Which Lenovo Is Best For Me

Which Lenovo Is Best For Me – Find the best gaming laptop using our ultimate guide. Find out what’s most important to beat your opponent, from the GPU to the keyboard.

Y540 (15) 15.6-inch Essential gaming laptop with the latest Intel Core processors and discrete NVIDIA graphics, plus a bright white keyboard, thermal optimization and more. Learn more

Which Lenovo Is Best For Me

Which Lenovo Is Best For Me

Y740 (15) 15.6-inch advanced gaming laptop with the latest Intel Core processors and discrete NVIDIA graphics, plus a custom Corsair® iCUE RGB switch and system lighting, thermal optimization, and more. Learn more

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Y740 (17) 17.3-inch gaming laptop with the latest Intel Core processor and discrete NVIDIA graphics, plus custom Corsair® iCUE RGB lighting and system lighting, thermal optimization, and more. Learn more

The Y530 15-inch gaming laptop packs essential components for modern gamers, including an 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor and discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics. Learn more

Once upon a time, computer games were something that people did on their laptops as a fun pastime. It was a rehabilitation – a “non-essential” function of computers – and very much a secondary consideration (if it was even considered) when it came to buying a new car. Today is a different story.

If you are a gamer, gaming is not just another thing you do on your laptop – it is the main event. If a laptop can’t provide a gaming experience, it’s not the right laptop for you. So how do you choose the best gaming laptop? Get started with this guide. We’ve rounded up the most important aspects of gaming laptops so you can make an informed decision.

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The current generation of gaming laptops virtually eliminates the compromises that previous machines forced on gamers. Less power, less options, smaller and lower quality screen and weak audio … all in the past. Today’s gaming laptops are truly portable versions of their desktop cousins ​​and are no more than a match for gaming consoles.

With all this power and speed, gaming laptops can deliver any gaming experience on the planet, from high-speed FPS titles to full-on VR. Needless to say, if they can do it all, why would you want to stick to a desktop?

You’ll find these features in most laptops, but they play an important role in a gaming laptop, so it’s important to make sure you get the right settings.

Which Lenovo Is Best For Me

The graphics card (or GPU) is the beating heart of a gaming laptop. The goal is to choose a discrete graphics card that can provide the best visual experience for your favorite type of game. If you plan to run Crysis 3 in 4K at its maximum settings, you’ll probably want a higher-end NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080. But most games run well on the GTX 1060, 1050, or 1050 Ti. Similarly, the RX 540X from AMD’s Radeon™ RX 500X GPU series is a good choice for gamers who prefer strategy over strategy.

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As important as the graphics card is in a gaming laptop, the processor (or CPU) is just as key as these two components work together to deliver the overall performance of the machine.

You are offered a choice of Intel® processors, from Core™ i3 to Core™ i7 and multiple clock speed options. Considering the basic Core™ i5, anything less will be unbearably slow. The dual i7 chip is very rare, making it ideal for most gamers. Only step up to a quad i7 if your pockets are deep and your appetite for destruction is boundless.

Memory (RAM) determines how efficiently your processor can work. RAM is measured in size (GB) and speed (MHz). Each one is very small and the CPU will be forced to take up space on your hard drive or SSD. Too much, and you’ll see very little improvement for the money.

8GB is the sweet spot for most gaming laptops, but consider upgrading to 16GB if you need to keep lots of other apps open in the background.

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There are two main types of laptop storage: spinning drives called hard drives and non-removable SSDs (hard drives). Traditional hard drives have more capacity, which means you can store more files like photos, videos and apps and cost less per GB. SSDs use the same technology as RAM, which makes them faster. Unfortunately, current technology makes SSDs more expensive per GB, so they tend to have smaller capacities. A truly flexible gaming laptop with dual capacity that gives you speed and capacity in equal measure.

A gaming laptop display can range from a screen size of 13 inches to 21 inches. While size is certainly important, it’s actually resolution, refresh rate, and quality that matters more. Full HD resolution, 1920 x 1080 allows you to play most games in high quality. Touchscreens can be useful in 2-in-1 gaming laptops, but are unnecessary in traditional designs. Look for IPS or OLED technology, as both help maximize viewing angles.

Of course, a gaming laptop should not be limited to a built-in screen. External gaming monitors can give you a bigger screen, higher resolution, and better brightness and contrast when you’re at home or at work.

Which Lenovo Is Best For Me

In the world of desktop games, there is a lot of interest in mechanical keyboards. Although rare on laptops, mechanical keyboards exist and can provide a “clicky” experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get great performance from a regular gaming laptop keyboard.

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Look for models with anti-ghosting and high n-key rotation. Keyboards with standard pitch (key size) and travel (vertical movement when pressed) are easier to type on and more accurate when playing. Additionally, RGB lighting, while not a necessity, can really add a wow factor.

Gaming laptops are power hungry because gaming is processor intensive. You won’t find many machines that are both portable and give you all-day battery life. Instead, consider four to six hours as the current benchmark for decent battery life.

If long battery life is really important, you will need to choose a gaming laptop with a smaller screen size, SSD storage only, and a lower CPU and GPU.

Gaming laptops are supposed to be autonomous, portable gaming machines and everything you need to play on the go, but that doesn’t mean some well-chosen accessories can’t make the experience even better.

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A gaming headset, whether wired or wireless, can immerse you even more in your favorite game, while the built-in microphone allows you to communicate with other players. If you like gaming on your laptop in noisy environments, a gaming headset is a must.

If there’s one accessory every laptop gamer has, it’s a dedicated gaming mouse. Touchpads are fine for basic PC navigation, but when it comes to pixel-level accuracy and speed, nothing beats a mouse designed specifically for gaming. With models designed for every price range and all types of games and gamers, you will have no problem choosing a great gaming mouse.

Protect your investment. If you’re going to bring your laptop (and really, aren’t you?) make sure you can do so comfortably and have room for all your accessories. A bag designed for your gaming laptop is great value for money.

Which Lenovo Is Best For Me

We’ve spent decades thinking about what gamers need in a gaming laptop, but also how we can make laptop gaming fun for everyone. The result is a line of laptops and hardware designed specifically for gamers, the Legion, and a selection of regular laptops that turn into gaming machines when needed, the IdeaPad.

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The Legion line of gaming laptops was built by gamers for gamers and represents the best in gaming laptops. The Legion Y series is focused on gaming and has something for every type of gamer, including VR-ready models, eSports devices and even affordable laptops. With features that give you all the benefits, such as a backlit RGB keyboard, variable screen refresh rate, DDR5 memory and an unmatched NVIDIA® Pascal graphics card, the kitchen sink is about the only thing we haven’t missed!

Legion modern gaming laptops are built with features and specifications worthy of the best gaming weapon and a modern design for everyday use at school or work. Thinner, lighter and quieter, the Y Series lets you blow away the competition every time.

FROM N00B TO PRO Find Legion Y laptops from beginners to hardcore. Recreational gamers are equipped with an ultra-thin laptop that’s fit for work and packed with the power needed for an after-hours gaming session. The pro-level models are even more so – VR-ready and loaded for eSports.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR SYSTEM TO YOUR UNIQUE PLAY STYLE. Legion Y laptops are ready to join the fray, but can be customized with custom options like RGB lighting, macro keys, and overclocking. In addition, no tools are required to modify your hardware.

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Experience the OPERATION as intended. A brighter screen, 144Hz refresh rate and enhanced Dolby Atmos® audio means a truly immersive game. Faster load levels and faster savings

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