Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students

Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students – If someone came to you offering you free money for the money you already spend every month, would you say no?

If you’re still paying with your NETS / debit card, it’s time to get the cash back that one of the most popular types of credit cards has to offer!

Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students

Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students

I previously posted about wallet cards in a live chat last week, but I also shared the first look at the spreadsheet I’ve been working on that captures the best cash back credit cards to enter 2018. A few of you You emailed me to request this list, so here are the best ones I picked:

Top 5 Credit Cards Options For International Students

If you sign up for any of these cards,  don’t forget to mention here that you’re a Budget Babe reader so you can get extra cash vouchers.

People with a UOB One account should definitely get the UOB One, which is a great pay-back card while helping you earn more interest on your savings too. If you have a big purchase, you probably you’ll get the most out of getting 5% cash back on this card ($2000 monthly spend).

Note: Some readers have commented that they have experienced long wait times after their card application is approved, approximately 3 weeks to 2 months. However, good books are worth the wait.

It’s an easy and hassle-free credit card, as it gives you 1.5% on all spending with no minimum or maximum limits, nor does it set a limit per category.

Latest} 5 Best Student Credit Cards In Canada 2022

For lazy people who don’t want to manage multiple cashback credit cards in their wallet, this would be the best option. Alternatively, you can also get the AMEX True Cashback card, although it is accepted by fewer merchants than the SCB MasterCard.

This is a really great card for the internet and the dining room. Plus, if you’re already in the BOC SmartSaver program (read my review here), this card can help you earn higher interest on your savings.

If you drive and eat out a lot, you’ll probably want to keep this card close as it’s the best for dining and gas (fuel savings of up to 20.88% at Esso and Shell). Or if you frequently book rides using the Grab app, this card also gives you 8% cash back for that, provided you meet the minimum monthly card spend of $888.

Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students

This card has been talked to death because it’s been around for a very long time, but if you’re on the OCBC 360 account, you probably need to get this to maximize your savings rate. It also offers relatively high cash back rates at restaurants and free travel insurance when you book flights with this card.

Best Credit Card For Students And Low Income Earners In Singapore

The best use of this card would be for 1-for-1 movie tickets at the Cathay Cineplex, as well as free travel every weekend if you manage to cover the transaction costs in the previous week. Use it for weekend meals and entertaining.

It was one of my first credit cards and I feel like it’s one that gets overlooked because no one talks about it much online. The truth is, this is a really great card with 6% discount on online shopping, which includes Grab and Uber rides. You’ll also earn 3% to 5% cash back on movies, karaoke sessions, and major coffee chains including Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

And yes, you can use this to achieve higher interest savings in your OCBC 360 account! In my opinion, this card is much better than OCBC 365 if your spending behavior falls into what I described above. The minimum spend is also much lower at $400 per month.

Best for public transport travel and groceries (at various places including Fairprice, Giant and Sheng Siong. This is more extensive unlike the POSB Everyday Card which limits you to Sheng Shiong supermarkets only).

Your Ultimate Guide To Apply For The Best Student Card In The Us

Get up to 10% cashback on select categories. Travel, health and beauty with CIMB Platinum Mastercard or choose CIMB Visa Signature if you eat out a lot.

I love this card because it allows you to enjoy discounts even on hospital/doctor/dentist/optician/pharmacy/spa/hair salon bills. Not many cards offer this privilege.

You have to spend at least $500 per month – consisting of at least 8 transactions of $30 or more – to enjoy 10% cashback, so this warrants a bit more tracking than I’d like. Also note that the maximum discount is limited to $60 each month.

Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students

Several readers pointed out specific cards to ask why they weren’t included in this list. For clarity, the following cards were also reviewed, but we felt they either paled in comparison to the other cards here or had too little utility to warrant a permanent place in our wallets.

Best Student Credit Cards With 0% Apr (2022

– HSBC Advance (several caveats to meet, sits in the middle of the UOB One and SCB / AMEX Unlimited offer)

– SCB Singpost Card (used to be among the best for online shopping, but recently changed its terms and reduced the cashback rate from 7% to 2%)

If you’re applying for any of these cards, make sure you check this list first to see if your application is eligible for the additional $125 Grab or NTUC vouchers here.

I get a few hundred dollars in cash back every year (and I don’t even spend much!) easily by maxing out my cards this way, and that’s not even counting the extra interest I get from my linked bank account. .. If you play your credit card strategy right, there’s a lot of free money you can get back for the money you’re already spending right now.

Should College Students Have Their Own Credit Cards?

Of course, as always, remember to be responsible with your credit card spending and always pay your bills on time at the end of the month! Otherwise, if you’re worried about potential overspending, you can consider the DBS Visa Debit Card for 5% cashback (we’ve also reviewed it previously here ).

Are there any other cashback cards we missed that you think deserve to be on this list? Let me know!

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Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students

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Why There Is No Such Thing As The “best Credit Card”?

I am currently using the FRANK Debit Card from OCBC as it was free and I was attracted by the variety of designs.

Also, have you considered that if you couldn’t pay back what you borrowed, you would damage your credit score, which would be a huge financial burden?

I also wrongly assumed that all credit cards from other banks only allow people with an annual income of $30,000 and above to have a credit card.

The minimum age requirement for this card is 18, but applicants under 21 must obtain parental/guardian consent before applying and guarantee payment of the balance.

Best Credit Cards In Singapore For Beginners (2022)

No minimum income required! This makes it an ideal card for students. However, it comes with an annual fee of $29.96.

With a Citi card, you get access to Citi World Privileges, where you can enjoy offers and discounts locally and in 90 other countries. You’ll be able to use your accumulated points to pay for any purchase with Citipay OR to redeem Citi Thank You

While the age requirement for most credit cards is 21 and over, you can get your credit card as early as 18.

Which Credit Card Is The Best For Students

Discounts will be automatically used for compensation (reduction of the amount due). Hence, it would be better for you as you will end up paying less instead of the full amount.

How Parents And College Students Can Use Secured Credit Cards

Samsung users can simply fill in their credit card details on Samsung Pay. By doing this, with a tap of your fingerprint/passcode, you can buy anything without having a physical credit card handy. One less card for your bulky wallet! Sorry iPhone and other phone users!

For example, if you got your credit card in January, that means you’ll be charged in March, June, September, and December.

Be sure to check that you have your credit card with you at all times! Because it would cost you $100 if lost/stolen and there will be a $20 surcharge.

Say goodbye to your EZlink cards because now, we

Credit Cards For Foreigners Working And Staying In Singapore Worth Applying For, Money News

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