Blue | 5. Vining ivy | 6. Ocean Abyss | 7. Orchid Gray | 8. Mountain River | 9. Mysterious | 10. After the rain | 11. Dark Cobalt Blue | 12. Frank Blue

I didn’t list it in my trends because it’s subtle, but there are other types of blue that don’t have a hint of green.

1. Breezeway | 2. High Park | 3. Rosemary | 4. October Mist | 5. Evergreen Mist | 6. Castle Stone | 7. Blanched thyme 8. Fixed | 9. Sage of Gloucester | 10. Cuckoo Verde | 11. Guacamole | 12. Basque leaves

1. Shades of Pink | 2. Wild Flower | 3. Curtains at Sunset 4. Cranberry Punch | 5. Sun-washed brick | 6. Sequoia Sierra | 7. Rose Tan | 8. Red Bay

Best Benjamin Moore White Paints For Every Home

1. Light Lavender | 2. A hint of violet | 3. Private | 4. Blackberry | 5. Tea Time | 6. Gooseberry | 7. Rose | 8. Dynamo

I can see the pastel colors in this group being used in bedrooms because they are so pretty and so calming.

The last two colors shown are cool and bright in nature, and it might not be better for a whole room, but just for a wall.

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

“I hope you are well informed about all the paint colors that will be popular next year.” Pooch is a dreamer

The Best White Paint Colors For 2023

Here are some paint color posts that might help if you’re stuck or haven’t found the perfect shade in your annual selection:

This post has a little popup, or follow me on Facebook or Instagram where I’ll let you know when I have new posts! This post was posted a long time ago. After years of creating paint color palettes, I’ve spent the past few weeks researching and compiling my favorite paint colors for furniture upgrades (a few of which are great cabinet colors, too).

There are so many wonderful colors for painting furniture that I had such a hard time narrowing down the list to 16 colors. I narrowed down the list based on current color trends in furniture/design and the most versatile colors (mix of warm/cool tones). Most importantly, I chose colors that were consistent in all directions and would look good on top of the various furniture upgrades I could find.

So today’s post is in two parts; 1) I wanted to share these great colors for painting furniture, but 2) I wanted to share with you some of my favorite paint tutorials from great bloggers. Most of the colors in today’s palette are based on our Blogger projects, so you can see examples of these colors in action below. Most of these projects have a tutorial with wonderful step-by-step instructions on how to paint their designs. If there is a detailed tutorial, I’ll post it below the image with a link.

The Hottest Gray Green Paint Colors On The Market

By the way, if you’ve never painted furniture before, I’ve written a very detailed tutorial here, especially for beginners, if you’d like to paint your first item. Hope these colors inspire you to try (do it, do it!!)

If you’re not sure which paint to use, I’ve explained the difference between milk paint, spray paint, chalk paint, specialty furniture paint, and traditional paint in this post. I recommend choosing a paint type first and then a color.

I break down the colors below into white, neutral, bold and dark, and to keep this post from getting too long I won’t show all the colors in the palette;

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

For a true white with little or no tint, my favorite is Decorators White by Benjamin Moore:

The Best Green Paint Colors For 2023

If you’re looking for a true white, with a little warmth, Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or Benjamin Moore Simply White is beautiful. These are popular trim and cabinet colors because they are extremely versatile and go with just about anything:

Krylon spray paint comes with spray chalk paint which I love now and they have a neutral selection. You can read about this paint here.

One of the most versatile neutral paint colors is Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams. It’s almost perfect because it has the right balance of warm grays. Mindful gray is an all-star color because it has the perfect balance of warm and cool tones on furniture, cabinets and walls, so it always looks great. I love this color so much and I want to show you some examples:

Here is Mindful Gray from a piece I did for a friend, you can check out my matte satin dye tutorial here:

Benjamin Moore + Sherwin Williams Colour Palettes

You can really easily see this beautiful balance of warm and cool psychedelic gray in my craft room where I painted the cabinets this color:

For a very light gray that looks cooler than a moody gray and has less warmth, Behr’s Manhattan Mist is a nice rich color:

If you’re looking for a slightly darker, cooler gray, Benjamin Moore’s Wood Wolf is a beautiful gray for furniture (and a great cabinet color):

What Is The Most Popular Paint Color

I also love a beautiful rich blue-grey called Eclipse by Benjamin Moore. Eclipse is another star that looks great on everything, including cabinets and furniture:

Of The Best Paint Colors For Painting Furniture

Coral is one of the hottest furniture colors right now and Ardent Coral by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful coral color and this is a great example of the color from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs:

Emerald green is on trend for furniture right now and Behr’s Pine Scent is a blogger favorite and rightfully so. Check out these gorgeous leaves from my friend Amanda Carroll:

Mint is also popular right now and is one of my favorites

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