What Is The Most Secure Email Server

What Is The Most Secure Email Server – What is the most secure email service? Extensive encryption, no tracking, open source – there are many factors that make it the most secure email provider in the world.

Privacy and security are becoming increasingly popular, so more and more services are trying to promote themselves as the most secure email provider. But security and privacy are more than just encrypting some data. Most of the time these claims are just marketing claims (looking at your Gmail). We’ve gathered the facts and explained in detail why it’s the most secure email provider in the world.

What Is The Most Secure Email Server

What Is The Most Secure Email Server

Now that we know what to look for in the most secure email service, let’s see who ticks all the boxes!

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Based on the questions discussed above, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding which email service is the most secure.

Many email services use third-party technology to build their services, such as Postfix, Dovecot, Roundcube, and others.

The more third-party apps a so-called secure service uses, the harder it is to protect that service.

Of course, we cannot reinvent the wheel. But we built all our clients ourselves – web, Android, iOS and all our desktop clients.

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See here why we recommend choosing our secure desktop clients for Linux, Windows and macOS, and why it’s so important to build your own open source captcha.

One of the key differences is that we manufacture all of our core parts ourselves. In addition, we make sure that the open source tools we use are secure: we regularly start reviewing the security of these tools, as well as our own clients, for example when we release our desktop clients from beta.

Only open source – our customers, as well as dependent software, technically savvy people can review the code and make sure it works, what we promise: maximum protection for your private email.

What Is The Most Secure Email Server

The most secure email service in the world because we protect your information in every way. On our servers or on your devices: all data is always end-to-end encrypted.

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When you offer a secure email service, people trust that you have real security. For us, this means that there can never be a compromise when it comes to safety.

Security should be built into the code so you can easily add convenience to it – not the other way around.

This “safety first” concept has led to many development solutions that today provide the highest level of safety:

From the beginning, we encrypt the code end-to-end. was the world’s first end-to-end encrypted email provider and to this day encrypts all other email services.

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Automatically encrypts all e-mail messages between users, which greatly affects overall online security. it even allows you to send end-to-end encrypted email to anyone you want.

Every time we communicate with you—getting a new email notification, performing a search, making a calendar entry, adding a new contact to your address book—your information is always sent encrypted. We never send unencrypted data via notifications, and we never allow unencrypted data to be stored on your device.

Even when you search your encrypted mailbox, the search index is encrypted and stored locally until your information can be securely searched.

What Is The Most Secure Email Server

Our business model is different from most email services: because it’s encrypted, we can’t inspect your email and we don’t track you. We don’t send targeted ads to your inbox.

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By default, IP addresses are not entered when you sign up or send an email. After registration, you do not need to provide any personal information, even if you register through Tor (for example, a phone number is not required when registering an email account).

Removes IP addresses from mail headers so your location remains anonymous.

It also blocks tracking by not automatically uploading images. This is important because email is a popular tool for marketers who want to track everything you do online.

Emails allow marketers to track you by including pixels that tell you when the sender opened the email, clicked on links they included, and more. Tracking dots are supposed to load external email content.

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If the mail client automatically loads external content such as images, these tracking pixels are also loaded. It blocks this to ensure that you only download external content when you actively consent to the sender’s tracking.

In line with our focus on open source, we do not use any Google services such as Google Push (FCM) or Google reCaptcha to prevent the Silicon Valley giant from tracking you when checking your secure mailbox or encrypted calendar.

Allows you to choose any number of passwords, allowing you to create the most secure password.

What Is The Most Secure Email Server

We never pass your password to the server, only the hashed value. Since the actual password cannot be derived from this hash, we will never be able to capture your password.

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We also allow all users to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) with hardware token (U2F) or authentication application (TOTP).

When it comes to password recovery, this is the safest way: only users can reset their passwords with recovery codes. This is important because other password reset methods, e.g. Sending password reset emails is vulnerable to targeted attacks that can allow third parties to maliciously hijack accounts. As a secure email service, we need to ensure that our users’ accounts cannot be hacked using simple methods like this.

Check here why our system is the most secure password reset option. To protect your access as much as possible, we recommend reading our email security guide.

We recommend using a password manager so you never lose your password and recovery code.

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When you send email with , you are sure to have chosen the most secure option that provides end-to-end email encryption.

However, there are times when it is necessary to send and receive unencrypted messages. This email is much more difficult to protect, as the email provider can only encrypt the transmission in such cases, not the data itself. In addition, other services that are part of the sending process must also ensure that the transfer is completed safely, such as the recipient.

In order to protect unencrypted email as much as possible, we adhere to the highest possible standards of the SMTP email protocol.

What Is The Most Secure Email Server

MTA-STS supports. This standard must now be supported by all email services because it is strictly HTTPS for email websites: it introduces Transport Encryption (TLS) when TLS is possible.

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It also supports SPF, DKIM and DMARC. These three protocols are necessary to harden the infrastructure against phishing and spam attacks.

Adds another layer of protection by allowing its users to report fake emails. These reporting features work even without knowledge:

When an email is notified, we generate signatures (hashed values ​​of various fields) from it. When another user logs in, these signatures are transferred. When you open an email, it calculates hashes of various email fields and compares them to what was downloaded. This will be local on the client. If there are enough matches, the email is treated as phishing and flagged accordingly.

As this example shows: We take your privacy seriously every step of the way, even when we report potential fraudulent emails. We don’t even want to see these emails in plain text because the message can be random.

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We’ve built the first end-to-end encrypted calendar. The calendar encrypts all data, even event participants remain encrypted.

Calendar is the only agnostic calendar because we built this notification service so that our servers never see a notification even when you receive a push notification about an upcoming event. So our servers not only know what events you have, but also when your events are happening.

A calendar with email notifications – even if it’s encrypted – can’t be considered zero knowledge. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into sending encrypted notifications directly to clients like our desktop and mobile apps. A big plus with mobile apps is that you get alerts even when you’re not actively using the app.

What Is The Most Secure Email Server

Check out our post on our first calendar release to learn why encrypted notifications are so important to protecting your privacy.

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Not only are we the most secure email service right now, we plan to be the most secure in the future.

That’s why we started working on post-quantum secure encryption. In 2020, we launched the PQ Mail project and

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