What Ticket Site Has The Lowest Fees

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Whether it’s the hottest concert in your area or the football game of the year, the days of waiting three days before the ticket booth opens are over. Sure, some people still do, but browsing the best overseas ticket sites is the modern way to do things, whether you’re looking for sporting events, featured artists, or live music. We all know that these exciting events are usually expensive – but they don’t have to be. There are ways to buy discounted tickets online. The best websites to buy event tickets are StubHub, Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, Vivid Seat and Gametime. But which one is the best? Here we’ve compiled the pros and cons, services, costs, and best features of each of these websites to help you pick a winner.

What Ticket Site Has The Lowest Fees

What Ticket Site Has The Lowest Fees

EBay owns StubHub and started in 2000. Since 2000, StubHub has provided a platform for ticket buyers and sellers to get people to events.

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StubHub is one of the best ticket sites in terms of variety – you can find tickets to top events from around the world. Most of them are related to live performance – national tours and international acts. However, fans will also be happy to find tickets to smaller local concerts, shows and venues. Tickets never seem to go on sale on StubHub.

StubHub works by reselling tickets for live entertainment events. Venues, sports teams, performers, etc. can use the service directly to sell tickets, and ticket holders or intermediaries can also post tickets for sale on the site.

StubHub earns its revenue by collecting a commission for each ticket sold. While it’s possible to get discounted ticket prices through StubHub, the service is most useful for getting tickets at the last minute or for events that have officially sold out.

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Ticketmaster is the leading brand in the ticketing industry with over 40 years of experience. On January 25, 2010, Ticketmaster Entertainment and Live Nation merged to form Live Nation Entertainment. Now you have more options to enjoy live events and it just keeps getting better. By providing employees with industry-leading tools and infrastructure, the Live Nation Entertainment Arts Program was created to help support and develop emerging artists under our roof.

From affordable ticketing options for your event to competitive prices for live music, sporting events, concerts and theater shows, Ticketmaster is the professional company that can meet your ticketing needs.

Founded in 2009, SeatGeek is an online ticketing platform. You can buy or sell tickets for concerts, sporting events, theater or other events. SeatGeek has a desktop and mobile platform designed to display information about the latest events in various locations. You can search for events through cruise categories, select a new city, or enter a phrase into SeatGeek’s integrated search box. If you want to see upcoming events in a specific time frame, SeatGeek also lets you filter by date. However, you cannot search by location.

What Ticket Site Has The Lowest Fees

You can preview color-coded interactive seat maps. After buying tickets, you can also print them.

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SeatGeek benefits from a growing customer base. It uses data to display events and concerts based on user preferences.

In 2018, SeatGeek partnered with Lyft to add a special feature. This feature is useful for you in many ways. Lyft is one of the fastest-growing ride-sharing agencies in the United States. SeatGeek’s lift reservation facility provides great convenience to event attendees. These attendees can avoid the usual transportation hassles associated with watching a sports tournament or concert. It also simplified the pick-up and drop-off process for city driving. Fans who request a Lyft ride will receive their seat location in the Lyft app interface. This ensures that the driver has left them near their seat.

Snapchat has already been noticed as one of the social media. The collaboration between SeatGeek and Snapchat has brought another advantage to ticket sellers and buyers. You can purchase Seat Geek tickets from musicians and teams on Snapchat. The process of buying tickets becomes more pleasant for SeatGeek users.

Los Angeles Football Club has already sold tickets relying on integrated technology. It has released Snapcode and Snapchat Story, which helps users swipe the screen to make a purchase. Ticket buyers do not need to leave the program. The football club realized that this merger would allow them to connect with several dedicated fans. Therefore, the partnership between SeatGeek and Snapchat is valuable for both the buyer and the seller. The best fact is that SeatGeek is the first to offer this opportunity for live event tickets.

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It can be said that the SeatGeek team has taken a careful approach to benefit both sellers and buyers. Merging the two platforms will surely increase the number of SeatGeek ticket buyers.

Vivid Seat was launched in 2001 and has a very mature website. This website is easy to use and has a powerful search function. You can easily access all kinds of tickets for concerts, theaters and sports events. This provides the buyer with assurance that their tickets will work and customer service is available via phone and chat. You can sort search results by ticket, region, date or artist. Availability is great as they sell a wide variety of tickets in all areas of the venue. This is where Vivid Seat stands out from the competition. You’ll have access to premium and cheaper seats that vary based on factors such as availability, venue, and of course who’s selling what. In 2017, Vivid Seat had over $1 billion in revenue.

VividSeats is one of the best options when searching for tickets, mostly because of the rewards program – one of the leading programs in the industry. For example, you can buy seven tickets in a year and the eighth ticket will be free. Seeing the same artist for the second time in a year? Your ticket comes with a 5% discount. If you buy multiple tickets, you’ll also get various discounts, so feel free to gather your best friends.

What Ticket Site Has The Lowest Fees

Gametime is a mobile ticket broker that has Android and iOS apps. This company has one of the best experiences for buying last minute tickets because you can do it on your phone and you don’t need to print a ticket.

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Gametime’s biggest problem is that it has relatively low traffic compared to its competitors, and therefore has a limited number of tickets and event listings. There were also significant customer complaints about app errors where they were charged for tickets they didn’t actually buy, but they’ve since gotten better at avoiding this.

StubHub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace, with tickets available for over 10 million live sporting, music and theater events in over 40 countries.

Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live event tickets and makes it easy to buy, sell, transfer and check-in – so you can keep making lasting memories.

Ticketmaster is the official ticketing partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL and USTA. Add their exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, bands, theater tours and Broadway shows, and shopping with Ticketmaster gives you unparalleled access to the most memorable live events around the world.

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SeatGeek is a leading mobile ticketing platform that allows fans to buy and sell tickets for sporting, concert and theater events.

You can buy tickets for music events, sporting events, theater shows, etc. The website is simple and has a good search function, but you can also use the app for smartphones – easier to use and more efficient location access to find events in your area.

Because StubHub is an online marketplace, it allows members to buy and sell tickets. Ticket sales are a good option for people who have already paid for admission but are unable to attend events. Purchase allows people to buy tickets to events that are sold out or have limited seating.

What Ticket Site Has The Lowest Fees

Whether you want to buy or sell tickets, you need to start by creating a profile on the website. (You can also register via Facebook.)

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If you want to buy tickets on StubHub, you can use the website to search for specific events or search for events happening near you. StubHub will show you a list of available tickets along with section, row, number of seats and price. Depending on the venue, StubHub may show

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