Which Foundation Is Best For Me Quiz

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Which Foundation Is Best For Me Quiz

Which Foundation Is Best For Me Quiz

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Read more about 2021 new levels – reading efforts to bring more than 2021. Find Easy Ways to Find Your Skin Tone In 2021 Your Skin Tone In 2021 Find Your Undertone LimeLife 34 Foundation is a shade for everyone. But if you are wondering how to find the right shade for you, how to apply the foundation, and how to make it last all day, we answer all these questions below.

You can visit my how to choose a LimeLight base color post to learn more about finding the right base color match. This page also has several pictures to help show you what each color looks like. But the easiest way to understand the correct shade is to ask a question. You can even order a sample, or buy a custom size and return it if you’re not 100% satisfied.

The number of colors has increased over the years as LimeLife by Alcone constantly works to provide colors and products that work with all skin tones. In fact, we have 34 colors available as of March 2021. I love that LimeLife is always adding new colors so that everyone has a basic color that makes it strong.

The image above shows all 34 main colors. It includes 12 new colors that came out in March 2021. From the lightest base shade called Porcelain, to color number 34 and 32 shades in between. The beauty of LimeLife over the complete base of Alcone is that you can mix colors. This is especially helpful during the summer when your skin is a little darker than the winter months. For example, you can eat Shinto 1 in the winter and then add some Shinto 2 in the summer to go with it.

Fit Me Dewy & Smooth Foundation Makeup

Along with the release of new foundation colors in March 2021, the LimeLife foundation has also undergone a name change. Not the base name, but the color names. Instead of using names like Shinto, Olive and Gena Beige, LimeLife decided to go with a number system instead. Don’t worry, it’s still the same great base, the company tries to make it as easy as possible for people to understand the colors and sometimes the names can be misleading. You can see that the original names are lined up on the image above, so you can see that Olive 1 is now Shade 04 and Shinto 1 is now Shade 07. With so many great foundation shades out there, I think the LimeLife Foundation Test is more important than ever to help you easily identify the shade that’s right for you.

The first group is for those with brown skin. How do you know if you have pink skin? Well, people with this skin type sleep more easily. If this sounds like you, then Ivory (02), Gena Beige (03), MB5 (10) or MB6 (11) will suit you.

The last category is for people who have peach tones (undertones) in their skin. The lightest foundation shade in this category is Porcelain, or shade #1. You fall into this category if your skin lightens, but then quickly fades. Our base colors for peach tones are Olive or MB8. Now if you’re like me you might think that an olive tone is more of a yellow color, but for LimeLife our Olive shades are for peachy materials. I think this is a good example of why a company can choose numbers instead.

Which Foundation Is Best For Me Quiz

The last group of colors is for those with yellow colors (warm materials). Yellow color turns blue easily. All Shinto colors are in this category.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation Review

The chart below will give you an overview of the colors and the categories they fall into. It doesn’t include all 34 colors, but it gives you “shade families” as I like to call them.

I like the charts above because they help show where each color falls on the color spectrum for our base. Not only does it allow you to find the right color combination for you. But, it also lets you know the right color-concealer, bronzer and powder.

This photo gives you an idea of ​​what LimeLife color would be best for each celebrity. These celebrities aren’t wearing LimeLife in these photos, but their skin tones are a good example of any skin tone.

A=Porcelain, B=Ivory, C=Gina Beige,D=Olive 1,E=Olive 2,F=Olive 4,G=Shinto 1,H=Shinto 2,I=Shinto 4,J=MB5,K =MB6 and L=MB8

Best Drugstore Foundations 2022 That Professional Makeup Artists Swear By

This combination doesn’t give you all the color tone and color of LimeLife, but it gives you an idea of ​​color families and you can go up or down a shade. But again, the best way to find the right shade is with our basic LimeLife quiz on the front page.

This cream foundation is great for all skin types. I think for many people this is hard to imagine. I mean how good can foundation be for oily, dry and mature skin? Let’s start with oily and sensitive skin. LimeLife Foundation will not bind your hair, so it will not cause breakage or irritate existing blemishes. For dry skin, the key is to clean your skin properly. This will soften your skin and give you a flawless finish when foundation is applied.

As a cream foundation, LimeLife Foundation works well for mature skin. As with dry skin, the key to such skin is to properly prepare your skin. After all, your makeup looks better when your skin is healthy. But let’s say you’re like me and you don’t always deal with hair loss, fatigue, etc. This is good because the perfect foundation of LimeLife by Alcone will also give you a flawless look. For me I feel like the foundation almost glides on my skin. It won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles. So it is perfect for adults and mature skin.

Which Foundation Is Best For Me Quiz

LimeLife Perfect Foundation is a paraben-free foundation that has been used by professional makeup artists and celebrities for years. As a highly pigmented wax foundation, a little goes a long way. You can build layers of foundation for full coverage, or if you prefer a more natural look you can mix it with your moisturizer for a sheer look. If you’ve never used a wax foundation before, you’re in for a real treat.

How To Apply Foundation: Step By Step Guide For Beginners

My favorite way to apply foundation is with a large brush. This photo shows the base combined with our #5 stocking brush, but I really like the #17 large split diffuser brush. When I work the brush into my foundation to pick up some color, I use circular motions. Then I started moving the brush lightly on my face to apply the foundation. The light circular motions are the keys you want to use with the light hand. Need more coverage? No problem, just redo it and add another layer for the area.

The rule of thumb when choosing a brush is that the bigger and cooler the brush, the lighter it is. This means that with a #17 brush you will get more sheer coverage and with a #5 brush you will get more of a medium coverage. If you choose a traditional makeup brush like our #4, you will have heavy coverage.

Another important way to apply our foundation is with a makeup sponge. Our Blenderful is a reusable non-latex sponge with an angled edge for precise application. Whether you choose to use a dry sponge, or one that’s slightly damp, blending is another great way to apply foundation. When you need to cover more subtle areas, use the wide end for your cheeks and the pointed end for your nose and eyes. For outstanding to the area, a

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