Which Vitamix Is Right For Me

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Buying a Vitamix blender is an investment, so it’s important to choose the Vitamix model that’s right for you. Check out this Vitamix comparison chart for three popular Vitamix blenders to see how we use them at home and on the road.

Which Vitamix Is Right For Me

Which Vitamix Is Right For Me

The Vitamix blender is officially our favorite premium kitchen appliance. From soups to smoothies, Vitamix blenders are the best and have changed the way you prepare meals in the kitchen.

Which Vitamix Blender Should I Buy? A Rundown Of The Options

This powerful and versatile blender will replace your regular food processor and blender. Sturdy, laser-cut stainless steel blades will blend a smoothie in 30 seconds, make hot soup in less than 6 minutes, puree healthy baby food, make nut butters, and more.

We also travel with our Vitamix, so we’ve experienced the value of using these blenders at home and on the road.

Read on to see our comparison of three popular Vitamix blenders to see which model is right for you.

Of all the three blenders we’re comparing, this one is the most expensive, but still delivers high blending performance. The 48-ounce container holds less than the other two models we compare below. This will be the biggest drawback if you plan to use this for a large family.

Vitamix Explorian Series E310 Blender Review

The other notable difference between this model and the two others presented here. The E310 Explorian Series blender does not have a digital timer or wireless connectivity like the Ascent Series blenders. It still offers variable speed control and a pulse feature.

Of all three models, this is the one I recommend for travel. It’s lightweight and the perfect size for making quick smoothies, hot soup, or other meals in your hotel room or vacation spot.

The Ascent line of blenders are truly amazing and easily the best blenders I have ever used. These are the only high-performance blenders with wireless connectivity and the SELF-DETECT enclosure system. It is also a smart blender. download the Vitamix Perfect Blend app and control your blender with the app.

Which Vitamix Is Right For Me

The main difference between the A3300 and the A3500 is the five program settings included in the A3500. These five-touch settings allow you to prepare smoothies, hot soups, drinks and frozen desserts, or even activate the one-touch self-clean function. I love those backgrounds. It’s not a necessity, it’s just a luxury.

How Vitamix Sells Pricey Blenders To Affluent, Health Conscious Foodies

The A3300 will give you all the power and control you’re looking for in a mixer, along with all the SMART features that some other mixers have, such as an app, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. The only reason to upgrade to the A3500 is if you find the presets useful.

This is the top model of the Ascent range of blenders and in my opinion the best Vitamix blender.

As someone who has a large family and spends a lot of time cooking, whether out of necessity or as a hobby, I want a blender that gives me all the options. I also like that the larger container size is perfect for leaving the Vitamix on the work surface.

The A3500’s five program settings are also great for my kids, as they can make their own juice in the blender with one touch. It’s worth the extra money to me.

Vitamix Blenders: 5 Top Picks For An A List Kitchen

All the ingredients in this recipe fit well in any blender. Less than a minute later it was ready to serve. It took a little longer to blend in with the E310 and Ascent series blenders, but not by much.

This recipe came out with the same texture in all three blenders using the same amount of blending time.

This is the only recipe where I’ve noticed that having a larger container is a good idea. Also, the E310 took longer blending time to get the soup to the same consistency as other blenders. The soup was hot after just 5 minutes of blending in all the blenders.

Which Vitamix Is Right For Me

Company founder Kim Orlando says she loves the Vitamix blender because “nothing goes to waste in my house.” You freeze leftover fruits and vegetables and then throw them into a blender for the perfect green smoothie, the ultimate Vitamix (Vitamix Comparison & Buying Guide). A comparison of 5 different Vitamix models and answers to many questions about buying a Vitamix blender, such as: Do you need a Vitamix? Which Vitamix to buy? Should You Buy a Refurbished Vitamix? Where do you buy your Vitamix? And much more.

The 8 Best Vitamix Blenders Of 2022

Important note: This post is not sponsored, all opinions are entirely my own and are in no way solicited by Vitamix. Over the past three years or so, I’ve owned several blenders as a result of my partnership with Vitamix.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Which Vitamix is ​​the best?” Because I use the Vitamix in so many recipes and I firmly believe in my opinion that the Vitamix is ​​it

I will also revisit the question of buying a Vitamix and give you a Vitamix comparison of five different blenders.

I know some of you may be asking yourself this question, so let me take a minute to explain why I think I can be a helpful resource for you when it comes to buying a Vitamix.

Vitamix Food Processor Attachment: First Impressions!

There are four main reasons that I think can help answer which Vitamix is ​​best for you:

So this post is a comprehensive guide to buying a Vitamix blender and in this post I…

This was the first question I googled when I was trying to decide which blender to buy 8 years ago. I read a lot of articles and Rich watched a lot of YouTube videos of people mixing weird things in every blender to see what happens. And they all point me in the same direction, the Vitamix really is the best blender. Here are the reasons I chose (and still do every day) a Vitamix.

Which Vitamix Is Right For Me

I figured a Vitamix was the way to go. And I can honestly say that I have nothing but gratitude (read: no purchase regrets) that I’ve made this choice every day since it first arrived on my doorstep.

Vitamix Blendtec Breville

So let’s get started. I created this comparison chart so that you can easily access information about the five models that we will discuss in this post.

The Vitamix Explorian E-310 blender is the most basic and classic model and it is very similar to my first blender (Vitamix 5200). This is the perfect blender for those who are budget conscious but still want a great machine.

The Vitamix S-30 blender is a smaller version that comes with two different blending containers, 1) a 20-ounce capacity that converts from the top into an instant travel mug, and 2) a 40-ounce capacity. This blender is great for someone who is the only blender user in their home.

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender was the first machine Vitamix sent me when I started working with them (an upgrade from the 5200 I’d been using for years). I used it every day for a few months before he sent me the A3500 (more on that below), and I loved it.

Vitamix 7500 64 Oz 13 In 1 Variable Speed Blender With Cookbook

The Vitamix 780 is a beautiful machine, and you can leave it on your counter without ruining the look of your kitchen.

The Vitamix Ascent 3500 Series blender is the blender I’ve been using multiple times a day for the past two years. He is my best friend in the kitchen and I absolutely love him. that it

Bells and whistles, they are “future proof” and they look great sitting on the counter. It’s basically the Mercedes of Vitamix blenders. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ascent 3500 blender.

Which Vitamix Is Right For Me

Well, now that I’ve laid out all the stats for the above Vitamix blenders, it’s time to give my recommendation…

Vitamix Explorian Series E310 Blender Black 64068

When push comes to shove, if money is not an issue and you are really willing to invest in a Vitamix, I would recommend the A3500. It’s missing, and it’s truly the best in home mixing machines.

I’ve messed around with the A3500 every day, multiple times a day, for over two years and never had a single problem with it. i like

There are six colors of the A3500 and I have three (pictured above). (I photograph for Vitamix and also write recipes for them on my blog), and Brushed Stainless is my all-time favorite. I love that it doesn’t show a lot of fingerprints and I just dig the dark stainless color.

If you want to spend more than $300 on a blender, the A3500 is the best option. You can get a refurbished A3500 here for just $499, which is a total steal for this car.

Best Vitamix Blenders In 2022 Which Vitamix Blender Is Best?

If buying a Vitamix is ​​a financial hardship for you, as it was for me when I first bought one, I recommend the Explorian E310 model.

It is just as powerful as the other models

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